The Seed

Filename: the-seed.pdf
ISBN: 1118090268
Release Date: 2011-04-27
Number of pages: 160
Author: Jon Gordon
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online The Seed in PDF and EPUB A business fable to help you discover your purpose in work and life New from Jon Gordon, the international and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Energy Bus, The Seed takes you on a quest for the meaning and passion behind work. Josh, an up-and-comer at his company, is disenchanted with his job. Challenged by his boss to take two weeks to decide if he really wants to work there, Josh takes off for the country, where he meets a wise farmer who gives him a seed and a promise: find the right place to plant the seed, and his purpose will be revealed. Through Josh's journey cross-country journey, you'll find surprising new sources of wisdom and inspiration in your own business and life. Nobody captures the deeper meaning of business like Jon Gordon, and The Seed is his most searching and significant book yet. Whatever your profession, take this insightful look at the purpose behind work, and plant The Seed of inspiration in your life!

The Purpose Driven Life

Filename: the-purpose-driven-life.pdf
ISBN: 076241684X
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 128
Author: Rick Warren
Publisher: Running PressBook Pub

Download and read online The Purpose Driven Life in PDF and EPUB Offers spiritual fulfillment through an understanding of God's plan for a meaningful life.

The Purpose of Life

Filename: the-purpose-of-life.pdf
ISBN: 9781483508931
Release Date: 2013-09-13
Number of pages: 239
Author: Linnea Bailey
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online The Purpose of Life in PDF and EPUB We are all seekers. We all hunger to understand the mysteries of life, to make sense of life's purpose and meaning. We all have questions about the reality we sense under the surface of our day-to-day existence. In The Purpose of Life, author and psychologist Linnea Bailey, Ph.D., has provided both a guide for understanding our lives in the context of spirit, and a valuable set of practices for spiritual growth. In an accessible question-and-answer format, Bailey shares spiritual wisdom about those "Big Questions" we all wonder about, such as: Why are we here? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? Why does God let children die? What are the main spiritual lessons we are here to learn? What are our greatest psychological needs? What happens to us after we die? What is the purpose of relationships? The question and answer section of the book covers a wealth of topics, both mystical and practical, including karma, how it is created and cleared, human spirituality, the lessons we are here to learn, as well as fresh approaches to topics such as the Law of Attraction, abortion, illness, pain and suffering, homosexuality, darkness, and death. This knowledge transmits the author's sense of God as a spirit of love and Light, and resonates with truth, love, and joy. Another major section of this book is a compendium of tools for spiritual growth, from acupuncture, energy work, meditation and prayer, to working with a spiritual director. This chapter condenses a lifetime of spiritual practices and professional research into a useful reference for the spiritual seeker. Bailey explains dozens of strategies simply and directly, with advice on how the seeker might best utilize them, and often giving sources for further help or information. Linnea Bailey distills a lifetime of spiritual growth into The Purpose of Life. Those on the path of spiritual growth, both novices and longtime seekers, will find this volume an effective lifelong companion.

The Trust Factor

Filename: the-trust-factor.pdf
ISBN: 9781617391125
Release Date: 2011-01
Number of pages: 192
Author: Darrell L. Wise
Publisher: Tate Publishing

Download and read online The Trust Factor in PDF and EPUB We choose so many paths searching for meaning, and they fail us. You were meant for more than beauty. You are more than a bank account or a big house or a fancy car. The sum of who you are cannot be defined by your intelligence, sexual prowess, or by any of the things we use in an attempt to give our lives meaning. Have you ever wondered why you were born, why you are here? is it really possible to find your purpose and live it? the resounding answer is yes! Darrell Wise investigates the universal question of purpose of life—why are we all here? Then Darrell goes on to give guidelines for finding your individual purpose. In fact, living out your purpose in this life leads to purpose in the next life, For all of eternity. In this intelligent and inspirational work, Darrell outlines in a clear, logical way why we cannot understand our purposes without turning to God. it is only when we take into account the Trust Factor that we can ever hope to find meaning.

