Colored Pencil Solution Book

Filename: colored-pencil-solution-book.pdf
ISBN: 1581809190
Release Date: 2006-05-29
Number of pages: 128
Author: Janie Gildow
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Colored Pencil Solution Book in PDF and EPUB *Provides more than 70 specialized answers for common colored pencil dilemmas

Colored Pencil Solution Book

Filename: colored-pencil-solution-book.pdf
ISBN: 1581800266
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages: 126
Author: Janie Gildow
Publisher: Northlight

Download and read online Colored Pencil Solution Book in PDF and EPUB Artists and teachers Bildow and Newton provide about 20 step-by-step demonstrations that reveal the secrets of working with colored pencil. They answer the most commonly-asked questions about the medium, from basic techniques and proper tool selection to creating realistic colors, light, and textur

Colored Pencil Explorations

Filename: colored-pencil-explorations.pdf
ISBN: 9781440323942
Release Date: 2012-07-29
Number of pages: 144
Author: Janie Gildow
Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

Download and read online Colored Pencil Explorations in PDF and EPUB Provides instructions for twenty-one projects using colored pencil techniques with a variety of media, including acrylic, solvents, graphite, and textured paper.

Colored Pencil Portraits

Filename: colored-pencil-portraits.pdf
ISBN: 1581806396
Release Date: 2005-01-29
Number of pages: 128
Author: Ann Kullberg
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Colored Pencil Portraits in PDF and EPUB An instructional guide offers step-by-step instruction on how to create life-like colored pencil portraits, covering the basics from material selection and key techniques to more advanced tips on how to render a portrait more realistic, in a primer that is complemented by seventeen mini-demos. Original.

Creating Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil

Filename: creating-radiant-flowers-in-colored-pencil.pdf
ISBN: 9781440311550
Release Date: 2012-04-27
Number of pages: 128
Author: Gary Greene
Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

Download and read online Creating Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil in PDF and EPUB Master the Secret of Creating Spectacular Flowers in Colored Pencil When it comes to choosing a subject, flowers are a perennial favorite for artists because of their exciting variety and complexity of color, texture and details. It's amazing, then, that their vibrant natures can be captured so realistically with the simple and direct medium of colored pencil. The "secret" is making the most of colored pencil's distinctive translucent properties with techniques such as layering, burnishing and underpainting. Gary Greene--along with six other respected colored pencil artists--shows you how in 64 step-by-step demonstrations. Arranged from azalea to zinnia for easy reference, these demonstrations detail the methods and specific colors for creating a variety of flowers, including: anthurium • amaryllis • aster • begonia • bird of paradise • cactus flower • calla lily • camellia • carnation • chrysanthemum • cineraria • crocus • columbine • daffodil • dahlia • Easter cactus • foxglove • fuchsia • geranium • Gerbera daisy • gladiolus • hibiscus • hydrangea • hyacinth • iris • lily • lupine • magnolia • marigold • nasturtium • passion flower • peony • petunia • poinsettia • poppy • primrose • rhododendron • slipperwort • snapdragon • sunflower • trillium • tulip • water lily Complete with advice on the best tools and reference materials, this unique guide helps you capture the beauty of flowers in colored pencil.

Realistic Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil

Filename: realistic-pet-portraits-in-colored-pencil.pdf
ISBN: 1581804091
Release Date: 2004-05-28
Number of pages: 128
Author: Anne Flood
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Realistic Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil in PDF and EPUB With this surprisingly simple step-by-step guide, anyone can create beautiful pet portraits. Anne deMille Flood walks readers through her easy techniques for rendering cats, dogs, birds, horses and other cuddly friends. Beginning and intermediate artists will appreciate the close-up demos for getting the texture of fur and feathers just right. There's also clear instruction on working from reference photos, choosing focal points and getting started. This is an essential reference for anyone who wants to create animal portraits in colored pencil. Artists will quickly find themselves drawing better than they ever thought possible!

