Approaches to Managing Organizational Diversity and Innovation

Filename: approaches-to-managing-organizational-diversity-and-innovation.pdf
ISBN: 9781466660076
Release Date: 2014-04-30
Number of pages: 387
Author: Erbe, Nancy D.
Publisher: IGI Global

Download and read online Approaches to Managing Organizational Diversity and Innovation in PDF and EPUB Many contemporary skills and approaches have emerged as the result of researching and working with diverse global partnerships, teams, networks, companies, and projects. Due to the increasingly innovative global community, it is necessary adapt to these developments and aspire to those most important for their particular involvement. Approaches to Managing Organizational Diversity and Innovation presents a variety of practical tools, skills, and practices that demonstrate effective ways to positively impact the global community through effective management practice. Demonstrating different ways to manage diversity and innovation, this publication provides models and approaches capable of transforming societies, citizens, and professionals so they are better prepared to embrace diversity. This reference work is particularly useful to academicians, professionals, engineers, and students interested in understanding how globalization impacts their discipline or practice.

Managing Organizational Diversity

Filename: managing-organizational-diversity.pdf
ISBN: 9783319549255
Release Date: 2017-04-22
Number of pages: 158
Author: Carolina Machado
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online Managing Organizational Diversity in PDF and EPUB This book provides a comprehensive overview of organizational diversity management, intended to help readers implement effective strategies and maximize the value of organizational diversity. Written by experts from a range of disciplines, it presents cutting-edge research and best practices in this field. Further, it addresses the challenges that organizations face in order to successfully manage organizational diversity and presents the application of theoretical concepts. Individual chapters explore topics including workforce diversity, knowledge management, innovation and change, and decision-making. Providing an invaluable resource for students and researchers in the fields of human resource management, industrial engineering and international business, the book will also benefit human resource managers, engineers and economists.

Best Practices for Managing Organizational Diversity

Filename: best-practices-for-managing-organizational-diversity.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:727343057
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 32

Download and read online Best Practices for Managing Organizational Diversity in PDF and EPUB In the twentieth century, ecologists and agriculturists developed an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the value of biological diversity, specifically the resilience and adaptability it brings to ecosystems. In the twenty-first century, the ecosystem model has been applied to human systems, particularly to understanding how organizations are structured and how they operate. Twenty-first century organizations are challenged by diversity in many arenas. Demographic changes in workforce composition and customer populations, combined with globalized markets and international competition are increasing the amount of diversity organizations must manage, both internally and externally. Many diversity specialists and business leaders argue that businesses and organizations interested in surviving and thriving in the twenty-first century need to take competitive advantage of a diverse workplace (Soutar, 2004; Yang, 2005). But to do so successfully, leaders and human resources (HR) managers must redefine management and leadership (Jones, 1989). Just as mono-cropping destroys biological diversity, and, in extreme cases, such as the Irish potato famine--human as well as natural ecosystems (Keohane, n.d.), so does mono-managing similarly destroy diversity within organizations. Leaders wanting to build strong, diverse organizations will not be successful if they rely on one approach or solution. Single-threaded diversity solutions, such as focusing only on recruitment or single-approach management techniques, such as requiring every employee to take diversity training, do not create lasting change (Kossek & Lobel, 1996; McMahon, 2006; Thomas, 1990). Bringing about the changes needed to build and sustain diversity requires commitment, strategy, communication, and concrete changes in organizational structure and processes. How, then, can managers and leaders develop diverse organizations and ensure that they are managed to take optimum advantage of diversity? What role should human resource specialists play in creating and managing diverse organizations? What are the best practices they should apply? The purpose of this review is to define workplace diversity, to identify best practices, and to identify how diversity management best practices can be applied in academic libraries. Finally, this review will provide a resource list for HR managers and leaders to learn more about those best practices with the goal of optimizing their organization's approach to diversity.

Managing the Organizational Melting Pot

Filename: managing-the-organizational-melting-pot.pdf
ISBN: 0803974116
Release Date: 1997-05-06
Number of pages: 395
Author: Pushkala Prasad
Publisher: SAGE

Download and read online Managing the Organizational Melting Pot in PDF and EPUB Some of the more troublesome and disturbing aspects of workplace diversity are illuminated in this volume - individual and institutional resistance, the effectiveness of diversity change efforts and the less visible ways in which exclusion and discrimination continue to be practised in the workplace. To help the reader understand some of these dilemmas, the contributors adopt a number of theoretical frameworks which are striking departures from traditional perspectives on diversity. These include: intergroup relations theory; critical theory; Jungian psychology; feminism; post- colonial theory; cultural history; postmodernism; realism; institutional theory; and class analysis. In addition, they examine different organizatio

