I Am a Hero Omnibus

Filename: i-am-a-hero-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781506701455
Release Date: 2017-04-25
Number of pages: 512
Author: Kengo Hanazawa
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online I Am a Hero Omnibus in PDF and EPUB Hideo and his new ward, young Hiromi, head out of the desolate forest they've been hiding in, hoping to find refuge at a local shrine. Once there, however, they soon realize that populated areas are just as dangerous as the haunted woods they've left! A new ally may help them find a safe place to hole up again--but one quick, deadly bite could threaten all of their lives! Collecting two of the original Japanese volumes into each Dark Horse edition, this value-priced excursion into the world's weirdest zombie apocalypse is not to be missed! "I Am a Hero is probably the greatest zombie manga ever. It has the slow buildup of a psychological horror manga, but when the zombies hit, they hit hard, and the manga accelerates into volumes-long fight-or-flight sequences that seem like they'll never stop." -Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide) "... an amazing story that puts it firmly in my Must Read list of manga. If you like zombie stories and are curious as to what other countries might have to offer to the genre, trust me when I say, you do not want to skip this one." -Kotaku

I Am a Hero Omnibus

Filename: i-am-a-hero-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781506703497
Release Date: 2017-08-08
Number of pages: 480
Author: Kengo Hanazawa
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online I Am a Hero Omnibus in PDF and EPUB After teaming up with a larger group of survivors living above an outlet mall, Hideo, Hiromi, and Mr. Araki are betrayed. Now subservient to a band of strange men with odd post-apocalyptic rules, will Hideo find a way to rescue the sick, partially mutated Hiromi? If they can escape with a few new allies and leave the core, rotten group of survivors behind, maybe they have a chance in this deadly new world. Now a major motion picture, this hit manga series is presented in a deluxe omnibus format, collecting two of the original Japanese volumes into each Dark Horse edition. Don't miss this value-priced excursion into the world's weirdest zombie apocalypse!

I Am a Hero Omnibus

Filename: i-am-a-hero-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781506700199
Release Date: 2016-10-25
Number of pages: 512
Author: Kengo Hanazawa
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online I Am a Hero Omnibus in PDF and EPUB Having escaped being eaten by his zombie girlfriend and torn apart by his infected co-workers, Hideo Suzuki continues to head away from civilisation and the bloodthirsty hordes taking over Japan. In a 'suicide forest' that winds up being just as dangerous as the city, Hideo finds a young girl who needs help, and who could also help him more than he realises] The zombie apocalypse has never been more surreal]

Planetes Omnibus

Filename: planetes-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781616559212
Release Date: 2015-12-22
Number of pages: 528
Author: Makoto Yukimura
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Planetes Omnibus in PDF and EPUB "First published in Japan in 1999 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo."--Colophon.

Blade of the Immortal Omnibus

Filename: blade-of-the-immortal-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781506701240
Release Date: 2017-01-10
Number of pages: 576
Author: Hiroaki Samura
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Blade of the Immortal Omnibus in PDF and EPUB v. 1. "This omnibus collects Blade of the Immortal Volumes 1 to 3, previously published by Dark Horse Comics in 1997, 1998, and 1999."

Manga The Complete Guide

Filename: manga-the-complete-guide.pdf
ISBN: 9780345539441
Release Date: 2012-07-03
Number of pages: 592
Author: Jason Thompson
Publisher: Del Rey

Download and read online Manga The Complete Guide in PDF and EPUB • Reviews of more than 900 manga series • Ratings from 0 to 4 stars • Guidelines for age-appropriateness • Number of series volumes • Background info on series and artists THE ONE-STOP RESOURCE FOR CHOOSING BETWEEN THE BEST AND THE REST! Whether you’re new to the world of manga-style graphic novels or a longtime reader on the lookout for the next hot series, here’s a comprehensive guide to the wide, wonderful world of Japanese comics! • Incisive, full-length reviews of stories and artwork • Titles rated from zero to four stars–skip the clunkers, but don’t miss the hidden gems • Guidelines for age-appropriateness–from strictly mature to kid-friendly • Profiles of the biggest names in manga, including CLAMP, Osamu Tezuka, Rumiko Takahashi, and many others • The facts on the many kinds of manga–know your shôjo from your shônen • An overview of the manga industry and its history • A detailed bibliography and a glossary of manga terms LOOK NO FURTHER, YOU’VE FOUND YOUR IDEAL MANGA COMPANION!

