Hi! My Name Is Avery: The Beauty of Down Syndrome in the Classroom (Demystifying Special Needs) (Volume 1)

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ISBN: 1539920704
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Author: Mrs. Nicole Juarez
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Download and read online Hi! My Name Is Avery: The Beauty of Down Syndrome in the Classroom (Demystifying Special Needs) (Volume 1) in PDF and EPUB

When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect

Filename: when-down-syndrome-and-autism-intersect.pdf
ISBN: 1606131605
Release Date: 2012-11-13
Number of pages: 235
Author: Margaret Froehlke

Download and read online When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect in PDF and EPUB While it's well known that the incidence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is skyrocketing in the general population, it's less well known that ASD is even more common in people with Down syndrome. When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect is the first comprehensive guide to look at the dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (DS-ASD). Written by parents and professionals, the book discusses best practices for screening, treatment, education, and caretaking. This one-stop resource is for families whose child is already diagnosed, as well as parents who suspect their child has co-existing ASD. Professionals, too, will find information on how to distinguish DS-ASD from a diagnosis of just Down syndrome for instance, what physical and medical issues belong to a Down syndrome-only diagnosis, and what mental and behavioral issues suggest that an ASD also exists. They will also find guidance to help them care for and provide services for children and adults with this dual diagnosis. The editors and chapter authors include seasoned parents, advocates, doctors, dentists, psychologists, behavior analysts, nurses, educators, and financial planners. They share their experiences and expertise on these topics: Diagnosis Emotional Adjustment & Getting Support Genetics Medical & Health Concerns What Autism Looks like in a Child with Down Syndrome When Autism is Suspected in Teens and Adults with DS Oral Health Behavioral Treatments for Sleep Problems Care Coordination Problem Behaviors Educational Programs Working with Minorities Life Planning Parents and professionals, who previously had to piece together information about DS-ASD from sources about each separate condition, can now rely on this groundbreaking book to understand and navigate the complexities and challenges of DS-ASD.

Lupus Q and A

Filename: lupus-q-and-a.pdf
ISBN: 1583335455
Release Date: 2015-01-22
Number of pages: 304
Author: Robert G. Lahita
Publisher: Avery Publishing Group

Download and read online Lupus Q and A in PDF and EPUB A compassionate guide on how to cope with lupus provides patients and their families with accessible information on the disease's symptoms, treatments, and psychological impact. Original. 10,000 first printing.

Demystifying Dissertation Writing

Filename: demystifying-dissertation-writing.pdf
ISBN: 9781579223137
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 201
Author: Peg Boyle Single
Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Download and read online Demystifying Dissertation Writing in PDF and EPUB Research shows that five strategies correlate with the successful completion of a dissertation: establishing a consistent writing routine; working with a support group; consulting your advisor; understanding your committee's expectations; and setting a realistic and timely schedule Building on these insights, this book is for anyone who needs help in preparing for, organizing, planning, scheduling, and writing the longest sustained writing project they have encountered, particularly if he or she is not receiving sufficient guidance about the process, but also for anyone looking to boost his or her writing productivity. The author uncovers much tacit knowledge, provides advice on working with dissertation advisors and committee members, presents proven techniques for the prewriting and writing stages of the dissertation, sets out a system for keeping on schedule, and advocates enlisting peer support. This book presents a system of straightforward and proven techniques that are used by productive writers, and applies them to the dissertation process. In particular, it promotes the concept of writing networks - whether writing partners or groups - to ensure that writing does not become an isolated and tortured process, while not hiding the need for persistence and sustained effort. This book is intended for graduate students and their advisers in the social sciences, the humanities, and professional fields. It can further serve as a textbook for either informal writing groups led by students or for formal writing seminars offered by departments or graduate colleges. The techniques described will help new faculty advice their students more effectively and even achieve greater fluency in their own writing.

My Friend Isabelle

Filename: my-friend-isabelle.pdf
ISBN: 189062750X
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 28
Author: Eliza Woloson

Download and read online My Friend Isabelle in PDF and EPUB A young boy named Charlie describes the activities he shares with his friend Isabelle, a girl with Down Syndrome.

Captive Genders

Filename: captive-genders.pdf
ISBN: 9781849350716
Release Date: 2011-10-18
Number of pages: 300
Author: Nat Smith
Publisher: AK Press

Download and read online Captive Genders in PDF and EPUB This collection represents years of struggle in both transgender, gender variant, and queer liberation movements, and the movement against the prison industrial complex. The first of its kind, not simply a bridge, but a space for discourse about the linkages between these struggles. A vital look at how gender and sexuality are lived under the crushing weight of corporal captivity.

Why Stories Matter

Filename: why-stories-matter.pdf
ISBN: 9780822349167
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 272
Author: Clare Hemmings
Publisher: Duke University Press

Download and read online Why Stories Matter in PDF and EPUB A powerful critique of the stories that feminists tell about the past four decades of Western feminist theory.

The Psychology of Ethnic Groups in the United States

Filename: the-psychology-of-ethnic-groups-in-the-united-states.pdf
ISBN: 9781412915403
Release Date: 2010
Number of pages: 405
Author: Pamela Balls Organista
Publisher: SAGE

Download and read online The Psychology of Ethnic Groups in the United States in PDF and EPUB This text allows students to explore fundamental issues and methods that distinguish the field of ethnic psychology within mainstream psychology. The authors focus on increasing readers' sensitivity, awareness, and knowledge regarding the role of ethnicity and culture in human behavior.

Rethinking Nasserism

Filename: rethinking-nasserism.pdf
ISBN: 9780813031378
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 384
Author: Elie Podeh
Publisher: University Press of Florida

Download and read online Rethinking Nasserism in PDF and EPUB ''An enormous amount of academic literature has been published on Nasserism since the 1950s and, to my mind, "Rethinking Nasserism" is without a doubt the last word on the subject. . . . An outstanding reappraisal of Nasserism as a major force in the 20th-century Middle East.