Managing Diversity

Filename: managing-diversity.pdf
ISBN: 9781452242231
Release Date: 2013-03-13
Number of pages: 391
Author: Michalle E. Mor Barak
Publisher: SAGE

Download and read online Managing Diversity in PDF and EPUB Successful management of today’s increasingly diverse workforce is among the most important global challenges faced by corporate leaders, human resource managers, and management consultants. In the third edition of the award-winning book, Managing Diversity: Toward a Globally Inclusive Workplace, Michàlle E. Mor Barak argues that exclusion is among the most critical and pressing problems faced by today’s heterogeneous workforce. Using an original model for creating a globally inclusive workplace coupled with engaging real-world case studies, she outlines unique strategies for unleashing the embedded potential in a multicultural and diverse global workforce. First Edition: Winner of the 2006 Outstanding Academic Title Award from CHOICE Magazine and the 2007 Academy of Management's George R. Terry Book Award for “outstanding contribution to the advancement of management knowledge”

Organizational Behavior and Change

Filename: organizational-behavior-and-change.pdf
ISBN: PSU:000049172911
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 458
Author: Joseph W. Weiss
Publisher: South-Western Pub

Download and read online Organizational Behavior and Change in PDF and EPUB Organizational Behavior and Change, 2e provides the reader with a contemporary, real-time, and conceptual approach to understanding organizational change through a concise presentation of current organizational behavior and models. The theme of planned change is integrated with classical organizational behavior topics throughout the text. A major premise of the book is that organizations and individuals must understand and use consultative perspectives on change in order to meet their goals.

Managing Organisational Behaviour

Filename: managing-organisational-behaviour.pdf
ISBN: 0702171980
Release Date: 2007-04-01
Number of pages: 216
Author: William Fox
Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd

Download and read online Managing Organisational Behaviour in PDF and EPUB In this unusual study, several South African organizations are viewed through the framework of chaos and quantum complexity theories. Reaching the conclusion that a multitude of different skills within a company—complexity—is the best way to meet organizational goals, the discussion describes how talent and skill can be amassed through organizational change, attention to group behavior, proper management of diverse groups, and the use of collective bargaining.

Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organizations

Filename: individual-diversity-and-psychology-in-organizations.pdf
ISBN: 9780470869635
Release Date: 2004-02-06
Number of pages: 434
Author: Marilyn J. Davidson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organizations in PDF and EPUB Workplace initiatives to manage diversity seek to fully develop the potential of each employee and turn their unique skills into a business advantage. Such fostering of difference enhances team creativity, innovation and problem-solving and is therefore an essential strategy for today's employers. Individual Diversity and Psychology in Organizations is an indispensable handbook for all those involved in managing diversity. Its academic and practice-oriented perspective is unique as it presents practical strategies and case studies alongside academic reviews, giving the reader a balanced overview of each topic. The team of expert authors examine international issues in diversity, such as: Strategies for managing organizational effectiveness Legal and psychological implications Diversity training and its effectiveness Disability, racial equality, age and gender diversity Affirmative action Recognizing stereotypes and bias Business ethics The Future of diversity This much needed handbook will be welcomed by researchers, academics and students in organizational psychology, management and business. It will also be of great use to professionals in human resources, equal opportunities management and management consultancy.

Introduction to Globalization and Business

Filename: introduction-to-globalization-and-business.pdf
ISBN: 9781848604698
Release Date: 2005-04-27
Number of pages: 536
Author: Barbara Parker
Publisher: SAGE

Download and read online Introduction to Globalization and Business in PDF and EPUB What is globalization? How have the world economies changed in recent years? What impact do these changes have on business and management practice? Through creative use of examples, case studies and exercises from organizations worldwide, this book demonstrates the many levels at which globalization impacts on contemporary businesses, society and organizations and elucidates the ways in which different globalization trends and factors interrelate. Focusing on an integrated approach to understanding the effects of global trends such as new technologies, new markets, and cultural and political changes, the book enables students to understand the wider implications of globalization and apply this to their study and comprehension of contemporary business and management. Each chapter: - opens with a short and current case which introduces the key concepts covered in that chapter - provides an overview of chapter objectives to allow the student to navigate easily - illustrates the chapter concepts with useful boxed examples - concludes with a review of the key chapter concepts learnt - provides a series of review and discussion questions - offers 'Global Enterprise Project' assignments for applying course concepts to the same company - gives up-to-date references from many sources to direct student's further reading. Students can access the companion website which includes additional material in support of each chapter of the book by clicking on the `companion website' logo above.