Purpose of a Christian Life

Filename: purpose-of-a-christian-life.pdf
Release Date: 2016-12-31
Number of pages: 232
Author: Ivan King
Publisher: Valley Group Media, LLC.

Download and read online Purpose of a Christian Life in PDF and EPUB Book Description Did you know that God has an amazing plan for your Life? Welcome to Purpose of a Christian Life, a book that, at its core, answers some of our most fundamental questions, and reveals the mystery of God's glorious plan for our lives. Have you ever stopped to wonder what God has in store for you? Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Don't worry, you are not alone. We all have a deep void within us that can only be filled by God. Consequently, this innate need guides us to discover his undying love, mercy and purpose for our lives. Join me as we journey together to find that purpose. One thing is certain, after reading this book, not only will you have a clear vision of God's magnificent plan for your life, but you will attain a greater understating of his message. After all,God's love is transcendent, unshakable and everlasting. Hear What the Critics are Saying "Very Inspirational and Powerful; everyone should read this book. Purpose of a Christian Life is by far one of the best Christian books to have come out in the last decade." -Mary Jones -Valley Daily News "I give this book Five Stars All The Way! This book makes my list as one of the top reads in the Christian genre. Anyone of Faith will enjoy this book very much." -Theresa Davis –Alliance Media Group "Purpose of a Christian Life was a very powerful and thought provoking book. Every generation, young and old, should have to read this book. Ten Thumbs Up." -Dave Baker -Book Bloggers of America "This was an excellent book even though it was short, I ended up reading it in less than a day; however, it has a very strong and positive message. A Must Read." -Lisa Cooper -Literary Times Inc. "Purpose of a Christian Life was a very interesting and unique book. It had a very solid message about love and forgiveness. Highly Recommend." -Emma Righter -Writers United Group "Amazing Book! I fell to my knees at the end and cried. This book reminded me why I became a born-again Christian. Its messages are not only powerful, but also true." -Carl Mosner –Readers Cove Unlimited "A friend from work recommended this book to me and although I am not a Christian, I was still moved by its Powerful Message." -Lee Ratner –Daily Media Trends, Inc. "What a Magnificent Book. From the moment I started reading it I just couldn't put it down. Every man, woman and child should read Purpose of a Christian Life. Truly inspiring." -Jordy Crabel -The Kendal Group "Wonderful Book! I actually bought it for my son-in-law and ended up reading it as well. It offered me a fresh perspective on my Christian journey." -Morty Ruslan–Crest Haven Baptist "I read this book as part of a Bible study group; I am glad we found this spiritual gold nugget, it has changed my life. Eye Opening." -Laura Thomas –Blogging for Jesus, Inc. Message From the Author If you could have a private conversation with Jesus Christ and ask him anything you wanted, what would ask him? What am I doing here? What does God want from me? We stumble along, fumbling for answers to some of the most difficult questions in this ambiguity of the human condition that we refer to as life, and fail to realize that everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for you; he has a plan me. There's a plan for all of us. "I am a radical follower of Christ, with whom I have a deep and intimate connection. In him I will store all of my faith for the remainder of my days." Ivan King Author's Favorite Quote "Life is a comedy to those who think; a tragedy to those who feel."

Life Unstuck

Filename: life-unstuck.pdf
ISBN: 9781441227966
Release Date: 2015-03-10
Number of pages: 256
Author: Pat Layton
Publisher: Revell

Download and read online Life Unstuck in PDF and EPUB Everyone has felt stuck at some point in life. Our inertia is gone, momentum is wiped out, and life trudges on devoid of passion. But God has so much more than this planned for his daughters. With passion and enthusiasm, Pat Layton invites women to imagine their world unstuck--a place where they feel at peace with the past, find purpose in the present, and revel in the possibilities that the future holds. With her rousing Unstuck Manifesto, she delves deep into the areas readers get stuck in the most--relationships, finances, ministry, career, and more--and, with the Scriptures as her guide, unveils the path to positive forward movement.

