Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Fifth Edition

Filename: introduction-to-fluid-mechanics-fifth-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781482211627
Release Date: 2015-09-18
Number of pages: 749
Author: William S. Janna
Publisher: CRC Press

Download and read online Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Fifth Edition in PDF and EPUB Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Fifth Edition uses equations to model phenomena that we see and interact with every day. Placing emphasis on solved practical problems, this book introduces circumstances that are likely to occur in practice—reflecting real-life situations that involve fluids in motion. It examines the equations of motion for turbulent flow, the flow of a nonviscous or inviscid fluid, and laminar and turbulent boundary-layer flows. The new edition contains new sections on experimental methods in fluids, presents new and revised examples and chapter problems, and includes problems utilizing computer software and spreadsheets in each chapter. The book begins with the fundamentals, addressing fluid statics and describing the forces present in fluids at rest. It examines the forces that are exerted on a body moving through a fluid, describes the effects that cause lift and drag forces to be exerted on immersed bodies, and examines the variables that are used to mathematically model open-channel flow. It discusses the behavior of fluids while they are flowing, covers the basic concepts of compressible flow (flowing gases), and explains the application of the basic concepts of incompressible flow in conduits. This book presents the control volume concept; the continuity, momentum, energy, and Bernoulli equations; and the Rayleigh, Buckingham pi, and inspection methods. It also provides friction factor equations for the Moody diagram, and includes correlations for coiled and internally finned tubes. In addition, the author: Concludes each chapter with a problems section Groups the end-of-chapter problems together by topic Arranges problems so that the easier ones are presented first Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Fifth Edition offers a basic analysis of fluid mechanics designed for a first course in fluids. This latest edition adds coverage of experimental methods in fluid mechanics, and contains new and updated examples that can aid in understanding and applying the equations of fluid mechanics to common, everyday problems.

A Brief Introduction To Fluid Mechanics

Filename: a-brief-introduction-to-fluid-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 9780470596791
Release Date: 2010-11-15
Number of pages: 528
Author: Donald F. Young
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online A Brief Introduction To Fluid Mechanics in PDF and EPUB Based on the authors’ highly successful text Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 5th Edition is a streamlined text, covering the basic concepts and principles of fluid mechanics in a modern style. The text clearly presents basic analysis techniques and addresses practical concerns and applications, such as pipe flow, open-channel flow, flow measurement, and drag and lift. Extra problems in every chapter including open-ended problems, problems based on the accompanying videos, laboratory problems, and computer problems emphasize the practical application of principles. More than 100 worked examples provide detailed solutions to a variety of problems.

A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Filename: a-brief-introduction-to-fluid-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 0470039620
Release Date: 2007-01-22
Number of pages: 502
Author: Donald F. Young
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

Download and read online A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics in PDF and EPUB Now readers can quickly learn the basic concepts and principles of modern fluid mechanics with this concise book. It clearly presents basic analysis techniques while also addressing practical concerns and applications, such as pipe flow, open-channel flow, flow measurement, and drag and lift. The fourth edition also integrates detailed diagrams, examples and problems throughout the pages in order to emphasize the practical application of the principles.

Fluid Mechanics

Filename: fluid-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 9780123821003
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 891
Author: Pijush K. Kundu
Publisher: Academic Press

Download and read online Fluid Mechanics in PDF and EPUB Fluid mechanics, the study of how fluids behave and interact under various forces and in various applied situations-whether in the liquid or gaseous state or both-is introduced and comprehensively covered in this widely adopted text. Revised and updated by Dr. David Dowling, Fluid Mechanics, Fifth Edition is suitable for both a first or second course in fluid mechanics at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level. The leading advanced general text on fluid mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, 5e includes a free copy of the DVD "Multimedia Fluid Mechanics," second edition. With the inclusion of the DVD, students can gain additional insight about fluid flows through nearly 1,000 fluids video clips, can conduct flow simulations in any of more than 20 virtual labs and simulations, and can view dozens of other new interactive demonstrations and animations, thereby enhancing their fluid mechanics learning experience. Text has been reorganized to provide a better flow from topic to topic and to consolidate portions that belong together. Changes made to the book's pedagogy accommodate the needs of students who have completed minimal prior study of fluid mechanics. More than 200 new or revised end-of-chapter problems illustrate fluid mechanical principles and draw on phenomena that can be observed in everyday life. Includes free Multimedia Fluid Mechanics 2e DVD

Fox and McDonald s Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Filename: fox-and-mcdonald-s-introduction-to-fluid-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 1118921879
Release Date: 2015-03-02
Number of pages: 672
Author: Philip J. Pritchard
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Fox and McDonald s Introduction to Fluid Mechanics in PDF and EPUB Through eight editions, Fox & McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics has been one of the most widely adopted textbooks in the field. This highly-regarded text continues to provide readers with a balanced and comprehensive approach to mastering critical concepts, incorporating a proven problem-solving methodology that helps readers develop an orderly plan to finding the right solution and relating results to expected physical behavior. The ninth edition features a wealth of example problems integrated throughout the text as well as a variety of new end of chapter problems. Fox & McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics integrates case studies at the beginning of each chapter, motivating students by demonstrating how the concepts of fluid mechanics are applied to solve real-world problems. Videos demonstrating various fluid phenomena are integrated throughout the text, building students visualization skills. The coverage of compressible flow has been combined into a single chapter at the end of the book.

