Methodological Thinking

Filename: methodological-thinking.pdf
ISBN: 9781506304724
Release Date: 2016-01-29
Number of pages: 208
Author: Donileen R. Loseke
Publisher: SAGE Publications

Download and read online Methodological Thinking in PDF and EPUB Focused on the underlying logic behind social research, Methodological Thinking: Basic Principles of Social Research Design by Donileen R. Loseke encourages readers to understand research methods as a way of thinking. The book provides a concise overview of the basic principles of social research, including the characteristics of research questions, the importance of literature reviews, variations in data generation techniques, and sampling. The Second Edition includes a revised chapter on research foundations, with focus on the philosophy of science and ethics; an emphasis on critical thinking; additional attention to evaluating research; and a new selection of briefer, multidisciplinary journal articles designed to be accessible to a wide variety of readers.

Methodological Thinking in Psychology

Filename: methodological-thinking-in-psychology.pdf
ISBN: 9781607524328
Release Date: 2010-07-01
Number of pages: 359
Author: Jaan Valsiner
Publisher: IAP

Download and read online Methodological Thinking in Psychology in PDF and EPUB In recent years an increasing dissatisfaction with methods and thinking in psychology as a science can be observed. The discipline is operating under the tension between the traditional quantitative and the new qualitative methodologies. New approaches emerge in different fields of psychology and education—each of them trying to go beyond limitations of the mainstream. These new approaches, however, tend to be “historically blind” – seemingly novel ideas have actually been common in some period in the history of psychology. Knowledge of historical trends in that context becomes crucial because analysis of historical changes in psychology is informative regarding the potential of “new/old and forgotten” approaches in the study of psyche. Some approaches in psychology disappeared due to inherent limitations of them; the others disappeared due to purely nonscientific reasons. And some new approaches were rejected long ago for welljustified scientific reasons. This book brings together contributions from leading scholars in different fields of psychology – cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, cultural psychology, methodology of psychology. Each of the contributors discusses methodological issues that were more thoroughly understood more than half a century ago than they are now. Overall, the contributions support the idea that in important ways 60 years old psychology was far ahead of the most recent trends in mainstream psychology.

Parsing the Turing Test

Filename: parsing-the-turing-test.pdf
ISBN: 9781402096242
Release Date: 2008-12-01
Number of pages: 517
Author: Robert Epstein
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online Parsing the Turing Test in PDF and EPUB An exhaustive work that represents a landmark exploration of both the philosophical and methodological issues surrounding the search for true artificial intelligence. Distinguished psychologists, computer scientists, philosophers, and programmers from around the world debate weighty issues such as whether a self-conscious computer would create an internet ‘world mind’. This hugely important volume explores nothing less than the future of the human race itself.

Research Methods in Service Innovation

Filename: research-methods-in-service-innovation.pdf
ISBN: 9781785364860
Release Date: 2017-02-24
Number of pages: 256
Author: Flemming Sørensen
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Download and read online Research Methods in Service Innovation in PDF and EPUB Research Methods in Service Innovation provides an essential methodological toolbox for researchers, students and practitioners interested in better understanding innovation and improving innovation processes in service organisations. Each chapter presents a specific method, introduces its theoretical foundations, explains its practical application, and provides examples and suggestions for its implementation.

Foundations for New Economic Thinking

Filename: foundations-for-new-economic-thinking.pdf
ISBN: 9781137000729
Release Date: 2012-04-11
Number of pages: 263
Author: S. Dow
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online Foundations for New Economic Thinking in PDF and EPUB New economic thinking is in demand in the light of the recent economic crisis. This book equips the reader with a better understanding of current ways of thinking as well as an awareness of other possibilities, providing the foundations for debate in theory and methodology alongside practical implications for policy.

Thinking in Education

Filename: thinking-in-education.pdf
ISBN: 0521012252
Release Date: 2003-01-20
Number of pages: 304
Author: Matthew Lipman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Thinking in Education in PDF and EPUB A major contribution towards teaching for judgment, not just for knowledge, by a leading theorist.

