Dynamic Hedging

Filename: dynamic-hedging.pdf
ISBN: 0471152803
Release Date: 1997-01-14
Number of pages: 506
Author: Nassim Taleb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Dynamic Hedging in PDF and EPUB Dynamic Hedging is the definitive source on derivatives risk. Itprovides a real–world methodology for managing portfolioscontaining any nonlinear security. It presents risks from thevantage point of the option market maker and arbitrage operator.The only book about derivatives risk written by an experiencedtrader with theoretical training, it remolds option theory to fitthe practitioner′s environment. As a larger share of marketexposure cannot be properly captured by mathematical models, notedoption arbitrageur Nassim Taleb uniquely covers both on–model andoff–model derivatives risks. The author discusses, in plain English, vital issues,including: The generalized option, which encompasses all instruments withconvex payoff, including a trader′s potential bonus. The techniques for trading exotic options, including binary,barrier, multiasset, and Asian options, as well as methods to takeinto account the wrinkles of actual, non–bellshapeddistributions. Market dynamics viewed from the practitioner′s vantage point,including liquidity holes, portfolio insurance, squeezes, fattails, volatility surface, GARCH, curve evolution, static optionreplication, correlation instability, Pareto–Levy, regime shifts,autocorrelation of price changes, and the severe flaws in the valueat risk method. New tools to detect risks, such as higher moment analysis,topography exposure, and nonparametric techniques. The path dependence of all options hedged dynamically. Dynamic Hedging is replete with helpful tools, market anecdotes,at–a–glance risk management rules distilling years of market lore,and important definitions. The book contains modules in which thefundamental mathematics of derivatives, such as the Brownianmotion, Ito′s lemma, the numeraire paradox, the Girsanov change ofmeasure, and the Feynman–Kac solution are presented in intuitivepractitioner′s language. Dynamic Hedging is an indispensable and definitive reference formarket makers, academics, finance students, risk managers, andregulators. The definitive book on options trading and risk management "If pricing is a science and hedging is an art, Taleb is avirtuoso." –Bruno Dupire, Head of Swaps and Options Research,Paribas Capital Markets "This is not merely the best book on how options trade, it isthe only book." –Stan Jonas, Managing Director, FIMAT–SocietyGARCH "Dynamic Hedging bridges the gap between what the besttraders know and what the best scholars can prove." –WilliamMargrabe, President, The William Margrabe Group, Inc. "The most comprehensive, insightful, intuitive work on thesubject. It is instrumental for both beginning and experiencedtraders."– "A tour de force. That rare find, a book of great practical andtheoretical value. Taleb successfully bridges the gap between theacademic and the real world. Interesting, provocative, wellwritten. Each chapter worth a fortune to any current or prospectivederivatives trader."–Victor Niederhoffer, Chairman, NiederhofferInvestments

Dynamic Hedging

Filename: dynamic-hedging.pdf
ISBN: 0471353477
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 558
Author: Nassim Taleb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Dynamic Hedging in PDF and EPUB The only complete resource addressing derivative risk With the fully updated and expanded Dynamic Hedging, Revised Edition, readers will learn the proven methodologies for monitoring and managing all the risks associated with managing portfolios containing any nonlinear security. Presenting risk from the vantage point of the option market maker and arbitrage operator, this book remolds options theory to fit the practitioner′s environment. Replete with helpful tools, market anecdotes, and at–a–glance risk management rules, Dynamic Hedging, Revised Edition is a comprehensive reference to the complexities of the options market that provides clear explanations of all the various forms of risk. Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Greenwich, CT) is the founder of Empirica Capital LLC, a hedge fund operator, and a fellow at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University. Dr. Taleb was inducted in February 2001 into the Derivatives Strategy Hall of Fame. He received an MBA from the Wharton School and a PhD from University Paris–Dauphine. Over the years, financial professionals around the world have looked to the Wiley Finance series and its wide array of bestselling books for the knowledge, insights, and techniques that are essential to success in financial markets. As the pace of change in financial markets and instruments quickens, Wiley Finance continues to respond. With critically acclaimed books by leading thinkers on value investing, risk management, asset allocation, and many other critical subjects, the Wiley Finance series provides the financial community with information they want. Written to provide professionals and individuals with the most current thinking from the best minds in the industry, it is no wonder that the Wiley Finance series is the first and last stop for financial professionals looking to increase their financial expertise.

Portfolio Insurance

Filename: portfolio-insurance.pdf
ISBN: 0471858498
Release Date: 1988-03-16
Number of pages: 322
Author: Donald Luskin
Publisher: Wiley

Download and read online Portfolio Insurance in PDF and EPUB Portfolio insurance has become a craze among institutional investors: over the past ten years, the value of assets managed under this strategy has grown from zero to more than -50 billion. This guide offers complete coverage and practical advice on every aspect of the subject. It clearly defines the characteristics of portfolio insurance, providing background on its history and the theory of hedging, going on to describe how to implement a hedging strategy, how to fit portfolio insurance into long-term financial planning, using index and financial futures and options in hedging, and techniques for measuring performance. Also included is a discussion of how portfolio insurance operates in the international arena.