Robbins and Cotran Pathology Flash Cards

Filename: robbins-and-cotran-pathology-flash-cards.pdf
ISBN: 9781455726875
Release Date: 2014-11-26
Number of pages: 710
Author: Edward C. Klatt
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Download and read online Robbins and Cotran Pathology Flash Cards in PDF and EPUB Taken from the Robbins text and Klatt’s own extensive collection, these brilliantly illustrated flash cards present gross, photomicrographic, and radiologic images that allow you to test yourself on key pathologic information, facts, and functions. Each card features two clinical vignettes (700 cases in all), with images or diagrams, two to five questions, and an explanation to the questions. Be as prepared as possible for your exams by studying clinical cases in a format that mimics the USMLE. Study efficiently and quickly look up key information with help from page references to the parent texts, Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease and Robbins Basic Pathology. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability.

Top Brain Bottom Brain

Filename: top-brain-bottom-brain.pdf
ISBN: 9781451645125
Release Date: 2013-11-05
Number of pages: 240
Author: Stephen Kosslyn
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Top Brain Bottom Brain in PDF and EPUB One of the world’s leading neuroscientists teams up with an accomplished writer to debunk the popular left-brain/right-brain theory and offer an exciting new way of thinking about our minds. The second edition, with expanded practical applications, highlights how readers can harness the theory to succeed in their own lives. For the past fifty years, popular culture has led us to believe in the left-brain vs. right-brain theory of personality types. Right-brain people, we’ve been told, are artistic, intuitive, and thoughtful, while left-brain people tend to be more analytical, logical, and objective. It would be an illuminating theory if it did not have one major drawback: It is simply not supported by science. Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn, who Steven Pinker calls “one of the world’s great cognitive neuroscientists,” explains with cowriter G. Wayne Miller an exciting new theory of the brain. Presenting extensive research in an inviting and accessible way, Kosslyn and Miller describe how the human brain uses patterns of thought that can be identified and understood through four modes of thinking: Mover, Perceiver, Stimulator, and Adaptor. These ways of thinking and behaving shape your personality, and with the scientifically developed test provided in the book, you’ll quickly be able to determine which mode best defines your own usual style. Once you’ve identified your usual mode of thought, the practical applications are limitless, from how you work with others when you conduct business, to your personal relationships, to your voyage of self-discovery.

Creatively Gifted Students are Not Like Other Gifted Students

Filename: creatively-gifted-students-are-not-like-other-gifted-students.pdf
ISBN: 946209148X
Release Date: 2013-01
Number of pages: 278
Author: Kyung Hee Kim

Download and read online Creatively Gifted Students are Not Like Other Gifted Students in PDF and EPUB This book focuses on the needs of creatively gifted students and how schools can meet those needs. Creatively gifted students show exceptional levels of creativity. These students may or may not have developed other talents and abilities, yet. Even when their abilities and talents are apparent, the needs of creatively gifted students may not be recognized by current gifted education programs. Regardless of whether a creatively gifted student is included in these programs, schools often inadvertently ignore their special needs. The goal of this book is to share the newest research about the attributes and needs of creatively gifted students and the kinds of programs that best address those special needs. The overarching goal of this book is to share with scholars, educators, and practitioners the latest research on creatively gifted students and the kinds of programs that best meet the unique needs of these students. Through the knowledge and experiences shared here, we hope to help close the gap between what these children need and what they are getting.


Filename: transfigurations.pdf
ISBN: 9789089640109
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 274
Author: Asbjørn Grønstad
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

Download and read online Transfigurations in PDF and EPUB In many senses, viewers have cut their teeth on the violence in American cinema: from Anthony Perkins slashing Janet Leigh in the most infamous of shower scenes; to the 1970s masterpieces of Martin Scorsese, Sam Peckinpah and Francis Ford Coppola; to our present-day undertakings in imagining global annihilations through terrorism, war, and alien grudges. Transfigurations brings our cultural obsession with film violence into a renewed dialogue with contemporary theory. Grønstad argues that the use of violence in Hollywood films should be understood semiotically rather than viewed realistically; Tranfigurations thus alters both our methodology of reading violence in films and the meanings we assign to them, depicting violence not as a self-contained incident, but as a convoluted network of our own cultural ideologies and beliefs.

47 Strings

Filename: 47-strings.pdf
ISBN: 1942586078
Release Date: 2015-10-16
Number of pages:

Download and read online 47 Strings in PDF and EPUB An invaluable tool for parents looking to talk aboutDown syndrome with their children. The book describes,in easy-to-understand language and with sensitivity,some of the challenges baby Tessa's special "code"might bring -- while never losing focus on themessage that a family's love is thesame for everyone."

Scoring Higher Iowa Tests of Basic Skills Grade 5

Filename: scoring-higher-iowa-tests-of-basic-skills-grade-5.pdf
ISBN: 0076043681
Release Date: 2007-03-30
Number of pages: 154
Author: SRA Publications Staff

Download and read online Scoring Higher Iowa Tests of Basic Skills Grade 5 in PDF and EPUB Using these products will help get your students "Scoring High" on achievement tests. They help students increase their language arts, mathematics, reading, and reference skills, in addition to increasing their confidence in their test taking abilities. Scoring High familiarizes students with the kinds of test formats and directions that appear on standardized tests and teaches test-taking strategies that promote success and reduce stress. These consumable workbooks mimic standardized test formats.

The Bad Guys

Filename: the-bad-guys.pdf
ISBN: 1518236995
Release Date: 2016
Number of pages:

Download and read online The Bad Guys in PDF and EPUB