God Calling Women s Edition

Filename: god-calling-women-s-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781630583880
Release Date: 2014-11-01
Number of pages: 384
Author: A. J. Russell
Publisher: Barbour Publishing

Download and read online God Calling Women s Edition in PDF and EPUB What if you could have a conversation with Jesus Himself? What would He say to you? That’s the concept of the classic devotional God Calling, which has encouraged, challenged, and informed millions of readers around the world. Its daily entries continue to speak to readers today as it first did almost seventy years ago—and now, this Christian classic is presented in a special edition for women, including bonus prayers, questions for further thought, and other features. Containing the complete, unabridged text of God Calling, this beautiful new edition promises an entire year’s inspiration.

Jesus Calling

Filename: jesus-calling.pdf
ISBN: 071808554X
Release Date: 2016-06-22
Number of pages: 400
Author: Sarah Young
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Download and read online Jesus Calling in PDF and EPUB This deluxe large print edition is sure to be a favorite in the popular Jesus Calling line. The updated cover in beautiful teal leathersoft makes an elegant gift. Sarah Young's Jesus Calling brand has sold more than 15 million copies.

Reclaiming Eve

Filename: reclaiming-eve.pdf
ISBN: 0834132567
Release Date: 2014-07-01
Number of pages:
Author: Suzanne Burden
Publisher: Beacon Hill Press

Download and read online Reclaiming Eve in PDF and EPUB With razor-sharp theology and personal stories that reveal the potential of every woman, the authors of Reclaiming Eve unleash women of all ages to live out of their identity and calling in Christ. As we open Scripture together, women of all ages will discover the power of serving alongside their brothers, as full partners in God's Kingdom work. This resource will help you lead your group through thought-provoking video content and discussion questions. Included are a facilitator's guide and the following videos: Introduction 1. Identity: Created in the Image of God 2. Alliance: When Adam and Ezer Unite 3. Sisterhood: Loving One Another 4. Wholeness: The Woman as Overcomer 5. Healing: Restored in Community 6. Growth: The Thriving Sister 7. Restored: The Serving Woman

God Calling

Filename: god-calling.pdf
ISBN: 1903019230
Release Date: 2000-01
Number of pages: 292
Author: Arthur James Russell

Download and read online God Calling in PDF and EPUB The text is a book of prayers and meditation in diary format.

A Woman s High Calling

Filename: a-woman-s-high-calling.pdf
ISBN: 9780736941044
Release Date: 2011-02-01
Number of pages: 304
Author: Elizabeth George
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Download and read online A Woman s High Calling in PDF and EPUB Now updated with an exciting, practical study guide and a new cover--one of bestselling author Elizabeth George's popular titles, with over 200,000 copies sold. "Every woman would love to replace a life of survival with a life of meaningful accomplishment," says Elizabeth. In A Woman's High Calling, she helps readers to eliminate the clutter and chaos of everyday life and focus on the few things God considers truly essential. And they're spelled out in Titus 2:3-5, where God shines the spotlight on... wisdom purity wholesome speech personal discipline love of husband goodness of heart love of children Christlike conduct ministry to other women love of home There's no higher calling for women than making God's priorities their own. Readers will be eager to simplify their lives, adopt God's essentials, and pass them on by mentoring other women. With the now-included study guide, they'll realize immediate results.

Half the Church

Filename: half-the-church.pdf
ISBN: 9780310555872
Release Date: 2011-04-19
Number of pages: 208
Author: Carolyn Custis James
Publisher: Zondervan

Download and read online Half the Church in PDF and EPUB Women comprise at least half the world, and usually more than half the church, but so often Christian teaching to women either fails to move beyond a discussion of roles or assumes a particular economic situation or stage of life. This all but shuts women out from contributing to God’s kingdom as they were designed to do. Furthermore, the plight of women in the Majority World demands a Christian response, a holistic embrace of all that God calls women and men to be in his world. The loudest voices speaking into women’s lives in the twenty-first century thus far come from either fundamentalist Islam or radical feminism. And neither can be allowed to carry the day. The Bible contains the highest possible view of women and invests women’s lives with cosmic significance regardless of their age, stage of life, social status, or culture. Carolyn Custis James unpacks three transformative themes the Bible presents to women that raise the bar for women and calls them to join their brothers in advancing God’s gracious kingdom on earth. These new images of what can be in Christ free women to embrace the life God gives them, no matter what happens. Carolyn encourages readers with a positive, kingdom approach to the changes, challenges, and opportunities facing women throughout the world today.

