An Ideal Duchess

Filename: an-ideal-duchess.pdf
Release Date:
Number of pages: 442
Author: Evangeline Holland
Publisher: Plum Bun Publishing

Download and read online An Ideal Duchess in PDF and EPUB In the tradition of Edith Wharton and Henry James--part one of a romantic duology featuring an indomitable American heiress torn between her quest for romance and her equal desire for independence, and the autocratic English duke she loves, who harbors a dark secret. Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs! The Buccaneers--fresh, untutored, and easy-going--conquered 1870s English society, but in Edwardian England, American heiresses were supposed to be cool and level-headed about their pursuit of titles. Amanda Vandewater embodied this new wave of American invaders when she meets and marries the 9th Duke of Malvern, though she soon discovers she desires more than a coronet and strawberry leaves: she desires his heart. But the duke's heart isn't his to give, trapped as he is by old promises and a haunting past that binds him to the very traditions that stole his independence. Set against the backdrop of the rise of aviation, the suffragette movement, and the turbulent years leading up to WWI, An Ideal Duchess is the tale of an idealistic American heiress who must fight for her position--and for love--in the face of the strict adherence to duty over desire, of reputation over understanding, and of clinging to the past over embracing the present. The only question is if Amanda is strong enough to withstand the pressure.

The Duchess of Padua An ideal husband

Filename: the-duchess-of-padua-an-ideal-husband.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105013410191
Release Date: 1907
Number of pages:
Author: Oscar Wilde

Download and read online The Duchess of Padua An ideal husband in PDF and EPUB

Intentions The soul of man under socialism

Filename: intentions-the-soul-of-man-under-socialism.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105013391672
Release Date: 1909
Number of pages:
Author: Oscar Wilde

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Duchess in Love Herzogin total verliebt

Filename: duchess-in-love-herzogin-total-verliebt.pdf
ISBN: 9783468691393
Release Date: 2010-07-26
Number of pages: 160
Author: Angela Waidmann
Publisher: Langenscheidt

Download and read online Duchess in Love Herzogin total verliebt in PDF and EPUB Eine deutsch-englische Lovestory: Bei den historischen Führungen auf der alten Festung ihrer Heimatstadt spielt Vanessa die Herzogin. Während der Proben hat sie nur Augen für den englischen Austauschlehrer - dabei ist ihr neuer Mitschüler Lucca der eigentliche Held... Hier geht es nicht um Grammatik pauken und ewig lange Vokabellisten. Hier geht es um Spaß und Romantik! Eine Lovestory in der Sprachkombi Englisch und Deutsch aus der Reihe „Girls in Love": Spannende Storys von Jugendbuchautoren geschrieben auf Deutsch erzählte Geschichten mit englischen Dialogen kurze Kapitel für den schnellen Erfolg keine langen Vokabellisten, sondern kleine Übersetzungsboxen, wenn mal ein unbekanntes Wort auftaucht Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere zweisprachigen Lektüren!

Wilde Complete Plays

Filename: wilde-complete-plays.pdf
ISBN: 9781408149164
Release Date: 2014-03-10
Number of pages: 624
Author: Oscar Wilde
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Download and read online Wilde Complete Plays in PDF and EPUB This volume contains everything Wilde wrote in dramatic form Wilde's masterpiece The Importance of Being Earnest is printed here in its usual three-act form, but with an appendix containing the best material from the original four-act version. Also included are his three 'problem plays', Lady Windermere's Fan, A Woman of No Importance and An Ideal Husband, as well as his once-banned Salome and several other little-known but fascinating dramas. H. Montgomery Hyde, an acknowledged expert on Wilde and author of several books on him, provides an introduction to Wilde's life and work with special attention to the composition and performance of the plays. "Wilde is to me our only thorough playwright. He plays with everything: with wit, with philosophy, with drama, with actors and audiences, with the whole theatre" (George Bernard Shaw)

The Duchess Hunt

Filename: the-duchess-hunt.pdf
ISBN: 9781459230583
Release Date: 2012-06-01
Number of pages: 288
Author: Elizabeth Beacon
Publisher: Harlequin

Download and read online The Duchess Hunt in PDF and EPUB Jack Seaborne, Duke of Dettingham, needs a duchess, but falling in love is definitely not on the agenda. The logical thing would be to throw open the doors of his ducal country seat, host a house party for this season's most beautiful debutantes…and pick one of them. But then Miss Jessica Pendle arrives—his aunt's plain-speaking goddaughter—and she's the one who stands out from the crowd. But Jessica is looking for love—the one emotion Jack resists. Although he can't deny there's something about Jessica that's very persuasive…!