A Brief Introduction To Fluid Mechanics 5th Edition

Filename: a-brief-introduction-to-fluid-mechanics-5th-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781118140109
Release Date: 2010-11-22
Number of pages: 512
Author: Donald F. Young
Publisher: Wiley Global Education

Download and read online A Brief Introduction To Fluid Mechanics 5th Edition in PDF and EPUB A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 5th Edition is designed to cover the standard topics in a basic fluid mechanics course in a streamlined manner that meets the learning needs of today's student better than the dense, encyclopedic manner of traditional texts. This approach helps students connect the math and theory to the physical world and practical applications and apply these connections to solving problems. The text lucidly presents basic analysis techniques and addresses practical concerns and applications, such as pipe flow, open-channel flow, flow measurement, and drag and lift. It offers a strong visual approach with photos, illustrations, and videos included in the text, examples and homework problems to emphasize the practical application of fluid mechanics principles.

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Filename: introduction-to-fluid-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 0471124648
Release Date: 1998-11-03
Number of pages: 776
Author: Robert W. Fox
Publisher: Wiley

Download and read online Introduction to Fluid Mechanics in PDF and EPUB Fox & McDonald offers a balanced approach designed to facilitate student learning by self-discovery and problem solving. The book features clear writing, detailed example problems to illustrate applications of the principles presented, and copious end-of-chapter exercises to promote self-study and comprehension by students. The text has been thoroughly tested in the classroom, and has been improved continuously through each edition. The content is divided nearly equally among text, example problems, and end-of-chapter problems making the text exceptionally easy to use.

An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Filename: an-introduction-to-fluid-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 9781107003538
Release Date: 2013-04-15
Number of pages: 940
Author: Faith A. Morrison
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics in PDF and EPUB "Why Study Fluid Mechanics? 1.1 Getting Motivated Flows are beautiful and complex. A swollen creek tumbles over rocks and through crevasses, swirling and foaming. A child plays with sticky tafy, stretching and reshaping the candy as she pulls it and twist it in various ways. Both the water and the tafy are fluids, and their motions are governed by the laws of nature. Our goal is to introduce the reader to the analysis of flows using the laws of physics and the language of mathematics. On mastering this material, the reader becomes able to harness flow to practical ends or to create beauty through fluid design. In this text we delve deeply into the mathematical analysis of flows, but before beginning, it is reasonable to ask if it is necessary to make this significant mathematical effort. After all, we can appreciate a flowing stream without understanding why it behaves as it does. We can also operate machines that rely on fluid behavior - drive a car for exam- 15 behavior? mathematical analysis. ple - without understanding the fluid dynamics of the engine, and we can even repair and maintain engines, piping networks, and other complex systems without having studied the mathematics of flow What is the purpose, then, of learning to mathematically describe fluid The answer to this question is quite practical: knowing the patterns fluids form and why they are formed, and knowing the stresses fluids generate and why they are generated is essential to designing and optimizing modern systems and devices. While the ancients designed wells and irrigation systems without calculations, we can avoid the wastefulness and tediousness of the trial-and-error process by using mathematical models"--

Biofluid Mechanics

Filename: biofluid-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 9780128011690
Release Date: 2015-07-28
Number of pages: 544
Author: David Rubenstein
Publisher: Academic Press

Download and read online Biofluid Mechanics in PDF and EPUB Biofluid Mechanics: An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Macrocirculation, and Microcirculation shows how fluid mechanics principles can be applied not only to blood circulation, but also to air flow through the lungs, joint lubrication, intraocular fluid movement, renal transport among other specialty circulations. This new second edition increases the breadth and depth of the original by expanding chapters to cover additional biofluid mechanics principles, disease criteria, and medical management of disease, with supporting discussions of the relevance and importance of current research. Calculations related both to the disease and the material covered in the chapter are also now provided. Uses language and math that is appropriate and conducive for undergraduate learning, containing many worked examples and end-of-chapter problems Develops all engineering concepts and equations within a biological context Covers topics in the traditional biofluids curriculum, and addresses other systems in the body that can be described by biofluid mechanics principles Discusses clinical applications throughout the book, providing practical applications for the concepts discussed NEW: Additional worked examples with a stronger connection to relevant disease conditions and experimental techniques NEW: Improved pedagogy, with more end-of-chapter problems, images, tables, and headings, to better facilitate learning and comprehension of the material