Designing Effective Women s Ministries

Filename: designing-effective-women-s-ministries.pdf
ISBN: 9780310877240
Release Date: 2010-08-10
Number of pages: 224
Author: Jill Briscoe
Publisher: Zondervan

Download and read online Designing Effective Women s Ministries in PDF and EPUB For nearly twenty-five years, Elmbrook Church in Waukesha, WI, has supported a variety of ministries by and for women. Today their program stands as a model. Yet, as the authors of Designing Effective Women's Ministries will tell you, it did not happen overnight, but through trial and error. In Designing Effective Women's Ministries, the authors share what worked for them and what didn't. they explain how to start where you are, with what you have, and how to do what God wants you to do. Designing Effective Women's Ministries included tips and techniques for establishing groups and programs that meet the needs of today's women. The book shows how to develop programs that are specifically tailored to your church and your community.

When God Was A Woman

Filename: when-god-was-a-woman.pdf
ISBN: 9780307816856
Release Date: 2012-05-09
Number of pages: 265
Author: Merlin Stone
Publisher: Doubleday

Download and read online When God Was A Woman in PDF and EPUB Here, archaeologically documented,is the story of the religion of the Goddess. Under her, women’s roles were far more prominent than in patriarchal Judeo-Christian cultures. Stone describes this ancient system and, with its disintegration, the decline in women’s status.

Namesake Women s Bible Study Leader Guide

Filename: namesake-women-s-bible-study-leader-guide.pdf
ISBN: 9781426769900
Release Date: 2013-02-01
Number of pages:
Author: Jessica LaGrone
Publisher: Abingdon Press

Download and read online Namesake Women s Bible Study Leader Guide in PDF and EPUB The core themes of the Namesake study are transformation—the transformation God works in an individual’s life—and revelation—how God reveals Himself progressively in Scripture. Each week focuses on the story of a different biblical character or characters: Abraham and Sarah, Jacob, Naomi, Daniel, Peter. and the woman caught in adultery. The study's Leader Guide contains six session guides plus leader helps for conducting a successful study.

Women and Christian Mission

Filename: women-and-christian-mission.pdf
ISBN: 9781498217200
Release Date: 2015-11-04
Number of pages: 316
Author: Frances S. Adeney
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

Download and read online Women and Christian Mission in PDF and EPUB What are Christian women thinking about mission? How do they do mission? What informs their knowledge and action as they address issues in a complex world where religious proselytizing has become suspect? This empirical study explores those questions, finding congruence among women from diverse backgrounds and cultural contexts. Women in mission face common identity issues, utilize art and beauty in their work, and develop character as they overcome obstacles in their cultural and denominational settings. Through nearly one hundred interviews of women in Europe, Asia, Brazil, and the United States, a study of women's theologies of mission, lectures, and countless conversations with women around the globe, this study finds common themes among contemporary women doing Christian mission. This book fills a lacuna in mission studies that professors, pastors, and church women and men will find informative and refreshing.

God s Priorities for Today s Woman

Filename: god-s-priorities-for-today-s-woman.pdf
ISBN: 9780736941006
Release Date: 2011-02-01
Number of pages: 240
Author: Lisa Hughes
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Download and read online God s Priorities for Today s Woman in PDF and EPUB Modern-day feminism and the decline of solid Bible teaching in churches have left many women confused or unaware of God's high calling for their lives. Though the world changes, God's priorities have not. In Titus 2:3-5, the apostle Paul reveals the value God places upon a woman's character, her relationships, and her home. In God's Priorities for Today's Woman, popular Bible teacher Lisa Hughes explains and illustrates each priority that Paul describes, empowering Christian women to grow in their understanding of God and of what He considers important gain assurance they are living the life God desires them to live be equipped to grow in each priority area learn how to minister more effectively to other women God's Priorities for Today's Woman will equip women of all ages to grow in godly living. Study questions effective for individual or small group use are included at the end of each chapter.