Exploring Colored Pencil

Filename: exploring-colored-pencil.pdf
ISBN: 0871923157
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages: 144
Author: Sandra Angelo
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

Download and read online Exploring Colored Pencil in PDF and EPUB LEVEL: Key Stage 3 onwards. When people see the wide range of styles and effects that can be achieved with coloured pencils, their reaction is always the same: I can't believe that's a coloured pencil! Simulating the look of oils, acrylics, watercolour, airbrush, and more, the coloured pencil is probably today's most versatile art tool. This is a comprehensive overview of this most practical and powerful medium. Designed to address the needs of students of varying abilities, this book provides step-by-step technique demonstrations needed by beginners, while also exploring more sophisticated applications of interest to intermediate and advanced students. To stir your imagination and whet your appetite, Exploring Colored Pencil contains an inspiring showcase of coloured pencil work by professionals as well as students who range in age from 14 to 77.

The New Colored Pencil

Filename: the-new-colored-pencil.pdf
ISBN: 9780770434472
Release Date: 2014-05-20
Number of pages: 176
Author: Kristy Ann Kutch
Publisher: Watson-Guptill

Download and read online The New Colored Pencil in PDF and EPUB Learn to draw and paint using colored pencils in The New Colored Pencil: a how-to guide for creating vibrant, textured, and easy art illustrations by best-selling author and teacher Kristy Kutch Master the Latest Breakthroughs in Colored Pencil Art If you want to create colorful, radiant works of art, colored pencil and related color media (pastels, watercolor pencils, and so on) provide you with limitless options for adding vibrancy to your creations. In The New Colored Pencil, artist and instructor Kristy Ann Kutch guides you through the latest developments in color drawing media with examples of and recommendations for the newest pencil brands, drawing surfaces, and groundbreaking techniques (including using the Grid Method, grating pigments, blending with heat, and more). Supported by step-by-step demonstrations and showcasing inspiring art from some of today’s best colored pencil artists, The New Colored Pencil shows you how to use color theory to your advantage, combine color media, create and enhance textures, and experiment with surfaces to create interesting effects. Whether you use traditional, wax-based, or watercolor colored pencils, The New Colored Pencil will take your art to the next level.

Basic Colored Pencil Techniques

Filename: basic-colored-pencil-techniques.pdf
ISBN: 9781440334023
Release Date: 1997-03-15
Number of pages: 128
Author: Bet Borgeson
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Basic Colored Pencil Techniques in PDF and EPUB Easy-to-follow demonstrations show you how to use colored pencils to paint trees, flowers, animals, people and other popular subjects. The colored pencil is an easy-to-use, inexpensive and incredibly expressive medium. And nobody is more skilled with the pencil than Bet Borgeson. Using many visual examples to illustrate her points, Bet will teach you how to use layering, burnishing, lifting color and other basic colored pencil techniques to create an exciting range of effects—from highly detailed realism to loose, luscious color. She also offers advice on choosing the right materials, conveying textures, layering in backgrounds, and combining colored pencil with other mediums.

Colored Pencil Painting Bible

Filename: colored-pencil-painting-bible.pdf
ISBN: 9780823085576
Release Date: 2012-05-02
Number of pages: 192
Author: Alyona Nickelsen
Publisher: Watson-Guptill

Download and read online Colored Pencil Painting Bible in PDF and EPUB Learn to paint with groundbreaking new techniques for a favorite medium! • Dazzling colors, incredible realism—with simple step-by-step demonstrations • Easy-to-follow instructions from a top colored-pencil artist • Master the wide range of colored pencil effects possible, including blending, layering, translucent effects, and more Radiant color…painterly finishes…astonishing realism…with colored pencils! Achieve rich, luminous color and eye-popping ultra-realistic effects. Artists of every level will be inspired by the amazing new techniques created by Alyona Nickelsen, presented in Colored Pencil Painting Bible for the very first time. Nickelsen’s innovations will delight readers and detailed you-can-do-it processes bring her striking results within reach for every artist. Take colored pencils beyond the ordinary with Colored Pencil Painting Bible! From the Trade Paperback edition.

