It Won t Be Easy

Filename: it-won-t-be-easy.pdf
ISBN: 151790112X
Release Date: 2017
Number of pages: 192
Author: Tom Rademacher

Download and read online It Won t Be Easy in PDF and EPUB Rademacher's "book follows a year of teaching, with each chapter tackling a different aspect of the job. Pulling no punches ... he writes about establishing yourself in a new building; teaching meaningful classes, keeping students a priority; investigating how race, gender, and identity affect your work; and why it's a good idea to keep an extra pair of pants at school. Along the way he answers the inevitable and the unanticipated questions, from what to do with Google to how to tell if you're really a terrible teacher, to why 'Keep your head down' might well be the worst advice for a new teacher"

Chronicles Of Faith

Filename: chronicles-of-faith.pdf
ISBN: 9780817311964
Release Date: 2002-06-20
Number of pages: 240
Author: Frederick D. Patterson
Publisher: University of Alabama Press

Download and read online Chronicles Of Faith in PDF and EPUB Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USX-NONEX-NONEMicrosoftInternetExplorer4Chronicles of Faith records the life of a man who influenced the course of higher education for African Americans and Africans throughout the twentieth century. Patterson, orphaned soon after birth in 1901, became a veterinary scientist at Tuskegee Institute and soon thereafter--at the depths of the Depression--was selected as president of that most important institution. It was at Tuskegee that Patterson formulated the idea and the organization--the United Negro College Fund. In doing so he made a place for himself in U.S. and world history by providing the model of cooperative fund raising that enabled financially starved private black colleges to survive and serve the youth of the segregated North and South.

Pothole Confidential

Filename: pothole-confidential.pdf
ISBN: 1452951667
Release Date: 2016
Number of pages:
Author: R. T. Rybak

Download and read online Pothole Confidential in PDF and EPUB

We Know How This Ends

Filename: we-know-how-this-ends.pdf
ISBN: 0816697337
Release Date: 2015-04-01
Number of pages: 208
Author: Bruce H. Kramer

Download and read online We Know How This Ends in PDF and EPUB 2010 had been a very good year for Bruce H. Kramer. But what began as a floppy foot and leg weakness led to a shattering diagnosis: he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS is a cruel, unrelenting neurodegenerative disease where the body's muscles slowly weaken, including those used to move, swallow, talk, and ultimately breathe. There is no cure; ALS is a death sentence. When death is a constant companion, sitting too closely beside you at the dinner table, coloring your thoughts and feelings and words, your outlook on life is utterly transformed. The perspective and insights offered in We Know How This Ends reveal this daily reality and inspire a way forward for anyone who has suffered major loss and for anyone who surely will. Rather than wallowing in sadness and bitterness, anger and denial, Kramer accepted the crushing diagnosis. The educator and musician recognized that if he wanted a meaningful life, embracing his imminent death was his only viable option. His decision was the foundation for profound, personal reflection and growth, even as his body weakened, and inspired Kramer to share and teach the lessons he was learning from ALS about how to live as fully as possible, even in the midst of devastating grief. At the same time Kramer was diagnosed, broadcast journalist Cathy Wurzer was struggling with her own losses, especially the slow descent of her father into the bewildering world of dementia. Mutual friends put this unlikely pair--journalist and educator--together, and the serendipitous result has been a series of remarkable broadcast conversations, a deep friendship, and now this book. Written with wisdom, genuine humor, and down-to-earth observations, We Know How This Ends is far more than a memoir. It is a dignified, courageous, and unflinching look at how acceptance of loss and inevitable death can lead us all to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

I Wish My Teacher Knew

Filename: i-wish-my-teacher-knew.pdf
ISBN: 9780738219158
Release Date: 2016-07-12
Number of pages: 272
Author: Kyle Schwartz
Publisher: Da Capo Press

Download and read online I Wish My Teacher Knew in PDF and EPUB One day, third-grade teacher Kyle Schwartz asked her students to fill–in–the–blank in this sentence: “I wish my teacher knew _____.” The results astounded her. Some answers were humorous, others were heartbreaking–all were profoundly moving and enlightening. The results opened her eyes to the need for educators to understand the unique realities their students face in order to create an open, safe and supportive place in the classroom. When Schwartz shared her experience online, #IWishMyTeacherKnew became an immediate worldwide viral phenomenon. Schwartz’s book tells the story of #IWishMyTeacherKnew, including many students’ emotional and insightful responses, and ultimately provides an invaluable guide for teachers, parents, and communities.

