Accessing the Courts of Heaven

Filename: accessing-the-courts-of-heaven.pdf
ISBN: 9780768417418
Release Date: 2017-09-19
Number of pages: 60
Author: Robert Henderson
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

Download and read online Accessing the Courts of Heaven in PDF and EPUB Begin Your Supernatural Journey into the Courts of Heaven What does it mean to make your case in the “courts of Heaven?” In recent years, God has raised up Robert Henderson as a prophetic voice, calling Christians to pursue breakthrough by using the courts of Heaven prayer blueprint. God is more willing to answer our prayers than we will ever know! The problem is that we face a legalistic accuser and adversary—the devil—who wants to prevent these prayers from coming to pass. Your victory against him is not fought on a battlefield; it’s won in the courtroom. When your prayers are answered, God’s purposes are fulfilled on the Earth. In this all-new message, Henderson gives you practical keys that will enable you to boldly access the courts of Heaven and state your prayer cases with confidence. You will: Understand the three dimensions of prayer Discover the 3 keys to unlocking your breakthrough in the courts of Heaven Learn the 6 prophetic declarations that Jesus’ blood makes on your behalf Cancel the devil’s accusations by releasing the supernatural power of your testimony Learn how to access the courts of Heaven, make your case, and watch as prayers are answered, miracles are released, and long awaited breakthroughs come to fruition!

Operating in the Courts of Heaven

Filename: operating-in-the-courts-of-heaven.pdf
ISBN: 0899854818
Release Date: 2016-03-08
Number of pages: 215
Author: Robert Henderson
Publisher: Robert Henderson Ministries

Download and read online Operating in the Courts of Heaven in PDF and EPUB Why do some people pray in agreement with God's will, heart and timing, yet the desired answers do not come? Why would God not respond when we pray from the earnestness of our hearts? What is the problem, or better yet, what is the solution? Robert Henderson believes the answer is found in where your prayer actually takes place. We must direct our prayer towards the Courts of Heaven and not only the battlefield. Robert shows that it is in the courtrooms of Heaven where our breakthroughs can be found. When you learn to operate there you will see your answers unlocked and released. This book will teach you the legal processes of Heaven and how to operate in its courts. When you get off the battlefield and into the courtroom you can grant God the legal clearance to fulfill His passion and answer your prayers.

Unlocking Destinies From the Courts of Heaven

Filename: unlocking-destinies-from-the-courts-of-heaven.pdf
ISBN: 076841475X
Release Date: 2016-11-01
Number of pages: 208
Author: Robert Henderson
Publisher: Destiny Image Incorporated

Download and read online Unlocking Destinies From the Courts of Heaven in PDF and EPUB No More Delay! God is passionate about you fulfilling your purpose! In fact, there are books in Heaven that record your destiny and purpose. Their pages describe the very reason you were placed on the Earth. And yet, there is a war against your destiny being fulfilled. Your archenemy, the devil, knows that as you occupy your divine assignment, by default, the powers of darkness are demolished. Heaven comes to Earth as God s people fulfill their Kingdom callings! In Unlocking Destinies from the Courts of Heaven, Robert Henderson offers a prophetic prayer strategy that shows you how to dissolve the delays and hindrances to your destiny being fulfilled. What does the enemy use most often to delay destinies from being fulfilled? Curses. By using the Courts of Heaven strategy, you will: Recognize the signs of curses operating in your life. Identify the origins of curses that war against your destiny. Revoke the rights of demonic principalities from operating in your life. Learn the secrets to cleansing your bloodline from generational curses. Discover how to legally unlock divine destiny over your life and even, your nation. Bring your appeals before the Courtroom of Heaven! "

Josiah s Fire

Filename: josiah-s-fire.pdf
ISBN: 9781424551415
Release Date: 2016-09-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: Tahni Cullen
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC

Download and read online Josiah s Fire in PDF and EPUB Where is hope when there is no hope? First-time parents Joe and Tahni Cullen were thrust into the confusing world of autism when their toddler, Josiah, suddenly lost his ability to speak, play, and socialize. The diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder. In their attempts to see Josiah recover and regain speech, the Cullens underwent overwhelming physical, emotional, and financial struggles. While other kids around him improved, Josiah only got worse. Five years later, Josiah, who had not been formally taught to read or write, suddenly began to type on his iPad profound paragraphs about God, science, history, business, music, strangers, and heaven. Josiah’s eye-opening visions, heavenly encounters, and supernatural experiences forced his family out of their comfort zone and predictable theology, catapulting them into a mind-blowing love-encounter with Jesus.Find hope in hardship.Catch a fresh glimpse of heaven.Learn to hear and trust God’s voice.Identify the roles of Father, Son, and Spirit.Be aware of the workings of angels, and much more!Follow a trail of truth into Josiah’s mysterious world, and see why his family and friends can no longer stay silent.

