The Ask

Filename: the-ask.pdf
ISBN: 0787983721
Release Date: 2006-02-17
Number of pages: 250
Author: Laura Fredricks
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online The Ask in PDF and EPUB The Ask is a complete resource for teaching anyone—experienced in fundraising or not—how to ask individuals, in person, for a contribution to for a local nonprofit or a special event or community project, an enhanced annual gift, a major or planned gift, or a challenging capital campaign gift. Written by fundraising expert Laura Fredricks, The Ask shows what it takes to prepare yourself and others to make an effective ask and includes over one hundred sample dialogues you can use and adapt. Step by step, the book reveals how to listen, what to say, and how to follow up on each and every ask until you receive a solid and definitive answer. In addition, The Ask covers such topics as how to Examine your views on money before making an ask Learn the ins and outs of asking for money Work with others to make an ask Determine if you should or should not ask a friend, colleague, or peer for money Figure out how many asks you can do given your time constraints Deal effectively with all the responses you will get to an ask

Ask Anyone

Filename: ask-anyone.pdf
ISBN: 9781459247499
Release Date: 2012-06-15
Number of pages: 400
Author: Sherryl Woods
Publisher: Harlequin

Download and read online Ask Anyone in PDF and EPUB A merry-go-round horse and an armed guard in his front yard—along with half the town—is not what Bobby Spencer expects to wake up to. So with his quiet Sunday morning ruined, he isn't feeling very kindly toward the woman responsible. But Jenna Pennington Kennedy is desperate. She needs to capture Bobby's attention so he'll hire her to plan the town's new riverfront development. It's just the sort of thing that could prove to her father she's a responsible woman, not the reckless kid of old. The last thing Bobby wants in his life is a sexy single mom with grand ambitions. And Jenna doesn't need any more roller-coaster romances. But in Trinity Harbor, love has a way of defying expectations—ask anyone.

Ask Anyone

Filename: ask-anyone.pdf
ISBN: 1940396174
Release Date: 2015-12-15
Number of pages: 68
Author: Ruth Lepson
Publisher: Pressed Wafer

Download and read online Ask Anyone in PDF and EPUB Poetry. ASK ANYONE is the record, think disk, of Ruth Lepson's encounters with some of the musicians she has taught at Boston's New England Conservatory of Music. For twenty years, she has worked in a world where words meet music and the results lead, often as not, to performance. At the Conservatory she befriended her colleague, the great soprano saxophonist and lover of poetry, Steve Lacy who long collaborated with her poet-hero Robert Creeley. Creeley is ASK ANYONE's guiding spirit, but the book's looseness, stretching out and swing is all Lepson. In ASK ANYONE Lepson honors her lineage by bringing it into the here and now. Lend an ear.

Never Ask Anyone to Do What You Won t Do Yourself

Filename: never-ask-anyone-to-do-what-you-won-t-do-yourself.pdf
ISBN: 9780137084807
Release Date: 2010-02-01
Number of pages: 19
Author: New Word City
Publisher: Pearson Education

Download and read online Never Ask Anyone to Do What You Won t Do Yourself in PDF and EPUB For two decades, while building Marriott Hotels' international operations, Edwin D. Fuller has demonstrated his leadership ability in dozens of countries around the world. Now he has distilled the lessons of that experience into a series of brief, practical guides to effective leadership. In this one, he warns that leaders should never ask anyone to do what they wouldn't do themselves. “We’re entering a kill zone,” the pilot of the U.S. Army plane, a C-12 Sherpa transport, informed us as we began our descent to the Baghdad Airbase. “It’s going to be a steep drop.” It was. I’d been in war zones before and was prepared, but I could see the anxiety on some of the faces of my team from Marriott, and I made sure to maintain a calm, confident demeanor. The pilot brought us in safely, but nerves were still taut as we donned flack jackets, exited the aircraft, and crossed the tarmac to the heavily armored SUVs that would take us into the city. As I surveyed the body-armored soldiers and contract security guards sporting Glock pistols, I began to relax. I’d been an Army captain serving in the Vietnam War, and I had confidence in the U.S. military’s ability to ensure the safety of my four-member team. Still, it had been many years since Vietnam and being in a combat zone is never a relaxing experience.