Queen Emeraldas Volume 1

Filename: queen-emeraldas-volume-1.pdf
ISBN: 9781682333709
Release Date: 2016
Number of pages: 416
Author: Leiji Matsumoto
Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Download and read online Queen Emeraldas Volume 1 in PDF and EPUB

Wandering Island

Filename: wandering-island.pdf
ISBN: 9781630087715
Release Date: 2016-07-26
Number of pages:
Author: Various
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Wandering Island in PDF and EPUB First new work by Kenji Tsuruta (Spirit of Wonder) in 20 years! Mikura Amelia is a free-spirited young woman who lives alone with her cat and operates an air delivery service, flying her vintage seaplane to Japan’s small island communities located hundreds of miles out in the Pacific. When her beloved grandfather passes away, she discovers he left her an undelivered parcel, addressed to an island that doesn’t exist . . . or does it? To answer the question, Mikura flies off in search of the truth behind the Wandering Island! * Retro flying adventure in the spirit of Hayao Miyazaki.

Ichi F a Worker s Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Filename: ichi-f-a-worker-s-graphic-memoir-of-the-fukushima-nuclear-power-plant.pdf
ISBN: 1632363550
Release Date: 2017-03-07
Number of pages: 536
Author: Kazuto Tatsuta
Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Download and read online Ichi F a Worker s Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in PDF and EPUB On March 11, 2011, Japan suffered the largest earthquake in its modern history. The 9.0-magnitude quake threw up a devastating tsunami that wiped away entire towns, and caused, in the months afterward, three nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. Altogether, it was the costliest natural disaster in human history. This is not the story of that disaster. This is the story of a man who took a job. Kazuto Tatsuta was an amateur artist who signed onto the dangerous task of cleaning up the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, which the workers came to call "Ichi-F." This is the story of that challenging work, of the trials faced by the local citizens, and of the unique camaraderie that built up between the mostly blue-collar workers who had to face the devious and invisible threat of radiation on a daily basis. After six months, Tatsuta's body had absorbed the maximum annual dose of radiation allowed by regulations, and he was forced to take a break from the work crew, giving him the time to create this unprecedented, unauthorized, award-winning view of daily life at Fukushima Daiichi. "I drew this manga because I wanted people to see what day-to-day life at the nuclear power plant is like. Because I believe that's essential to the future of our country." -Kazuto Tatsuta

Scumbag Loser

Filename: scumbag-loser.pdf
ISBN: 9780316276856
Release Date: 2016-11-29
Number of pages: 595
Author: Mikoto Yamaguti
Publisher: Yen Press World

Download and read online Scumbag Loser in PDF and EPUB High-schooler Masahiko Murai has exactly one thing going for him: a keen sense of smell. Not exactly the sort of defining trait that helps someone become one of the popular kids, especially given the malodorous scents he finds particularly appealing. But that's okay. He's set the bar pretty low in terms of his expectations. He doesn't have to be cool or popular -- or even liked. Just as long as he isn't the biggest loser, he can get by. As luck would have it, there's always been one rung lower on his class's social ladder, but when the "biggest loser" gets a girlfriend, a panicked Masahiko pulls a name out of his past -- Haruka Mizusawa -- playing the long-distance relationship card in a desperate attempt to keep his worst nightmare from becoming reality. Naturally everyone's skeptical, but when Haruka shows up at school the next day and backs up Masahiko's story, their skepticism is quickly laid to rest. You'd think that Masahiko was off the hook... But what he failed to share with his classmates was that Haruka actually died years earlier...so who's turned up wearing her face, and why is she playing along with him at all...? Masahiko's about to learn that there are far more horrifying fates than being the biggest loser in school...