Static vs dynamic hedging

Filename: static-vs-dynamic-hedging.pdf
ISBN: CORNELL:31924083607097
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages:
Author: Cindy T. Chen

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Optimal dynamic hedging strategies with financial futures contracts using nonlinear conditional heteroskedastic models

Filename: optimal-dynamic-hedging-strategies-with-financial-futures-contracts-using-nonlinear-conditional-heteroskedastic-models.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015024923628
Release Date: 1992
Number of pages: 368
Author: Anthony Chan

Download and read online Optimal dynamic hedging strategies with financial futures contracts using nonlinear conditional heteroskedastic models in PDF and EPUB Treasury bills futures market are chosen for the purpose of empirical study.

Dynamic Hedging

Filename: dynamic-hedging.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:826651185
Release Date: 2013
Number of pages:
Author: Ivan Smirnov

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Optimal Dynamic Hedging

Filename: optimal-dynamic-hedging.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:20742191
Release Date: 1988
Number of pages: 38
Author: Sanford J. Grossman

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Feedback Effects of Dynamic Hedging Strategies in the Presence of Transaction Costs

Filename: feedback-effects-of-dynamic-hedging-strategies-in-the-presence-of-transaction-costs.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:632013913
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages:

Download and read online Feedback Effects of Dynamic Hedging Strategies in the Presence of Transaction Costs in PDF and EPUB We study the destabilising effect of dynamic hedging strategies on the price of the underlying in the presence of sunk costs of transaction. Once sunk costs of transaction are taken into account, continuous portfolio rehedging is no longer an optimal strategy. Using a non-optimising (local in time) strategy for portfolio rebalancing, explicit dynamics for the price of the underlying are derived, focusing in particular on the excess volatility and feedback effects of these portfolio insurance strategies. Further, we show how these latter depend on the heterogeneity of the insured payoffs. Finally, conditions are derived under which it may still be reasonable, from a practical viewpoint, to implement Black - Scholes strategies.

Derivatives Analytics with Python

Filename: derivatives-analytics-with-python.pdf
ISBN: 9781119037934
Release Date: 2015-06-15
Number of pages: 376
Author: Yves Hilpisch
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Derivatives Analytics with Python in PDF and EPUB Supercharge options analytics and hedging using the power of Python Derivatives Analytics with Python shows you how to implement market-consistent valuation and hedging approaches using advanced financial models, efficient numerical techniques, and the powerful capabilities of the Python programming language. This unique guide offers detailed explanations of all theory, methods, and processes, giving you the background and tools necessary to value stock index options from a sound foundation. You'll find and use self-contained Python scripts and modules and learn how to apply Python to advanced data and derivatives analytics as you benefit from the 5,000+ lines of code that are provided to help you reproduce the results and graphics presented. Coverage includes market data analysis, risk-neutral valuation, Monte Carlo simulation, model calibration, valuation, and dynamic hedging, with models that exhibit stochastic volatility, jump components, stochastic short rates, and more. The companion website features all code and IPython Notebooks for immediate execution and automation. Python is gaining ground in the derivatives analytics space, allowing institutions to quickly and efficiently deliver portfolio, trading, and risk management results. This book is the finance professional's guide to exploiting Python's capabilities for efficient and performing derivatives analytics. Reproduce major stylized facts of equity and options markets yourself Apply Fourier transform techniques and advanced Monte Carlo pricing Calibrate advanced option pricing models to market data Integrate advanced models and numeric methods to dynamically hedge options Recent developments in the Python ecosystem enable analysts to implement analytics tasks as performing as with C or C++, but using only about one-tenth of the code or even less. Derivatives Analytics with Python — Data Analysis, Models, Simulation, Calibration and Hedging shows you what you need to know to supercharge your derivatives and risk analytics efforts.

Option Volatility Pricing Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques

Filename: option-volatility-pricing-advanced-trading-strategies-and-techniques.pdf
ISBN: 9780071508018
Release Date: 1994-08-22
Number of pages: 470
Author: Sheldon Natenberg
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

Download and read online Option Volatility Pricing Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques in PDF and EPUB One of the most widely read books among active option traders around the world, Option Volatility & Pricing has been completely updated to reflect the most current developments and trends in option products and trading strategies. Featuring: Pricing models Volatility considerations Basic and advanced trading strategies Risk management techniques And more! Written in a clear, easy-to-understand fashion, Option Volatility & Pricing points out the key concepts essential to successful trading. Drawing on his experience as a professional trader, author Sheldon Natenberg examines both the theory and reality of option trading. He presents the foundations of option theory explaining how this theory can be used to identify and exploit trading opportunities. Option Volatility & Pricing teaches you to use a wide variety of trading strategies and shows you how to select the strategy that best fits your view of market conditions and individual risk tolerance. New sections include: Expanded coverage of stock option Strategies for stock index futures and options A broader, more in-depth discussion volatility Analysis of volatility skews Intermarket spreading with options

Central Bank Participation in Currency Options Markets

Filename: central-bank-participation-in-currency-options-markets.pdf
ISBN: 9781451901269
Release Date: 1999-10-01
Number of pages: 40
Author: Mr. Peter Breuer
Publisher: International Monetary Fund

Download and read online Central Bank Participation in Currency Options Markets in PDF and EPUB This paper analyzes whether and how central banks can use currency options to lower exchange rate volatility and maintain (implicit) target zones in foreign exchange markets. It argues that selling rather than buying options will result in market makers dynamically hedging their long option exposure in a stabilizing manner, consistent with the first objective. Selling a “strangle” allows a central bank to increase the credibility of its commitment to a target zone, and could have a lower expected cost than spot market interventions. However, this strategy also exposes the central bank to an unlimited loss potential.