Drawing in Color Animals

Filename: drawing-in-color-animals.pdf
ISBN: 9781440317781
Release Date: 2002-08-08
Number of pages: 80
Author: Lee Hammond
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Drawing in Color Animals in PDF and EPUB This, the fourth book in the Drawing in Color series, teaches readers how to draw realistic animals with colored pencils. Lee Hammond's amazing easy-to-follow techniques enable you to render a variety of wonderful animals, from cats and dogs to horses, squirrels, tigers and more. These skills can be used to draw any kind of mammal accurately. Hammond's special graphing system makes all the difference, helping to translate the animal poses seen into drawings on the page. You'll also learn other important illustration techniques, including layering, blending and shading. Additional guidelines help duplicate realistic eyes, ears, mouths, feet, fur, and hide. You'll feel like you can draw from the start with achievable examples, even if you're a first-timer.

Masterful Color

Filename: masterful-color.pdf
ISBN: 9781581809572
Release Date: 2008-02-25
Number of pages: 144
Author: Arlene Steinberg
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Masterful Color in PDF and EPUB An introduction to color theory and method for colored pencil artists explains how to achieve rich, vibrant color through the layering of complementary colors, furnishing detailed information on composition, complementary tonal underpainting, color theory, values, texture, and the use of black and gray, in a volume that features demonstrations that take artists through the entire painting creation process. 20,000 first printing.

Colored Pencil Secrets for Success

Filename: colored-pencil-secrets-for-success.pdf
ISBN: 9781440317217
Release Date: 2009-04-16
Number of pages: 128
Author: Ann Kullberg
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Colored Pencil Secrets for Success in PDF and EPUB Even with a keen eye, it can be difficult to troubleshoot and fix your own artwork. That's where this guide comes in. Featuring a range of styles and subjects, Colored Pencil Secrets for Success is like a personal critique session, featuring proven tips, tricks and fixes that will transform your work from good to great. Ann Kullberg has helped countless artists with her classes and writing. You'll learn what's needed to get off to a great beginning with the right tools, techniques and reference photos; then reap the rewards of Kullberg's visual instruction in this unique critique format, highlighting the why and how of what's working, and what needs work, in 29 inspiring colored pencil compositions. In each example, Kullberg gets right down to the details, revealing crucial secrets for avoiding and fixing things like "Chiclet teeth," streaky skin tones and flat highlights. You'll learn that other artists, in fact, share many of your artistic challenges, as Ann shares the solutions and secrets you need for your own success.

Painting With Water Soluble Colored Pencils

Filename: painting-with-water-soluble-colored-pencils.pdf
ISBN: 1581802951
Release Date: 2002-02-15
Number of pages: 128
Author: Gary Greene
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Painting With Water Soluble Colored Pencils in PDF and EPUB As a teacher of colored pencil workshops, Gary Greene sees his students buying watercolor pencils "by the truckload." Problem is, they haven't known what to do with them--until now. in this much-requested book, Greene shows artists how to achieve a variety of different effects in this fascinating medium. From loose, watercolor-like washes to precise airbrush looks, the author, along with six guest artists, shows readers how to master the medium in 18 complete painting demonstrations. Gary Greene is a professional graphic artist and photographer as well as a successful colored pencil artist whose work has been featured in American Artist and The Artist's Magazine. Greene is also the author of North Light's Creating Textures in Colored Pencil and Creating Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil. He lives in Woodinville, Washington.

Creative Colored Pencil

Filename: creative-colored-pencil.pdf
ISBN: 9781440338519
Release Date: 2016-04-13
Number of pages: 128
Author: Gary Greene
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Creative Colored Pencil in PDF and EPUB New, easy & fun colored pencil techniques! In Creative Colored Pencil, you will find secrets for amazing new and never-before-seen techniques that will turn your everyday colored pencils (both traditional wax-based and water-soluble into liquid pencils! Whether you want to learn how to color with colored pencils or want to learn how to paint exceptionally realistic colored pencil artwork, get ready to use materials you've probably never considered before--each a true innovation! A full primer on types of pencils, recommended tools and basic techniques Demonstrations for turning colored pencils into "paint" using easy-to-find materials such as rubber cement thinner, mineral spirits and rubbing alcohol 14 colored pencil projects (including full palette lists) including flowers, landscapes and animals You will discover an unlimited variety of creative possibilities, from the painterly style of acrylics and oils to the loose watercolor look of water-soluble colored pencils and everything in between. Get ready to lose yourself as you learn how to use colored pencils in ways you never thought possible.