Man s Search For Meaning

Filename: man-s-search-for-meaning.pdf
ISBN: 9781448177684
Release Date: 2013-12-09
Number of pages: 160
Author: Viktor E Frankl
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Man s Search For Meaning in PDF and EPUB A prominent Viennese psychiatrist before the war, Viktor Frankl was uniquely able to observe the way that both he and others in Auschwitz coped (or didn't) with the experience. He noticed that it was the men who comforted others and who gave away their last piece of bread who survived the longest - and who offered proof that everything can be taken away from us except the ability to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances. The sort of person the concentration camp prisoner became was the result of an inner decision and not of camp influences alone. Frankl came to believe man's deepest desire is to search for meaning and purpose. This outstanding work offers us all a way to transcend suffering and find significance in the art of living.

Born Anew

Filename: born-anew.pdf
ISBN: 9781617773808
Release Date: 2011-08
Number of pages: 352
Author: Jonathan Doctor
Publisher: Tate Publishing

Download and read online Born Anew in PDF and EPUB Do you feel aimless on your earthly walk? Do you find yourself wondering where to turn for answers? We live in a day and time where many on this earth have lost purpose and direction; there are numerous unanswered questions about this life, and all are seeking wisdom and counsel to find that purpose and direction. For us as Christians, God has given us answers for this life, as well as in the time to come, and they are found in His Holy Word—the Bible. Not only has God given us His Word, but He has also given His people the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us in the right direction. We may try to plan our lives, but at the end of the day, only God's purposes will prevail. In Dr. Jonathan Doctor's new book, you will discover the truths and blessings of living the new life in God's prevailing purpose. As new creations in Christ—as new covenant Christians living in the new covenant of grace—we have the advantage of succeeding in the purpose of God on this earth.

What Is the Point

Filename: what-is-the-point.pdf
ISBN: 9781616386016
Release Date: 2013-01-08
Number of pages: 220
Author: Misty Edwards
Publisher: Charisma Media

Download and read online What Is the Point in PDF and EPUB Misty Edwards tackles the difficult questions of finding meaning in seasons of success and failure, smallness and greatness, pain and pleasure as we live lives that are, in the end, not of this world.

The Treasure Within Us

Filename: the-treasure-within-us.pdf
ISBN: 9781905823468
Release Date: 2008-11
Number of pages: 164
Author: Sofia Adamova
Publisher: Ecademy Press

Download and read online The Treasure Within Us in PDF and EPUB In this brilliant and original book, Adamova presents the world in a different way and shares her inspirational formula of faith and optimism.

Living on Purpose

Filename: living-on-purpose.pdf
ISBN: 9781606049044
Release Date: 2009-04
Number of pages: 203
Author: Julianna Hynes
Publisher: Tate Publishing

Download and read online Living on Purpose in PDF and EPUB Purpose. We all have one, but very few actually know what theirs is. In this powerful book by Julianna Hynes, PhD, readers everywhere will find the keys to unlocking their God-given destiny. Dr. Hynes' own journey to success wasn't easy. Her life wasn't at all like she had planneda "she was a single parent stuck in a job going nowhere with no clue as to her purpose in life. While attending a class, Dr. Hynes drew out her vision for her life. She began taking active steps to fulfill her God-given purpose, finding that God constantly provided her with the means to achieve. Within these pages she shows readers how to analyze their strengths and interests to find their purpose, teaching readers how to overcome the obstacles that may stand in their way. By using her helpful questions and worksheets to refine goals and make a plan, you will find that in no time at all, you will be Living on Purpose "

The Liahona Principle

Filename: the-liahona-principle.pdf
ISBN: 1555179320
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 120
Author: Bradley R. Wilde
Publisher: Cedar Fort

Download and read online The Liahona Principle in PDF and EPUB And within the ball were two spindles; and the one pointed the way whither we should go into the wilderness. What if, when you came into this world, you received a compass to guide you in your journey through life? How much better would your life be? How much more purpose, direction, and insight would you have? In the Liahona Principle, you will find that we all have access to such a compass. You will learn, as Nephi and Lehi of old, that there is a Liahona to guide us in life's journey, help us solve problems, and give us insight and understanding. You will learn how simple it is to use that Liahona and how profound its blessings can be. You will be inspired as you read stories of how others discovered what they needed to know, feel, or do as they looked into their Liahona. If you would like more inspired direction and enlightened purpose in your life, then the Liahona Principle is a book you must read.