Breaking the Stronghold of Food

Filename: breaking-the-stronghold-of-food.pdf
ISBN: 9781629990996
Release Date: 2017-01-03
Number of pages: 224
Author: Michael L. Brown
Publisher: Charisma Media

Download and read online Breaking the Stronghold of Food in PDF and EPUB Are you sick and tired of being overweight? Are you fighting a losing battle with your waistline and eating yourself into the grave? Have you had it with feeling drained, discouraged, and run down because of obesity but find yourself enslaved to unhealthy eating habits? Are you convinced that God has a better way, but you simply can't break through? In their first-ever jointly authored book, Michael and Nancy Brown share the inspiring, practical, and humorous story of their own journey from obesity to vibrant health. If you want to break free from the stronghold of food and discover a wonderful new way of life, this book will show you the way.

Encountering Angels

Filename: encountering-angels.pdf
ISBN: 9781780783758
Release Date: 2015-09-01
Number of pages: 192
Author: Jerame Nelson
Publisher: Authentic Media Inc

Download and read online Encountering Angels in PDF and EPUB The Bible is full of stories of angels interacting with humankind, but what about today? In this breakthrough book by prophet Jerame Nelson, you will understand that angels do indeed dwell among us, and play an important role in God's plan of evangelism. More than just an interesting collection of angel encounters, Nelson goes beyond just describing angels (amazing encounters, their biblical significance, etc.) to revealing: - The purpose of angels in human form; - Varieties and types of angels; - How angels can help transform your life; - How to position yourself for angelic encounters; - Their role in God's destiny and plan. The history of the entire Gospel was shaped through angelic activity. Today it may not be as common to hear about angelic visitations and encounters, but they exist and are happening right in our midst!

The Healing Creed

Filename: the-healing-creed.pdf
ISBN: 9780768411003
Release Date: 2017-02-21
Number of pages: 176
Author: Becky Dvorak
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

Download and read online The Healing Creed in PDF and EPUB Meet Jesus, the Healer Do you believe in Jesus the Healer? Many Christians confess, “I believe in Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior, the Redeemer.” But what about Jesus the Healer? Could it be that believers today are not experiencing the fullness of Heaven’s healing power because they have ignored this vital, ancient identity of Jesus? The Healing Creed is a revolutionary work that shows you how to believe in, activate, and experience the supernatural demonstration of Jesus’ healing power. Through a blend of practical teaching and powerful, first-hand healing testimonies, you will learn to: Apply the Blood Covenant of Jesus and release miracles into impossible situations Appropriate the redemptive work provided by the Cross over every curse and disease Activate the faithful healing promises of God and stand firm against sickness Access the untapped healing power of repentance and forgiveness Authoritatively Pray against sickness with confidence to release victorious healing Put the Healing Creed to work in your life and experience the miracle-working power of Jesus today!

Armed and Dangerous

Filename: armed-and-dangerous.pdf
ISBN: 0800798503
Release Date: 2017-09-05
Number of pages: 208
Author: John Ramirez
Publisher: Chosen Books

Download and read online Armed and Dangerous in PDF and EPUB Dynamic Battle Plan Identifies Enemy Tactics and Equips Believers to Live Victoriously Jesus made it clear that the devil has come to steal, kill, and destroy. Hell is ready to unleash fury against every follower of Jesus. Yet many believers live in denial, letting the enemy steal their blessings, destroy their relationship with Jesus, and kill their hope. But no more. It's time to put the enemy on notice! With passion and insight gained from years on the frontlines of spiritual warfare, John Ramirez equips you with the biblical weapons and practical strategies you need to battle the enemy successfully, including how to · discern and shut down the enemy's tactics and next moves · fight with your God-given authority · break free from destructive patterns and replace them with godly ones · fortify your mind and heart against attacks · take back what the devil has stolen · grow in wisdom and maturity in Christ · and more! Here is everything you need to become armed and dangerous against every adversary that threatens your relationship and growth with Jesus. Through the power of the Holy Spirit you can destroy the power of the enemy and protect all that God has given you. It's time to push back the gates of hell, advance the Kingdom, and live the life God designed you for.

Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ

Filename: passion-prayer-of-jesus-the-christ.pdf
ISBN: 9781413457254
Release Date: 2004-05-01
Number of pages: 158
Author: Michael Ini-Abasi
Publisher: FREE Christian Prayer Book!