See Me After Class

Filename: see-me-after-class.pdf
ISBN: 9781402297076
Release Date: 2013-11-07
Number of pages: 208
Author: Roxanna Elden
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

Download and read online See Me After Class in PDF and EPUB The Most Dog-Eared "Teacher's Edition" You'll Have in Your Classroom Teaching in tough. And teachers, like the rest of the population, aren't perfect. Yet good teaching happens, and great teachers continue to inspire and educate generations of students. See Me After Class helps those great teachers of the future to survive the classroom long enough to become great. Fueled by hundreds of hilarious—and sometimes shocking—tales from the teachers who loved them, Elden provides tips and strategies that deal head-on with the challenges that aren't covered in new-teacher training. Lessons can go wrong. Parents may yell at you. Sunday evenings will sometimes be accompanied by the dreaded countdown to Monday morning. As a veteran teacher, Elden offers funny, practical, and honest advice, to help teachers walk through the doors of their classrooms day after day with clarity, confidence...and sanity! "A useful, empathetic guide to weathering the first-year lumps...a frothy, satisfying Guinness for the teacher's soul."—Dan Brown, NBCT, Director of the Future Educators Association, and author of The Great Expectations School "See Me After Class is a must-have book for any teacher's bookshelf. On second thought, you'll probably want to keep it on your classroom desk since you'll use it so much!"—Larry Ferlazzo, teacher and author of Helping Students Motivate Themselves "This is the kind of no-nonsense straight talk that teachers are starved for, but too rarely get...Roxanna Elden tells it like it is, with a heavy dose of practicality, a dash of cynicism, a raft of constructive suggestions, and plenty of wry humor."—Rick Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies at AEI, author of Education Week blog, "Rich Hess Straight Up"

A traveler toward the dawn

Filename: a-traveler-toward-the-dawn.pdf
ISBN: 0829406476
Release Date: 1990-02
Number of pages: 193
Author: John Eagan
Publisher: Loyola Pr

Download and read online A traveler toward the dawn in PDF and EPUB The Spiritual Journey of John Eagan, S.J.

Understanding and Teaching U S Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender History

Filename: understanding-and-teaching-u-s-lesbian-gay-bisexual-and-transgender-history.pdf
ISBN: 9780299302443
Release Date: 2014-12-17
Number of pages: 396
Author: Leila J. Rupp
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres

Download and read online Understanding and Teaching U S Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender History in PDF and EPUB Understanding and Teaching U.S. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History is the first book designed for teachers of U.S. history at all levels who want to integrate queer history into the standard curriculum. Bringing together inspiring narratives from teachers in high schools and universities, informative topical chapters about significant historical moments and themes, and innovative essays about sources and interpretive strategies well-suited to the history classroom, this volume is a valuable resource for anyone who thinks history should be an inclusive story.

Academic Profiling

Filename: academic-profiling.pdf
ISBN: 0816687404
Release Date: 2013
Number of pages: 315
Author: Gilda L. Ochoa

Download and read online Academic Profiling in PDF and EPUB In Academic Profiling, Gilda L. Ochoa addresses today's so-called achievement gap by going directly to the source. At one California public high school where the controversy is lived every day, Ochoa turns to the students, teachers, and parents to learn about the very real disparities—in opportunity, status, treatment, and assumptions—that lead to more than just gaps in achievement.

The Principles of Pleasure

Filename: the-principles-of-pleasure.pdf
ISBN: 1138884820
Release Date: 2017
Number of pages: 176
Author: Laura Rademacher

Download and read online The Principles of Pleasure in PDF and EPUB There are tremendous benefits to discussing the subject of sexual and emotional pleasure with clients, and this book addresses the challenges and misconceptions of doing just that. Laura Rademacher and Lindsey Hoskins teach the skills necessary for mental health professionals and sex educators to build competence in this work with their clients. Readers get techniques to implement in therapeutic, clinical, and educational settings, and learn how to examine pleasure in ways that are currently lacking from academic work on sexual health. This book covers skills for working with populations of all orientations and gender expressions. Language and phrasing for addressing pleasure issues in a wide variety of educational or therapeutic settings is also provided. Information about sexual lubrication and sex toys that is rarely taught in professional training programs is included, as well as how to appropriately incorporate information about these important sexual tools into your work. Issues such as abstinence, sexual orientation, couple therapy, and sexual education will be discussed outside of the standard medical model of sex therapy. The Principles of Pleasure will help you feel relaxed and confident while moving clients and students closer to their pleasure goals, and provides the evidence to back up the importance of talking and teaching about pleasure, should you need to justify this work.