Transform Your Life

Filename: transform-your-life.pdf
ISBN: 9781601660435
Release Date: 2014-08-23
Number of pages: 308
Author: Co-Authors
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online Transform Your Life in PDF and EPUB Transform Your Life! is a co-creative book—a diverse mosaic of contributions from authors around the world—offering 60 unique perspectives on love and hope, strength and perseverance, and living and thriving. Each chapter tells the true-life tale of overcoming real-world challenges, from addiction to abuse, illness to loss, and much more. Your heart will open as authors share their personal stories of rebirth and reveal how they allowed their pain to inspire their purpose. Live your BEST life by exploring the powerful, proven methods and techniques compiled by experts who have LIVED IT. Become empowered to embrace transformation, turn tragedy into triumph, and express more of your true, authentic Self. Transform Your Life! is a dynamic, interactive book! Read straight through or meander to the chapters you feel drawn to, in the moment, and glean their unique insights and inspiration. You can even open to a random page and search for a hidden message just for you! Transform Your Life! is a co-creative book and has been written by an inspirational group of authors, each offering his or her unique viewpoint, expertise, and inspiration. We can all create a greater world TOGETHER and that is exactly why this book is so powerful! Not only does it offer a vast variety of perspectives, words of wisdom, and tools, there is something for everyone. You can hear the same story or lesson from three different people, yet just one of them will spark your imagination or trigger your knowing in a way that seems to speak directly to you. THAT is what Transform Your Life! is all about! Every reader will get something different out of this book, and every time you open it YOU will too. Plus, each chapter is short and easy to read, making it perfect for quick inspiration during your busy schedule or instant insights on the go.

The Path to Purpose

Filename: the-path-to-purpose.pdf
ISBN: 9781416565987
Release Date: 2008-04-22
Number of pages: 256
Author: William Damon
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online The Path to Purpose in PDF and EPUB Drawing on the revelatory results of a landmark study, William Damon -- one of the country's leading writers on the lives of young people, whose book Greater Expectations won the Parents' Choice Award -- brilliantly investigates the most pressing issue in the lives of youth today: why so many young people are "failing to launch" -- living at home longer, lacking career motivation, struggling to make a timely transition into adulthood, and not yet finding a life pursuit that inspires them. His groundbreaking study shows that about one-fifth of youth today are thriving -- highly engaged in activities they love and developing a clear sense of what they want to do with their lives -- but approximately one-fourth are still rudderless, at serious risk of never fulfilling their potential. The largest portion are teetering on the brink, in need of guidance to help them move forward: some are "dabblers" who pursue strings of disconnected interests with no real commitment; others, "dreamers" who have no realistic plans or understanding of what success will require. What makes the difference? Damon shows that the key ingredient for the highly engaged is that they have developed a clear sense of purpose in their lives that motivates them and gives them direction. Based on in-depth interviews, he takes readers inside the minds of the disengaged and drifting kids and exposes their confusion and anxiety about what they should do with their lives. He then offers compelling portraits of the young people who are thriving and identifies the nine key factors that have made the difference for them, presenting simple but powerful methods that parents and all adults can and must employ in order to cultivate that energized sense of purpose in young people that will launch them on the path to a deeply satisfying and productive life.

Soul Choices Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose

Filename: soul-choices-six-paths-to-find-your-life-purpose.pdf
Release Date: 2016-03-24
Number of pages:
Author: Kathryn Andries
Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing

Download and read online Soul Choices Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose in PDF and EPUB Understanding and using the six paths to discover your life purpose.