Daisies in the Canyon

Filename: daisies-in-the-canyon.pdf
ISBN: 1477826548
Release Date: 2014-12-16
Number of pages: 266
Author: Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Montlake Romance

Download and read online Daisies in the Canyon in PDF and EPUB She's here to claim her birthright.... Ex-army sergeant Abby Malloy feels no loss after the father she never knew passes away. Still, part of Ezra Malloy's ranch belongs to her, and if the stubborn blonde has to live there for a year with two half-sisters who are strangers to her, so be it. Nothing could stand in the way of her inheritance...except a local sheriff wrapped in snug blue jeans and a sexy grin. He's here to claim her heart.... Cooper Wilson, the local sheriff and rancher next door, is having his world turned upside down. Abby is all straight talk and sweet, lush curves--the kind of woman who gets under his skin in just the right way. Whereas Cooper has roots in Palo Duro Canyon, Abby's got wings. But he knows she belongs here. If she can stop running from her past, he'll happily lead her to a brighter future, one hot cowboy kiss at a time.


Filename: chances.pdf
ISBN: 0803497563
Release Date: 2005-12-01
Number of pages: 185
Author: Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Montlake Romance

Download and read online Chances in PDF and EPUB Adelida Broussau took a big chance by saying she was Rueben Hamilton's new bride. Her sister, Maria, was dead. Her brother-in-law, Victor, ordered her out of New Orleans by nightfall. Then there was Rueben, hit on the head for attempting to thwart a bank robbery, his memory gone and leaving town that very day. So she took a big chance and let him believe they were married.

Daisy head Mayzie

Filename: daisy-head-mayzie.pdf
ISBN: 9780679867128
Release Date: 1994
Number of pages: 48
Author: Dr. Seuss
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

Download and read online Daisy head Mayzie in PDF and EPUB Young Mayzie McGrew becomes a worldwide sensation when a daisy grows out of the top of her head, and everyone attempts to get rid of it.

Getting Lucky

Filename: getting-lucky.pdf
ISBN: 1402228392
Release Date: 2010-01-01
Number of pages: 416
Author: Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

Download and read online Getting Lucky in PDF and EPUB Book 3 of the Lucky trilogy From New York Times and USA Today-bestselling author Carolyn Brown comes a contemporary Western romance filled to the brim with sexy cowboys, gutsy heroines, and genuine down-home Texas twang. After being the center of nasty gossip in her last hometown, all Julie Donovan wants in Saint Jo, Texas, is a quiet, uneventful life for her and her daughter, Annie. But when a sexy cowboy walks into her classroom with a daughter who looks like Annie's twin, suddenly the whole town is looking for explanations... Devoted single dad Griffin Luckadeau will do anything to protect his own, and no sassy redhead is going to get in his way. When he thinks Julie is scheming to steal his ranch out from under him to benefit her own daughter, sparks really begin to fly... Julie and Griffin can't seem to cross paths without a scuffle. But when the dust settles, these two Texas hotheads may realize they've actually found something worth fighting for... Lucky Series: Lucky in Love (Book 1) One Lucky Cowboy (Book 2) Getting Lucky (Book 3) Praise for Bestselling Contemporary Western Romances by Carolyn Brown: "I eagerly anticipate the next installment in the Lucky Trilogy. One Lucky Cowboy is a great read, and I look forward to more from Ms. Brown!" -Romance Reader at Heart "Sassy dialog and colorful characters." -Booklist "Carolyn Brown's rollicking sense of humor asserts itself on every page." -Scribes World "Carolyn Brown will keep you reading until the very last page." -Romantic Times "This is not your mother's Western romance!" -4 Stars, The Romantic Times Book Review

Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon

Filename: weird-scenes-inside-the-canyon.pdf
ISBN: 1909394122
Release Date: 2014-04-18
Number of pages: 316
Author: David McGowan

Download and read online Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon in PDF and EPUB Place of publication transcribed from publisher's website.

The Green Ninja LEGO Ninjago Reader

Filename: the-green-ninja-lego-ninjago-reader.pdf
ISBN: 9780545691376
Release Date: 2014-02-25
Number of pages: 32
Author: Tracey West
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

Download and read online The Green Ninja LEGO Ninjago Reader in PDF and EPUB Masters of Spinjitzu: still a force to save the world! Lord Garmadon is up to his old tricks. He's using his Mega Weapon to turn back the clock and bring the fossil of an ancient monster back to life. That's when Cole, Jay, Kai, and Zane interrupt him . . . and get turned into kids again! Now the mini-ninja must do whatever it takes to grow up . . . and stop the monster from destroying Ninjago City!