God s High Calling for Women

Filename: god-s-high-calling-for-women.pdf
ISBN: 157567324X
Release Date: 2009-03-01
Number of pages: 96
Author: John F. MacArthur
Publisher: Moody Publishers

Download and read online God s High Calling for Women in PDF and EPUB The subject of women in the church is both important and controversial—John MacArthur is not afraid of either. In this revised work, MacArthur examines what the Bible teaches in I Timothy 2:9-15. He discusses topics ranging from the attitude and appearance of women to their role in and contribution to the church. God’s High Calling for Women can be used alongside or apart from the audio series available from Grace to You in either a personal or group study. Unique features: -Corresponds with the audio message series available from Grace to You -Features revised content and study questions -For personal or group study use

God s Bold Call to Women

Filename: god-s-bold-call-to-women.pdf
ISBN: 9781441269164
Release Date: 2005-05-04
Number of pages: 144
Author: Barbara J. Yoder
Publisher: Baker Books

Download and read online God s Bold Call to Women in PDF and EPUB Over the years, there has been a rising call to women to step forward and embrace the great destiny that God has in store for each of them. In recognition of this, Barbara Yoder has come together with a handful of others, both men and women, who sense the growing importance to release women into their God-given purpose. While some women may feel unworthy of their dreams because of past sins, God tells them to let go and look forward. When she is bathed in His glory, there is no obstacle that can stand in such a woman's way, and there is nothing that will keep her from the magnificent fulfillment of God's plan.

Creating Women s Theology

Filename: creating-women-s-theology.pdf
ISBN: 9781610971775
Release Date: 2011-09-22
Number of pages: 274
Author: Monica A. Coleman
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

Download and read online Creating Women s Theology in PDF and EPUB Creating Women's Theology engages women's questions: - Can women from different religious traditions engage one theological approach? - Can one philosophical approach support feminist religious thought? - What kind of belief follows women's criticism of traditional Christianity? Creating Women's Theology offers a portrait of how some women have found room for faith and feminism. For the last twenty-five years, women religion scholars have synthesized process philosophy with their feminist sensibilities and faith commitments to highlight the value of experience, the importance of freedom, and the interdependence of humanity, God, and all creation. Cutting across cultural and religious traditions, process relational feminist thought represents a theology that women have created. This volume offers an introduction to process and feminist theologies before presenting selections from canonical works in the field with study questions. This volume includes voices from Christianity, Judaism, goddess religion, the Black church, and indigenous religions. Creating Women's Theology invites new generations of undergraduate, seminary, and university graduate students to the methods and insights of process relational feminist theology.

A Woman s Place

Filename: a-woman-s-place.pdf
ISBN: 9781476794099
Release Date: 2016-07-19
Number of pages: 272
Author: Katelyn Beaty
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online A Woman s Place in PDF and EPUB The managing editor of Christianity Today and founder of the popular Her.meneutics blog encourages women to find joy in vocation in this game-changing look at the importance of women and work. Women today inhabit and excel in every profession, yet many Christian women wonder about the value of work outside the home. And in circles where the traditional family model is highly regarded, many working women who sense a call to work find little church or peer support. In A Woman’s Place, Katelyn Beaty, print managing editor of Christianity Today and cofounder of Her.meneutics, insists it’s time to reconsider women’s work. She challenges us to explore new ways to live out the Scriptural call to rule over creation—in the office, the home, in ministry, and beyond. Starting with the Bible’s approach to work—including the creation story, the Proverbs 31 woman, and New Testament models—Beaty shows how women’s roles in Western society have changed; how the work-home divide came to exist; and how the Bible offers models of women in leadership. Readers will be inspired by stories of women effecting dynamic cultural change, leading institutions, and living out grand and beautiful vocations. Far from insisting that women must work outside the home, Beaty urges all believers into a better framework for imagining career, ambition, and calling. Whether caring for children, running a home, business, or working full-time, all readers will be inspired to live in a way that glorifies God. Sure to spark discussion, A Woman’s Place is a game-changing look at the importance of work for women and men alike.