Ask Anybody

Filename: ask-anybody.pdf
ISBN: 9781504000932
Release Date: 2015-01-27
Number of pages: 153
Author: Constance C. Greene
Publisher: Open Road Media

Download and read online Ask Anybody in PDF and EPUB Schuyler Sweet is anything but. Schuyler Sweet’s parents have recently divorced after a fifteen-year marriage, and Schuyler has no intention of living up to her name. Angry and confused, she feels like no one understands her. Then she meets an eccentric new neighbor named Nell. With her green nails and wild hair, Nell is bold and brash and makes Schuyler feel included. But as Nell’s behavior becomes increasingly odd—even dangerous—Schuyler begins to question whether she wants to be like Nell after all.

Never Ask Anyone to Do What You Won t Do Yourself

Filename: never-ask-anyone-to-do-what-you-won-t-do-yourself.pdf
ISBN: 9781936529902
Release Date: 2010-10-15
Number of pages:
Author: Edwin D. Fuller
Publisher: New Word City

Download and read online Never Ask Anyone to Do What You Won t Do Yourself in PDF and EPUB How do you inspire your team to take on a tough task? It really helps if you've been there first, and go there with them, writes Edwin D. Fuller, head of Marriott Hotels' international operations, in this brief eBook.

Can I Just Ask The 250 Curious Questions that Off Duty Doctors Are Most Often Asked

Filename: can-i-just-ask-the-250-curious-questions-that-off-duty-doctors-are-most-often-asked.pdf
ISBN: 9781848504233
Release Date: 2010-11-01
Number of pages: 288
Author: Christian Jessen
Publisher: Hay House, Inc

Download and read online Can I Just Ask The 250 Curious Questions that Off Duty Doctors Are Most Often Asked in PDF and EPUB Dr Christian Jessen, the unshockable presenter of the hit television shows, Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs. Superskinny, is always being tackled by strangers wanting answers to their most private medical questions. Like all doctors, Dr Christian finds people sidling up to him with their questions at parties, on trains, and even in the street. So why don't people ask their own doctors these questions in the more formal setting of the medical surgery? And what are the most common questions?Can I Just Ask ...? provides the answers in a fun and informative book that includes: urban health my.

You re Not Much Use to Anyone

Filename: you-re-not-much-use-to-anyone.pdf
ISBN: 9780544262300
Release Date: 2014-07-22
Number of pages: 224
Author: David Shapiro
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online You re Not Much Use to Anyone in PDF and EPUB When his Tumblr blog catches the attention of The New York Times as well as the White House, David, a recent NYU grad, discovers that his newfound fame doesn't quell his confusion about the world and his place in it. 10,000 first printing.

Dont Just Do Something Stand There

Filename: dont-just-do-something-stand-there.pdf
ISBN: 9781442953307
Release Date: 2008-12-03
Number of pages: 280
Author: Marvin Weisbord

Download and read online Dont Just Do Something Stand There in PDF and EPUB

Go Ask Alice

Filename: go-ask-alice.pdf
ISBN: 9780689832499
Release Date: 1999-07-13
Number of pages: 192
Author: Anonymous
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Go Ask Alice in PDF and EPUB Alice COULD BE ANYONE. Alice COULD BE SOMEONE YOU KNOW. Alice USES DRUGS. With over a million copies in print, Go Ask Alice has become a classic of our time. This powerful real-life diary of a teenager's struggle with the seductive -- often fatal -- world of drugs and addiction tells the truth about drugs in strong and authentic voice. Tough and uncompromising, honest and disturbing -- and even more poignant today -- Go Ask Alice is page-turning and provocative reading.

Just Ask

Filename: just-ask.pdf
ISBN: 9780307563309
Release Date: 2009-02-19
Number of pages: 256
Author: Melody Carlson
Publisher: Multnomah