Just Grace

Filename: just-grace.pdf
ISBN: 080349596X
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 182
Author: Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Montlake Romance

Download and read online Just Grace in PDF and EPUB Grace Listen and Dr. Gatlin O'Malley seem destine to hate one another from the minute Grace fell out of a tree into his arms, but over the course of their spats and rivalries, they discover deeper feelings for one another.

Dandelion Wine

Filename: dandelion-wine.pdf
ISBN: 9780007496952
Release Date: 2012-06-28
Number of pages: 240
Author: Ray Bradbury
Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Download and read online Dandelion Wine in PDF and EPUB An endearing classic of childhood memories of an idyllic midwestern summer from the celebrated author of ‘Farenheit 451’.

Maggie s Mistake

Filename: maggie-s-mistake.pdf
ISBN: 0803495765
Release Date: 2002-12-01
Number of pages: 183
Author: Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Montlake Romance

Download and read online Maggie s Mistake in PDF and EPUB Historical romance.

Lily s White Lace

Filename: lily-s-white-lace.pdf
ISBN: 0803494955
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 183
Author: Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Montlake Romance

Download and read online Lily s White Lace in PDF and EPUB Just moments before she is marry, Lily discovers that her husband-to-be has been cheating. Lily leaves him at the altar and flees to Oklahoma to clear her head and mend her wounded heart. She resolves never to trust a man again, not even Jesse, her best friend's brother, who knows just how to infuriate her, bait her, make her laugh and even bring the glitter back into her eyes.

Story of Ferdinand

Filename: story-of-ferdinand.pdf
ISBN: 1442051221
Release Date: 2009-07-10
Number of pages:
Author: Munro Leaf
Publisher: Paw Prints

Download and read online Story of Ferdinand in PDF and EPUB Ferdinand likes to sit quietly and smell the flowers, but one day he gets stung by a bee and his snorting and stomping convince everyone that he is the fiercest of bulls.

Kings Canyon National Park

Filename: kings-canyon-national-park.pdf
ISBN: 0899976123
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Author: Mike White
Publisher: Wilderness Press

Download and read online Kings Canyon National Park in PDF and EPUB

Canyon O Grady no 14

Filename: canyon-o-grady-no-14.pdf
ISBN: 0451169972
Release Date: 1991-06
Number of pages: 172
Author: Jon Sharpe

Download and read online Canyon O Grady no 14 in PDF and EPUB Canyon O'Grady returns to prevent a deranged U.S. Cavalry colonel from committing more atrocities south of the Rio Grande, but matters become complicated, and explosive, when a female spitfire and murderous banditos hunt O'Grady

Grand Canyon

Filename: grand-canyon.pdf
ISBN: 0816524327
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 79
Publisher: University of Arizona Press

Download and read online Grand Canyon in PDF and EPUB "Ann Zwinger plumbs the very soul of this majestic place, exploring the deserts along the Colorado's banks in order to examine things that often go unnoticed against a backdrop of overwhelming grandeur. Whether drawing our attention to a newly unfurled evening primrose, a ladybug at work on a leaf full of aphids, or the amazing appearance of a humpback chub slipping through the water like a pewter ghost, she opens a new window on the Canyon at river level to show us that small things of overpowering beauty can be found in a place whose intrinsic splendor is nothing less than staggering.".

Canyon Interludes

Filename: canyon-interludes.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105012159385
Release Date: 1996
Number of pages: 280
Author: Paul Wesley Rea

Download and read online Canyon Interludes in PDF and EPUB Describing mind-altering adventures on the Colorado Plateau, Paul Rea hikes through Canyonlands, Grand Gulch, Havasu, and Zion canyons and rafts the Colorado, Dolores, Green, and San Juan rivers. He explores and celebrates the enchanted, colorful desert in sensuous, introspective, and playful ways. "Seated on a mossy rock, nude, " he writes, "I wave to the California Zephyr across the river. Many years ago, riding this train home from the Summer of Love, I first beheld the red rock country in this very canyon." Even the earth comes alive in Rea's prose: "The dark gneiss seethes, then shimmers like a translucent veil across the bare-boned rock." He tells how he repeatedly returned to the desert, evolving from greenhorn to graybeard as he became bonded to the landscape. These life-affirming and thought-provoking narratives are seductive and easy to get lost in, like a hiker traversing the landscape itself.