The Duchess Of Windsor

Filename: the-duchess-of-windsor.pdf
ISBN: 0806535210
Release Date: 2011-05-01
Number of pages: 576
Author: Greg King
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

Download and read online The Duchess Of Windsor in PDF and EPUB A woman's life can really be a succession of lives, each revolving around some emotionally compelling situation or challenge, and each marked off by some intense experience. It was the love story of the century--the king and the commoner. In December 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry "the woman I love," Wallis Warfield Simpson, a twice-divorced American who quickly became one of the twentieth century's most famous personalities, a figure of intrigue and mystery, both admired and reviled. "Never explain, never complain." Wrongly blamed for the abdication crisis, Wallis suffered hostility from the Royal Family and much of the world. Yet interest in her story has remained constant, resulting in a small library of biographies that convey a thinly veiled animosity toward their subject. The truth, however, is infinitely more fascinating than the shallow, pathetic portrait that has often been painted. "For a gallant spirit, there can never be defeat." Using previously untapped sources, acclaimed biographer Greg King presents a complete and, for the first time, sympathetic portrait of the Duchess that sifts the decades of rumor and accusation to reveal the woman behind the legend. From her birth in Pennsylvania during the Gilded Age to her death in Paris in 1986, King takes the reader through a world of privilege, palaces, high society, and love with the accompaniment of hatreds, feuds, conspiracies, and lies. The cast of characters is vast: politicians and presidents, dictators and socialites. Twenty-four pages of photographs reveal the life of the Duchess in all its incomparable glamour and romance.

An Ideal Husband

Filename: an-ideal-husband.pdf
ISBN: 9780486131207
Release Date: 2012-04-20
Number of pages: 96
Author: Oscar Wilde
Publisher: Courier Corporation

Download and read online An Ideal Husband in PDF and EPUB Scintillating drawing-room comedy revolves around a blackmail scheme that forces a married couple to reexamine their moral standards. The dialogue between young lovers, society matrons, and a formidable femme fatale keeps the action brisk.

Reinventing Yourself with the Duchess of York

Filename: reinventing-yourself-with-the-duchess-of-york.pdf
ISBN: 9781439146194
Release Date: 2011-07-19
Number of pages: 224
Author: Sarah Ferguson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Reinventing Yourself with the Duchess of York in PDF and EPUB Are you ready to change your life? Join Sarah, The Duchess of York on an inspiring journey to help you rediscover -- and achieve -- your true goals. Today, The Duchess of York is a confident, single working mother of two girls. But, as most of the world knows, that wasn't always the case. Once targeted by the international press, The Duchess has learned one of life's great lessons: how to uncover what you want out of life and get it. She reveals how the ups and downs of her life -- including her divorce, her financial problems, and the deaths of those close to her -- have made her a stronger, wiser person and a better mother. In the first chapter, "Transforming My Life," The Duchess explores how, when and why she decided to take charge and reinvent her life. In the chapters that follow, readers will discover how they, too, can change their own lives. The book provides a series of self-assessment quizzes and questionnaires, as well as concrete steps you can take to initiate change. Throughout, The Duchess offers her insights, including how each chapter topic relates to her life and what she has learned from others. Reinventing Yourself with The Duchess of York supplies a blueprint for action for anyone seeking to change her life. In an easy-to-follow format, the book provides concrete information and advice on how to use an eight-step plan to achieve your goals -- whether it's losing weight, getting fit, or simply improving your health. Reinventing Yourself also explains how to apply the plan to other areas of life, including changing careers, starting over after divorce, and more. To help inspire you toward your goals, Reinventing Yourself also includes heartwarming and motivating profiles of women who have redefined their lives: Weight Watchers Leaders, real women who have lost weight and transformed their lives in countless ways. In interviews with The Duchess and profiles throughout, these women explore how to make the best of your circumstances, live a happier, healthier life, and change your destiny.