Download and read online Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ in PDF and EPUB PASSION PRAYER OF JESUS THE CHRIST The 7 Secret Principles of Jesus

Breakthrough Faith

Filename: breakthrough-faith.pdf
ISBN: 0768404517
Release Date: 2014-10-21
Number of pages: 268
Author: Larry Sparks
Publisher: Destiny Image Incorporated

Download and read online Breakthrough Faith in PDF and EPUB We all experience the impossibilities of life, just like the four men in the Bible who sought Jesus’ healing touch for their paralyzed friend. The question is—how will you respond? You have two options. You can accept your circumstances as God’s will and simply give up… or, you can break through and receive everything God has waiting for you. Breakthrough Faith will help you discover… You have an enemy: all circumstances are not God’s will God is both willing and able to miraculously move in your life You already possess breakthrough faith: you just need to activate it The mind matters: what you think about God determines what you experience Intimacy with the Father ushers you into a supernatural lifestyle and greater works Practical keys to activating breakthrough faith in your life: Declaration, Testimony, and Presence The paralytic’s four friends didn’t give up and broke through the roof to get to Jesus—and experienced the miraculous. You can break through too! Get ready to activate the faith God has given you and break through every impossibility that comes against your life!

Sid Roth s the 31 Healing Miracles of Jesus

Filename: sid-roth-s-the-31-healing-miracles-of-jesus.pdf
ISBN: 076841430X
Release Date: 2016-11-15
Number of pages: 36
Author: Sid Roth
Publisher: It's Supernatural

Download and read online Sid Roth s the 31 Healing Miracles of Jesus in PDF and EPUB Saturate Your Senses in the Healing Power of Jesus! Exchange your cares for the peace that comes in the healing presence of Jesus and experience God's miracles! Let Sid Roth's The 31 Healing Miracles of Jesus interactive experience build your faith, saturate your senses with the living Word of God, and create an atmosphere for Jesus to release His healing power in your life today! Lay down the concerns of life, pick up your favorite coloring tools, and get ready to soak in God's healing presence. As you meditate on the faith-building healing promises and creatively interact with the 31 intricate hand-drawn illustrations of Jesus' miracles, you will begin to experience the peace and power of God in a whole new way. Through Sid Roth's The 31 Healing Miracles of Jesus coloring book, you will: reflect upon God's miraculous promises and build your faith creatively memorize healing Scriptures artistically interact with 31 of Jesus miracles learn how to create, draw, and sketch in the Holy Spirit's creative flow share your artistic creations that were crafted in God's presence and encourage others to receive their miracle With faith, anything is possible! Get ready for a creative journey unlike any other and position yourself to unleash the miraculous in your life.

Steps to Christ

Filename: steps-to-christ.pdf
ISBN: 0828015201
Release Date: 1956
Number of pages: 126
Author: Ellen G. White
Publisher: Review and Herald Pub Assoc

Download and read online Steps to Christ in PDF and EPUB This devotional favorite points the way to Jesus as the one who meets the needs of the soul.

The Hour That Changes the World

Filename: the-hour-that-changes-the-world.pdf
ISBN: 9780800793135
Release Date: 2002-10-01
Number of pages: 160
Author: Dick Eastman
Publisher: Chosen Books

Download and read online The Hour That Changes the World in PDF and EPUB Consistent daily prayer is possible with help from this program that divides an hour of prayer into five-minute "points of focus."

Angel Armies

Filename: angel-armies.pdf
ISBN: 9780768408751
Release Date: 2016-02-16
Number of pages:
Author: Tim Sheets
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

Download and read online Angel Armies in PDF and EPUB Discover How to Partner with Your Invisible Allies! The world is curious about angels! Pop culture places great emphasis on these invisible beings, practically worshipping them. But, have you ever wondered: What do angels do and how do their tasks affect me? Through Bible-based revelation combined with his dynamic, personal encounters with the angelic realm, Tim Sheets invites you to experience the unseen world of Heaven’s mighty warriors. Discover how angels...• ...partner with Christians to bring transformation and deliverance to entire regions • ...supernaturally work with your prayers to release Heaven’s answers and breakthroughs into your life • battle in the spirit realm to give assistance, provide protection and bring deliverance From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture is filled with angel encounters: Jacob, Daniel, Mary, John, and even Jesus Himself were all assisted or visited by angels. Angels are more than invisible guardians of the Heavens—they are fierce soldiers commissioned to overthrow the powers of darkness. Learn how to work with these divine warriors and watch Haven’s power transform your life, your region and your world today!

The Rewards of Fasting

Filename: the-rewards-of-fasting.pdf
ISBN: 0977673812
Release Date: 2006-08
Number of pages: 151
Author: Mike Bickle
Publisher: Forerunner Media

Download and read online The Rewards of Fasting in PDF and EPUB The grace of fasting is a gift from God that positions us to experience more of God's power and affections. We fast to encounter God more and to change the world! Done in the right spirit, fasting increases our receptivity to God's voice and His Word. Jesus called His disciples to fast so as to encounter Him as the Bridegroom God (Mt. 9:15).This book explores the rewards and delights that come to those who fast, and is designed to equip believers to embrace the discipline, grace, and joy of fasting, that they might more fully encounter Jesus as their heavenly Bridegroom.