Solve Your Child s Sleep Problems

Filename: solve-your-child-s-sleep-problems.pdf
ISBN: 9781448175215
Release Date: 2013-01-03
Number of pages: 464
Author: Richard Ferber
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Solve Your Child s Sleep Problems in PDF and EPUB Dr Richard Ferber has been helping families sleep soundly for over 30 years. Now he shares his essential advice and proven techniques to help your baby, toddler or child get the best night's sleep. He explains how to help your child: - enjoy his or her bedtime routine - fall asleep quickly and easily - self-settle if he or she wakes in the night - sleep peacefully all night long - go down easily for daytime naps Ferber’s approach is clear and reassuring, and includes guidance on schedules, bedtime routines, naps, feeds, problems with colic and daily rhythms as well as a gentle ‘progressive waiting’ routine to help your child self-settle. He also offers advice for older children experiencing sleepwalking, sleep apnea, bed-wetting or night-time fears. Internationally renowned for its practical advice and concrete solutions, this book is a must-read for every parent who wishes their child could sleep more soundly.

Savory Sweet

Filename: savory-sweet.pdf
ISBN: 0816699585
Release Date: 2017-04-25
Number of pages: 200
Author: Beth Dooley

Download and read online Savory Sweet in PDF and EPUB "Let's dispense with the usual old notions of preserving," Beth Dooley suggests, leading us into Mette Nielsen's kitchen, where old-world Danish traditions meld with the freshest ideas and latest techniques to fill the pantry with the best of the season, all year long. Because those seasons can prove especially challenging in the northern heartland, Nielsen's Nordic heritage is handy as she and Dooley show cooks, first-time and experienced canners alike, how to make the most of a short growing season. Their approach combines the brightness and bold flavors of the Nordic cuisines with an emphasis on the local, the practical, and the freshest ingredients to turn each season's produce into a bounty of condiments. From corn salsa to carrot lemon marmalade with ginger and cardamom, crispy pickled red onions to garlic scape pesto with lemon thyme, and caramel apple butter with lemongrass to puttanesca sauce to "Fit for a Queen Jam"--these recipes bring the best of the sweet and the savory to every menu. Low tech, simple, and fast, they eschew hot-water-bath methods in favor of chilling and freezing, keeping flavors and colors bold and bright; and they ease up on sugar to make way for the true savory sweetness of nature's finest food. Savory Sweet is not your grandmother's canning cookbook--but it is likely to be your grandchildren's.

Two Way Teaching and Learning

Filename: two-way-teaching-and-learning.pdf
ISBN: 1742860184
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 242
Author: Hannah Rachel Bell
Publisher: Australian Council for Educational

Download and read online Two Way Teaching and Learning in PDF and EPUB Within Australia's education revolution lies another, quieter revolution that attempts to raise the profile and status, and improve the learning outcomes, of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: children, young adults, women, and men. Two Way Teaching and Learning addresses the interface where two cultures meet: in the classroom, in the school, and in the community. Most of the contributors are highly experienced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander practitioners drawn from academia, the teaching profession, and the community. They put the spotlight on policies and processes that serve to either facilitate an informed respectful relationship in education, or to reinforce cultural inequity and inequality. The policy implications - which can either be liberating or devastating for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Australian school systems - are exposed and explored with forensic care. Each contributor clearly articulates specific problems in complex areas - such as school retention, literacy and numeracy, self-concept and identity - and each offers practical strategies that address these issues. Written for teachers, policy-makers, academics, and administrators, Two Way Teaching and Learning works toward embedding a more culturally reflective, relevant, and inclusive agenda in places of learning for the benefit of all. At once confronting and uplifting, where there's an issue, there are also practical solutions and measurable outcomes.

Early Childhood Play Matters

Filename: early-childhood-play-matters.pdf
ISBN: 1742862853
Release Date: 2015-12-01
Number of pages: 160
Author: Kathy Walker

Download and read online Early Childhood Play Matters in PDF and EPUB In early childhood education, 'play-based learning' has long been the means of facilitating teaching and learning. The strongest platform for early years education is when children are deeply engaged in rich exploratory play experiences that have been intentionally planned and developed by the educator. Intentional teaching provides open-ended experiences with provocations to extend skills, learning, and understandings (in contrast to simply extending a children's interests). Early Childhood Play Matters concentrates on the most formative years of education (from birth to 6 years), where it all really begins with intentional, rich, and rigorous play-based opportunities for young children. The book builds upon the successful national and international work that the authors have brought in play-based curriculum in early and primary years through their previous publications: Play Matters and Engagement Matters. The book provides the framework for educators to focus on the core role of building relationships with children and implementing a rich, intentional, play-based curriculum. It is full of practical ideas on setting up the play learning environment (indoors and outdoors), how to plan and document realistically in order to save time, and how to provide rich provocations for learning through play. It contains a full-color section of photographs and templates for planning, assessing, and reporting activities. [Subject: Early Childhood Education]