A Feast for the Eyes

Filename: a-feast-for-the-eyes.pdf
ISBN: 9780226242347
Release Date: 2015-05-01
Number of pages: 272
Author: Christina Normore
Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Download and read online A Feast for the Eyes in PDF and EPUB To read accounts of late medieval banquets is to enter a fantastical world where live lions guard nude statues, gilded stags burst into song, and musicians play from within pies. We can almost hear the clock sound from within a glass castle, taste the fire-breathing roast boar, and smell the rose water cascading in a miniature fountain. Such vivid works of art and performance required collaboration among artists in many fields, as well as the participation of the audience. A Feast for the Eyes is the first book-length study of the court banquets of northwestern Europe in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Christina Normore draws on an array of artworks, archival documents, chroniclers’ accounts, and cookbooks to re-create these events and reassess the late medieval visual culture in which banquets were staged. Feast participants, she shows, developed sophisticated ways of appreciating artistic skill and attending to their own processes of perception, thereby forging a court culture that delighted in the exercise of fine aesthetic judgment. Challenging modern assumptions about the nature of artistic production and reception, A Feast for the Eyes yields fresh insight into the long history of multimedia work and the complex relationships between spectacle and spectators.

Mount Royal A Novel Complete

Filename: mount-royal-a-novel-complete.pdf
ISBN: 9781465570284
Release Date: 1882
Number of pages: 352
Author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Publisher: Library of Alexandria

Download and read online Mount Royal A Novel Complete in PDF and EPUB "Captain Hamleigh hung about the house, not seeming to know very well what to do with himself, so your mother and I took pity upon him, and tried to amuse him, which effort resulted in his amusing us, for he was ever so much cleverer than we were. He was so kind and sympathetic. We had just founded a Dorcas Society, and we were muddling hopelessly in an endeavour to make good sensible rules, so that we should do nothing to lessen the independent feeling of our people—and he came to our rescue, and took the whole thing in hand, and seemed to understand it all as thoroughly as if he had been establishing Dorcas Societies all his life. My father said it was because the Captain had been sixth wrangler, and that it was the higher mathematics which made him so clever at making rules. But Clara and I said it was his kind heart that made him so quick at understanding how to help the poor without humiliating them." "It was very nice of him," said Christabel, who had heard the story a hundred times before, but who was never weary of it, and had a special reason for being interested this afternoon. "And so he stayed a long time at my grandfather's, and you fell in love with him?" "I began by being sorry for him," replied Mrs. Tregonell. "He told us all about his young wife—how happy they had been—how their one year of wedded life seemed to him like a lovely dream. They had only been engaged three months; he had known her less than a year and a half altogether; had come home from India; had seen her at a friend's house, fallen in love with her, married her, and lost her within those eighteen months. 'Everything smiled upon us,' he said. 'I ought to have remembered Polycrates and his ring.'" "He must have been rather a doleful person," said Christabel, who had all the exacting ideas of early youth in relation to love and lovers. "A widower of that kind ought to perform suttee, and make an end of the business, rather than go about the world prosing to nice girls. I wonder more and more that you could have cared for him." And then, seeing her aunt's eyes shining with unshed tears, the girl laid her sunny head upon the matronly shoulder, and murmured tenderly, "Forgive me for teasing you, dear, I am only pretending. I love to hear about Captain Hamleigh; and I am not very much surprised that you ended by loving him—or that he soon forgot his brief dream of bliss with the other young lady, and fell desperately in love with you."

The Duchess of Padua

Filename: the-duchess-of-padua.pdf
ISBN: 9781427054111
Release Date: 2008-08-15
Number of pages: 148
Author: Oscar Wilde

Download and read online The Duchess of Padua in PDF and EPUB Written in 1883, set in Sixteenth century Italy The Duchess of Padua is a play written by Oscar Wilde. Featuring a self-denying duchess, the play presents deep emotions such as love, revenge, and hatred. It is a melodramatic play that was written in five acts. It is one of Wildes first major works and hints at the genius of the author through its remarkable and profound characters.

