Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau

Filename: naturwissenschaftliche-rundschau.pdf
ISBN: UCAL:C3176181
Release Date: 1901
Number of pages:

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Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer

Filename: coast-guard-rescue-swimmer.pdf
ISBN: 9781612116327
Release Date: 2011-08-01
Number of pages: 24
Author: Nick Gordon
Publisher: Bellwether Media

Download and read online Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer in PDF and EPUB A powerful storm has capsized several boats off the coast. Helicopters show up to rescue people who have fallen into the sea. A few Coast Guard rescue swimmers leap from the helicopters into the water. It will be up to them to save the lives of the struggling victims. Coast Guard rescue swimmers must brave storms and risk drowning to save others. This book shows readers the rigorous training they must endure to handle this dangerous job.


Filename: autobiography.pdf
ISBN: 9780880109017
Release Date: 2006-05-01
Number of pages:
Author: Rudolf Steiner
Publisher: SteinerBooks

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Man of Two Worlds

Filename: man-of-two-worlds.pdf
ISBN: 0708882242
Release Date: 1986
Number of pages: 397
Author: Frank Herbert

Download and read online Man of Two Worlds in PDF and EPUB Science fiction-roman.

Chronos Kairos Christos

Filename: chronos-kairos-christos.pdf
ISBN: 0931464501
Release Date: 1989
Number of pages: 240
Author: Jerry Vardaman
Publisher: Eisenbrauns

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Helmut Newton

Filename: helmut-newton.pdf
ISBN: 3652000048
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 96
Author: Helmut Newton
Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Group

Download and read online Helmut Newton in PDF and EPUB A master of eroticism's dark potential, Helmut Newton redefined fashion photography in the 1950s and 60s--and perhaps even modern sexuality. Newton's influence has grown to be monumental in scope and impact. Photographing for magazines like Playboy and Vogue, Newton was provocative, to say the least, in his portrayals of stylized erotic scenes, often featuring sado-maschostic undertones. This new monograph of Newton's work showcases the landmark photographs that were a product of a close collaboration between Newton and stern magazine. Spanning 27 years and featuring photographs that have never before been reproduced in book format, this book reflects Newton's diverse talent and exuberant spirit.

An Introduction to Celestial Mechanics

Filename: an-introduction-to-celestial-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 0486646874
Release Date: 1970
Number of pages: 436
Author: Forest Ray Moulton
Publisher: Courier Corporation

Download and read online An Introduction to Celestial Mechanics in PDF and EPUB An unrivaled text in the field of celestial mechanics, Moulton's theoretical work on the prediction and interpretation of celestial phenomena has not been superseded. By providing a general account of all parts of celestial mechanics without an over-full treatment of any single aspect, by stating all the problems in advance, and, where the transformations are long, giving an outline of the steps which must be made, and by noting all the places where assumptions have been introduced or unjustified methods employed, Moulton has insured that his work will be valuable to all who are interested in the subject. The text is divided into ten chapters which progress logically in terms of the difficulty of their subject matter. They are: Fundamental Principles and Definitions, Rectilinear Motion, Central Forces, The Potential and Attractions of Bodies, The Problem of Two Bodies, The Determination of Orbits, The General Integrals of the Problem of n Bodies, The Problem of Three Bodies, Perturbations ? Geometrical Considerations, and Perturbations ? Analytical Method. Important topics cove red include general equations, motion of falling particles, the heat of the sun, simultaneous differential equations, examples where J is a function of the coordinates alone, the universality of Newton's law, determination of the orbit from the law of force, attractions of simple solids, potential and attractions of simple bodies and ellipsoids, Ivory's method and level surfaces, elements of orbits, expansions and positions in orbits, transformations of coordinates, the Laplacian and Gaussian methods of determining orbits, motion of center of mass and area integrals, motion of the infinitesimal body, surfaces of zero relative velocity, effects of the components of the disturbing force, lunar theory, method of computing perturbations, and the perturbative function. Each chapter is followed by a historical sketch and bibliography pertaining to that subject. Over 200 problems appear at key points in the text, many of them answered.