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery

Filename: fluid-mechanics-and-thermodynamics-of-turbomachinery.pdf
ISBN: 0080470629
Release Date: 2005-03-30
Number of pages: 412
Author: S Larry Dixon
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

Download and read online Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery in PDF and EPUB The new edition will continue to be of use to engineers in industry and technological establishments, especially as brief reviews are included on many important aspects of Turbomachinery, giving pointers towards more advanced sources of information. For readers looking towards the wider reaches of the subject area, very useful additional reading is referenced in the bibliography. The subject of Turbomachinery is in continual review, and while the basics do not change, research can lead to refinements in popular methods, and new data can emerge. This book has applications for professionals and students in many subsets of the mechanical engineering discipline, with carryover into thermal sciences; which include fluid mechanics, combustion and heat transfer; dynamics and vibrations, as well as structural mechanics and materials engineering. An important, long overdue new chapter on Wind Turbines, with a focus on blade aerodynamics, with useful worked examples Includes important material on axial flow compressors and pumps Example questions and answers throughout

Mechanics of Fluids SI Version

Filename: mechanics-of-fluids-si-version.pdf
ISBN: 9781439062036
Release Date: 2011-03-22
Number of pages: 794
Author: Merle Potter
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Download and read online Mechanics of Fluids SI Version in PDF and EPUB MECHANICS OF FLUIDS presents fluid mechanics in a manner that helps students gain both an understanding of, and an ability to analyze the important phenomena encountered by practicing engineers. The authors succeed in this through the use of several pedagogical tools that help students visualize the many difficult-to-understand phenomena of fluid mechanics. Explanations are based on basic physical concepts as well as mathematics which are accessible to undergraduate engineering students. This fourth edition includes a Multimedia Fluid Mechanics DVD-ROM which harnesses the interactivity of multimedia to improve the teaching and learning of fluid mechanics by illustrating fundamental phenomena and conveying fascinating fluid flows. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

Filename: fundamentals-of-fluid-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 1118116135
Release Date: 2012-05-15
Number of pages: 747
Author: Bruce R. Munson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics in PDF and EPUB Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, 7th Edition offers comprehensive topical coverage, with varied examples and problems, application of visual component of fluid mechanics, and strong focus on effective learning. The text enables the gradual development of confidence in problem solving. The authors’ have designed their presentation to enable the gradual development of reader confidence in problem solving. Each important concept is introduced in easy-to-understand terms before more complicated examples are discussed. Continuing this book's tradition of extensive real-world applications, the 7th edition includes more Fluid in the News case study boxes in each chapter, new problem types, an increased number of real-world photos, and additional videos to augment the text material and help generate student interest in the topic. Example problems have been updated and numerous new photographs, figures, and graphs have been included. In addition, there are more videos designed to aid and enhance comprehension, support visualization skill building and engage students more deeply with the material and concepts.

Fluid Mechanics

Filename: fluid-mechanics.pdf
ISBN: 0072831804
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 866
Author: Frank M. White
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics

Download and read online Fluid Mechanics in PDF and EPUB The fifth edition of FLUID MECHANICS continues the tradition of precision, accuracy, accessibility and strong conceptual presentation. The author balances three separate approaches¿integral, differential and experimental¿to provide a foundation for fluid mechanics concepts and applications. Chapter 1 now provides a more student-accessible introduction to the field. After covering the basics in the first six chapters, the text moves on to applications, with chapters on ducts, immersed bodies, potential flow, compressible flow, open channel flow and turbomachinery. New material on CFD is included in Chapter 7 to give students a sense of its importance in modern engineering practice.The fifth edition includes a new problem-solving methodology, introduced at the beginning of the book and used consistently in worked-out examples. 1,650 chapter problems are now included, organized into several problem types. Students can progress from general ones to those involving design, multiple steps and computer usage. Word problems are included to build readers’ conceptual understanding of the subject, and FE Exam problems (in multiple-choice format) are included. EES (Engineering Equation Solver) software is included so that students can effectively use the computer to model, solve and modify typical fluid mechanics problems. A CD ROM containing EES is free with every book, and Appendix E describes its use and application to fluid mechanics. A limited version of EES, that does not expire, is included on the CD ROM; users of the book can also download and distribute the full Academic Version of EES, which is renewed annually with a new username and password.In addition to the bound-in CD ROM, a full Book Website is available for students and instructors. This contains an electronic Student Study Guide; interactive FE Exam questions; links to professional websites; PowerPoint slides of book figures; and a link to the EES website.A printed Solutions Manual is also available to adopters of the fifth edition.