Download and read online Just Ask in PDF and EPUB Who Do You Ask When You Don’t Have the Answers? What’s a girl to do when caught between a rock and a hard place? The “hard place” is losing the use of her beloved car, and the “rock” is her immovable dad. In order to regain driving privileges, Kim Peterson’s dad talks her into writing an advice column for teens in his newspaper. Kim reluctantly agrees and writes under a pen name. But as she reads letters from peers and friends, she becomes keenly aware of two things: (1) Some kids have it way worse than her, and (2) she does not have all the answers! Who can she turn to? Thursday, September 1 I’ve been saving for my own car, but my parents decided that I can only get a car if I keep a clean driving record. That means absolutely NO tickets—period—nada. And the policeman said he’d clocked me going 72 in a 55 mile zone. Oops. When Kim Peterson gets a speeding ticket, her dad offers her a way to retain her driving privileges. If she’ll write the anonymous teen advice column for his newspaper, she can still get a car. So Kim becomes “Jamie” of “Just Ask Jamie.” No big deal, she thinks. She answers letters about stuff that’s everyday and stuff that’s not: parents, piercings, dating, drugs, depression, and people who are just users. Nothing Kim can’t handle. But when a classmate is killed, the letters turn to questions about life, death, and what it all means. And Kim starts to wonder if she really does have all the answers—and if not, where to find them. The Christian faith of her adoptive family? The Buddhism of her Korean heritage? Who can she turn to—to just ask? Story Behind the Book “My teenage years remain vivid in my mind. It was a turbulent time full of sharp contrasts—love and hate, pain and pleasure, trust and doubt. Then, just as I reached my peak of questioning, rebelling, and seeking, I found God. And I found Him in a really big way! My life turned completely around and has, thankfully, never turned back. Hopefully this story will touch and change hearts—speaking to teen girls right where they live, reminding readers that God is alive and well and ready to be intimately involved in their lives right now! ” From the Trade Paperback edition.

How to Fall in Love with Anyone

Filename: how-to-fall-in-love-with-anyone.pdf
ISBN: 9781501137464
Release Date: 2017-06-27
Number of pages: 256
Author: Mandy Len Catron
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online How to Fall in Love with Anyone in PDF and EPUB An insightful, charming, and absolutely fascinating memoir from the author of the popular New York Times essay, “To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This,” (one of the top five most popular New York Times pieces of 2015) explores the romantic myths we create and explains how they limit our ability to achieve and sustain intimacy. What really makes love last? Does love ever work the way we say it does in movies and books and Facebook posts? Or does obsessing over those love stories hurt our real-life relationships? When her parents divorced after a twenty-eight year marriage and her own ten-year relationship ended, those were the questions that Mandy Len Catron wanted to answer. In a series of candid, vulnerable, and wise essays that takes a closer look at what it means to love someone, be loved, and how we present our love to the world, Catron deconstructs her own personal canon of love stories. She delves all the way back to 1944, when her grandparents first met in a coal mining town in Appalachia, to her own dating life as a professor in Vancouver, drawing insights from her fascinating research into the universal psychology, biology, history, and literature of love. She uses biologists’ research into dopamine triggers to ask whether the need to love is an innate human drive. She uses literary theory to show why we prefer certain kinds of love stories. She urges us to question the unwritten scripts we follow in relationships and looks into where those scripts come from in the first place. And she tells the story of how she decided to test a psychology experiment that she’d read about—where the goal was to create intimacy between strangers using a list of thirty-six questions—and ended up in the surreal situation of having millions of people following her brand-new relationship. In How to Fall in Love with Anyone Catron flips the script on love and offers a deeply personal, and universal, investigation.

How to Say Anything to Anyone

Filename: how-to-say-anything-to-anyone.pdf
ISBN: 9781608325597
Release Date: 2013-01-07
Number of pages: 176
Author: Shari Harley
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

Download and read online How to Say Anything to Anyone in PDF and EPUB Take charge of your career by taking charge of your business relationships and communication skills. We all know how it feels when our colleagues talk about us but not to us. It's frustrating, and it creates tension. When effective communication is missing in the workplace, employees feel like they're working in the dark. Leaders don't have crucial conversations; managers are frustrated when outcomes are not what they expect; and employees often don’t get positive feedback or constructive feedback. Many of us remain passive against poor communication habits and communication barriers, hoping that business communication will miraculously improve--but it won't. Business communication and relationships won’t improve without skills and effort. The people you work with can work with you, around you, or against you. How people work with you depends on the business relationships you cultivate. Do your colleagues trust you? Can they speak openly to you when projects and tasks go awry? Do you have effective communication skills? Take charge of your career by eliminating communication barriers and taking charge of your business relationships. Make your work environment less tense and more productive by improving communication skills. Set relationship expectations, work with people how they like to work, and give positive feedback and constructive feedback. In How to Say Anything to Anyone, you'll learn how to: - ask for what you want at work - improve communication skills - strengthen all types of working relationships - reduce the gossip and drama in your office - tell people when you’re frustrated and have difficult conversations in a way that resonates - take action on your ideas and feelings - get honest positive feedback and constructive feedback on your performance Harley shares the real-life stories of people who have struggled to get what they want at work. With her clear and specific business communication roadmap in hand, Harley enables you to improve communication skills and create the career and business relationships you really want--and keep them.