Conan Omnibus Volume 2 City of Thieves

Filename: conan-omnibus-volume-2-city-of-thieves.pdf
ISBN: 9781630089306
Release Date: 2017-05-02
Number of pages: 472
Author: Kurt Busiek
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Conan Omnibus Volume 2 City of Thieves in PDF and EPUB Dark Horse’s critically acclaimed Conan, now available in an affordable, value-priced omnibus! Showcasing the conclusion of writer Kurt Busiek and artist Cary Nord’s groundbreaking work on the series, plus the inaugurations of fan favorites Timothy Truman and Tomás Giorello, this volume includes adaptations of “The Tower of the Elephant,” “The Hall of the Dead,” and “Rogues in the House.” Witness the Cimmerian navigating some of the darkest corners of his world, from ancient haunted ruins to the seedy alleys of Zamora—the infamous City of Thieves—and confronting corrupt officials, grotesque monsters, and mind-bending horror. Also featured is a special guest appearance by renowned illustrator Michael Wm. Kaluta, and a three-issue story arc penned by Hellboy creator and comics legend Mike Mignola!

War on Flesh

Filename: war-on-flesh.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015064791000
Release Date: 2005-09-13
Number of pages: 192
Author: Justin Boring
Publisher: Tokyopop

Download and read online War on Flesh in PDF and EPUB An ancient voodoo curse unleashes a hellish plague of hornets that raise an army of the walking dead. The undead army spreads the plague by ripping the heart out of living creatures to make room for more hives. An unlikely group tries to destroy the evil onslaught.

Happiness 4

Filename: happiness-4.pdf
ISBN: 1632363933
Release Date: 2017-04-11
Number of pages: 208
Author: Shuzo Oshimi
Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Download and read online Happiness 4 in PDF and EPUB A supernatural story of sexual awakening, growing up, and suburban vampirism, Happiness follows a dorky boy who is attacked by a girl in an alley. She sucks his blood and gives him a choice: life or death. He chooses life, but finds himself nearly overwhelmed by a new thirst and a fascination with the necks of his classmates... Praise for Flowers of Evil: -A shockingly readable story that vividly--one might even say queasily--evokes the fear and confusion of discovering one's own sexuality. Recommended.- -The Manga Critic -A page-turning tale of sordid middle school blackmail.- -Otaku USA Magazine -By loving this manga I recognize what a sick and twisted individual I have become. While I can still say that I am not truly deviant, Flowers of Evil is a great reminder of my own thirst for power and my own personal corruption.- -Otaku Champloo

Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus

Filename: lone-wolf-and-cub-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781616558079
Release Date: 2016-01-26
Number of pages: 736
Author: Kazuo Koike
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus in PDF and EPUB Itto Ogami is separated from his son while battling Yagu assassins, and embarks on a mission of retribution, cutting down any obstacle in his path to find his missing child. His son however, is no pushover himself, having chosen the path of the ronin assassin - despite being only three, he already has the heart of a warrior. The two fight to be reunited in this pulsating collection of fierce storytelling.

Mass Effect Omnibus

Filename: mass-effect-omnibus.pdf
ISBN: 9781506702773
Release Date: 2017-02-21
Number of pages: 356
Author: Mac Walters
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Download and read online Mass Effect Omnibus in PDF and EPUB Mass Effect 2 and 3 lead writer Mac Walters teams up with an all-star creative team, including John Jackson Miller, Omar Francia, Eduardo Francisco and more! This action-packed volume includes the first four story arcs of the Mass Effect comic book series Redemption, Evolution, Invasion and Homeworlds!