Valuing and Managing Diversity

Filename: valuing-and-managing-diversity.pdf
ISBN: 1562861875
Release Date: 1993
Number of pages: 16
Publisher: American Society for Training and Development

Download and read online Valuing and Managing Diversity in PDF and EPUB Poorly managed racial, ethnic, gender, and other diversity conflicts have a negative effect on productivity and can lead to both high turnover and costly legal action. This issue of Infoline offers a practical and proven framework for developing a diversity-training program in your organization. It shows you the key steps and elements to consider when planning a diversity-training program, plus tips on how to position and designing the training curriculum. A job aid is included that will help you decide if your program covers all necessary elements.

Managing Diversity in Organizations

Filename: managing-diversity-in-organizations.pdf
ISBN: 9781317423676
Release Date: 2017-03-31
Number of pages: 386
Author: María Triana
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Managing Diversity in Organizations in PDF and EPUB This book equips students with a thorough understanding of the advantages and challenges presented by workplace diversity, suggesting techniques to manage diversity effectively and maximize its benefits. Readers will learn to work with diverse groups to create a productive organization in which everyone feels included. The author offers a comprehensive survey of demographic groups and an analysis of their history, allowing students to develop a deep understanding of the dimensions of diversity. From this foundation, students are taught to manage diversity effectively on the basis of race, sex, LGBTQIA, religion, age, ability, national origin, and intersectionality in organizations and to understand the issues various groups face, including discrimination. Opening with current case studies and discussion questions to enhance comprehension, the chapters provide practical insight into subconscious/implicit bias, team diversity, and diversity management in the United States and abroad. "Global View" examples further highlight how diversity management unfolds around the world. Offering a fresh look at workplace diversity, this book will serve students of diversity, human resource management, and organizational studies. A companion website featuring an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint slides, and test banks provides additional support for students and instructors.

Managing Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Filename: managing-workplace-diversity-and-inclusion.pdf
ISBN: 9781136460128
Release Date: 2016-12-19
Number of pages: 362
Author: Rosemary Hays-Thomas
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Managing Workplace Diversity and Inclusion in PDF and EPUB Managing Workplace Diversity and Inclusion bridges the gap between social science theory and research and the practical concerns of those working in diversity and inclusion by presenting an applied psychological perspective. Using foundational ideas in the field of diversity and inclusion as well as concepts in the social sciences, this book provides a set of cognitive tools for dealing with situations related to workplace diversity and applies both classic theories and new ideas to topics such as United States employment law, teamwork, gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other areas. Each chapter incudes engaging scenarios and real-world applications to stimulate learning and help students conceptualize and contextualize diversity in the workplace. Intended for upper-level undergraduates as well as graduate students, this textbook brings together foundational theories with practical, real-world applications to build a strong understanding of managing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Managing Diversity in the Civil Service

Filename: managing-diversity-in-the-civil-service.pdf
ISBN: 1586032240
Release Date: 2001-01-01
Number of pages: 169
Publisher: IOS Press

Download and read online Managing Diversity in the Civil Service in PDF and EPUB Those who wish to read other papers and follow the debate between the participants, can visit the DPEPA website.

Managing Diversity in Today s Workplace Strategies for Employees and Employers 4 volumes

Filename: managing-diversity-in-today-s-workplace-strategies-for-employees-and-employers-4-volumes.pdf
ISBN: 9780313393181
Release Date: 2012-04-23
Number of pages: 1008
Author: Michele A. Paludi
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online Managing Diversity in Today s Workplace Strategies for Employees and Employers 4 volumes in PDF and EPUB This four-volume set provides updated empirical research and best practices for understanding and managing workplace diversity in the 21st century, including issues of gender, race, generation, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, and age.

Identity Politics at Work

Filename: identity-politics-at-work.pdf
ISBN: 9780415655088
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 240
Author: Jean Helms Mills
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Identity Politics at Work in PDF and EPUB This book represents the coming together of two key debates within organization studies: theorizing on gender and ways of understanding resistance. These debates have been given renewed vigour with the 'postmodern turn' in organization studies and feminist theory. Fusing these two literatures together offers a far deeper understanding of the issues of power, subjectivity and agency. Representing a growing interest in the contributions that feminist theorizing can offer to the study of organizations, this book focuses on issues of gender and resistance in organizations and, in particular, presents theorising which attends to the dualistic debate of compliance versus resistance to offer more generative understandings of reistance.