Fury on Earth

Filename: fury-on-earth.pdf
ISBN: 0306805758
Release Date: 1994
Number of pages: 550
Author: Myron Sharaf
Publisher: Da Capo Press

Download and read online Fury on Earth in PDF and EPUB Argues that most forms of therapy practised today include some idea that Wilhelm Reich pioneered. This biography - written by a former patient, student and assistant of Reich - reveals how the same life functionalism that Reich studied brought him personal isolation and death in prison.

The Orgone Accumulator Handbook

Filename: the-orgone-accumulator-handbook.pdf
ISBN: 0962185507
Release Date: 1989-01-01
Number of pages: 155
Author: James DeMeo

Download and read online The Orgone Accumulator Handbook in PDF and EPUB A concise Handbook describing the original discovery of the orgone energy by Wilhelm Reich, as well as methods for constructing and safely using orgone energy devices, including the author's own considerable experience on the matter. With a Foreword by Eva Reich, the daughter of Wilhelm Reich, and an Appendix by two German physicians, presenting a double-blind, controlled experiment validating the physiological effects of the orgone accumulator. Includes many photos, illustrations and citations, with a cover photo of an astronaut walking on the moon, with a clearly-visible blue-glowing orgone energy field. Learn how to concentrate and work with orgone energy, using simple readily-available materials. These experimental devices have been shown to stimulate plant growth and human physiology in controlled experiments. Based upon the discoveries of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, whose work remains vital and of wide interest, despite unprecedented hostility to his scientifc research.

The Bond Bible

Filename: the-bond-bible.pdf
ISBN: PSU:000046380319
Release Date: 2000-06-01
Number of pages: 238
Author: Marilyn Cohen
Publisher: Prentice Hall Pr

Download and read online The Bond Bible in PDF and EPUB A symbol of security, bonds have long had a place in any well-rounded portfolio. As millions of baby boomers shift their focus from the lure of capital appreciation to the necessity of capital preservation, bonds are moving from a supporting role into the spotlight. Many individual investors, however, know precious little about them. Marilyn Cohen, one of the nation's best known columnists and commentators on the bond market, demystifies bond investing and offers a shopper's guide to finding great bond buys and a master blueprint for building a winning personal bond portfolio. Packed with facts, real-world examples, and savvy advice, The Bond Bible covers: The right bonds-to-stocks ratio for a sound portfolio-- How to turn a bond investment from a safety net into a money-maker -- How to identify a genuine bond bargain -- How to determine which "store" gives the best value for different kinds of bonds -- The pitfalls of the bond market and how to avoid them -- The lowdown on bonds and taxes -- How to know when to sell a bond and for the best price -- The scoop on the latest trends, including on-line bond investing.

The Stars

Filename: the-stars.pdf
ISBN: 0521458854
Release Date: 1994-06-23
Number of pages: 241
Author: Roger John Tayler
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online The Stars in PDF and EPUB This textbook gives a clear account of the manner in which knowledge in many branches of physics, such as gravitation, thermodynamics, atomic physics, and nuclear physics, can be combined to gain an understanding of the structure and evolution of stars. A major aim is to present the subject as one in which advances are still being made. The first half is an account of the observational properties of stars and a discussion of the equations that govern their structure. The second part discusses recent theoretical work on stellar evolution. The successes of the theory are stressed, but attention is also drawn to phenomena that are not completely understood. This is a new edition of a widely-used textbook first published in 1970. New topics include mass loss from stars and close binary stars.

Comforting an orphaned nation

Filename: comforting-an-orphaned-nation.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105129633363
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 263
Author: Tobias Hübinette

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Guinness World Records 2010

Filename: guinness-world-records-2010.pdf
ISBN: 0744011833
Release Date: 2010-01-01
Number of pages: 216
Author: BradyGames
Publisher: Brady

Download and read online Guinness World Records 2010 in PDF and EPUB Lists records, superlatives, and unusual facts about computer and video games, and includes interviews with champion gamers, tips on play, and profiles of the best-selling games.