We Two

Filename: we-two.pdf
ISBN: 0345514920
Release Date: 2009-05-19
Number of pages: 480
Author: Gillian Gill
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Download and read online We Two in PDF and EPUB NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER BONUS: This edition contains a reader's guide. It was the most influential marriage of the nineteenth century–and one of history’ s most enduring love stories. Traditional biographies tell us that Queen Victoria inherited the throne as a naïve teenager, when the British Empire was at the height of its power, and seemed doomed to find failure as a monarch and misery as a woman until she married her German cousin Albert and accepted him as her lord and master. Now renowned chronicler Gillian Gill turns this familiar story on its head, revealing a strong, feisty queen and a brilliant, fragile prince working together to build a family based on support, trust, and fidelity, qualities neither had seen much of as children. The love affair that emerges is far more captivating, complex, and relevant than that depicted in any previous account. The epic relationship began poorly. The cousins first met as teenagers for a few brief, awkward, chaperoned weeks in 1836. At seventeen, charming rather than beautiful, Victoria already “showed signs of wanting her own way.” Albert, the boy who had been groomed for her since birth, was chubby, self-absorbed, and showed no interest in girls, let alone this princess. So when they met again in 1839 as queen and presumed prince-consort-to-be, neither had particularly high hopes. But the queen was delighted to discover a grown man, refined, accomplished, and whiskered. “Albert is beautiful!” Victoria wrote, and she proposed just three days later. As Gill reveals, Victoria and Albert entered their marriage longing for intimate companionship, yet each was determined to be the ruler. This dynamic would continue through the years–each spouse, headstrong and impassioned, eager to lead the marriage on his or her own terms. For two decades, Victoria and Albert engaged in a very public contest for dominance. Against all odds, the marriage succeeded, but it was always a work in progress. And in the end, it was Albert’s early death that set the Queen free to create the myth of her marriage as a peaceful idyll and her husband as Galahad, pure and perfect. As Gill shows, the marriage of Victoria and Albert was great not because it was perfect but because it was passionate and complicated. Wonderfully nuanced, surprising, often acerbic–and informed by revealing excerpts from the pair’s journals and letters–We Two is a revolutionary portrait of a queen and her prince, a fascinating modern perspective on a couple who have become a legend.

A Duchess s Heart

Filename: a-duchess-s-heart.pdf
Release Date: 2015-01-28
Number of pages: 365
Author: Evangeline Holland
Publisher: Plum Bun Publishing

Download and read online A Duchess s Heart in PDF and EPUB In the tradition of Edith Wharton and Henry James–the conclusion of the romantic duology featuring an indomitable American heiress torn between her quest for romance and her equal desire for independence, and the autocratic English duke she loves, who harbors a dark secret. Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs! When the Duke of Malvern is declared missing, presumed killed, Amanda, his estranged duchess, is his unlikely rescuer. But rescue him she does–and finds him broken and utterly changed by the war. As she takes charge of her amnesiac husband and the manor house that was never a home, she risks falling in love with him all over again. Lady Beryl Townsend felldeeply in love with the most unsuitable man--the married man who used to be her brother's best friend. Now an ambulance driver for the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, Beryl has witnessed the depths of man's destructiveness and is determined to seize whatever she can with Captain Anthony Challoner. But he has ghosts of his own to haunt their illicit romance, and when the bloodiest phase of the war begins, will he have the strength to survive? The Dowager Duchess of Malvern has ruled Bledington Park with an iron fist for forty years and watches it ebb away with one shot fired by a Serbian anarchist. War disturbs her carefully concealed past, and draws A Duchess's Heart to an explosive climax that will leave no one unscathed.

The Duchess de la Valli re

Filename: the-duchess-de-la-valli-re.pdf
Release Date: 1837
Number of pages: 131
Author: Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron Lytton

Download and read online The Duchess de la Valli re in PDF and EPUB