Phenomenology and Human Science Research Today

Filename: phenomenology-and-human-science-research-today.pdf
ISBN: 9789731997452
Release Date: 2010-01-01
Number of pages: 325
Author: Massimiliano Tarozzi
Publisher: Zeta Books

Download and read online Phenomenology and Human Science Research Today in PDF and EPUB

Fostering Social Justice through Qualitative Inquiry

Filename: fostering-social-justice-through-qualitative-inquiry.pdf
ISBN: 9781315428239
Release Date: 2016-06-16
Number of pages: 315
Author: Corey W Johnson
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Fostering Social Justice through Qualitative Inquiry in PDF and EPUB Qualitative researchers increasingly flock to social justice research to move beyond academic discourse and aid marginalized communities and groups. This is the first textbook to address the methods of conducting qualitative research using a social justice paradigm. The book addresses the differences that a social justice stance requires from the researcher, then discusses how major qualitative methodologies are employed to create social justice in both the process and products of qualitative research. In this book-chapters cover grounded theory, phenomenology, ethnography, participatory action research, and other key qualitative designs;-methods chapters are written by experts in that methodology;-case studies illustrate show this style of research in action;-material is tightly organized and edited for course use although there are multiple authors.

New Dimensions of Confucian and Neo Confucian Philosophy

Filename: new-dimensions-of-confucian-and-neo-confucian-philosophy.pdf
ISBN: 0791402835
Release Date: 1991
Number of pages: 619
Author: Zhongying Cheng
Publisher: SUNY Press

Download and read online New Dimensions of Confucian and Neo Confucian Philosophy in PDF and EPUB This is the first book to thoroughly explore Confucian and Neo-Confucian metaphysics and ethics, building upon the creativity and temporality of human existence and human nature as well as their extension into human culture. Fundamental essays deal cogently with the relationship between Chinese language and Chinese philosophy, offering general categories which shape the matrix of ideas woven in Chinese philosophy from its very beginnings. Along with more general characterizations, there are themes placing Confucian thinkers in touch with modern communication theories, perceptions of individuals, religious themes, and scientific worldviews. Conceptual and comparative essays probe the frontiers of Chinese philosophy in its contemporary Confucian revival.

The Elgar Companion to Recent Economic Methodology

Filename: the-elgar-companion-to-recent-economic-methodology.pdf
ISBN: 9780857938077
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Number of pages: 552
Author: J. B. Davis
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Download and read online The Elgar Companion to Recent Economic Methodology in PDF and EPUB Economic methodology has traditionally been associated with logical positivism in the vein of Milton Friedman, Karl Popper, Imre Lakatos and Thomas Kuhn. However, the emergence and proliferation of new research programs in economics have stimulated many novel developments in economic methodology. This impressive Companion critically examines these advances in methodological thinking, particularly those that are associated with the new research programs which challenge standard economic methodology. Bringing together a collection of leading contributors to this new methodological thinking, the authors explain how it differs from the past and point towards further concerns and future issues. The recent research programs explored include behavioral and experimental economics, neuroeconomics, new welfare theory, happiness and subjective well-being research, geographical economics, complexity and computational economics, agent-based modeling, evolutionary thinking, macroeconomics and Keynesianism after the crisis, and new thinking about the status of the economics profession and the role of the media in economics. This important compendium will prove invaluable for researchers and postgraduate students of economic methodology and the philosophy of economics. Practitioners in the vanguard of new economic thinking will also find plenty of useful information in this path-breaking book.

Doing Q Methodological Research

Filename: doing-q-methodological-research.pdf
ISBN: 9781446290705
Release Date: 2012-03-19
Number of pages: 248
Author: Simon Watts
Publisher: SAGE

Download and read online Doing Q Methodological Research in PDF and EPUB This book is a simple yet thorough introduction to Q methodology, a research technique designed to capture the subjective or first-person viewpoints of its participants. Watts and Stenner outline the key theoretical concepts developed by William Stephenson, the founder of Q methodology, including subjectivity, concourse theory and abduction. They then turn to the practicalities of delivering high quality Q methodological research. Using worked examples throughout, the reader is guided through: • important design issues • the conduct of fieldwork • all the analytic processes of Q methodology, including factor extraction, factor rotation and factor interpretation. Drawing on helpful conceptual introductions to potentially difficult statistical concepts and a step-by-step guide to running Q methodological analyses using dedicated software, this book enables interested readers to design, manage, analyse, interpret and publish their own Q methodological research.

Encyclopedia of Phenomenology

Filename: encyclopedia-of-phenomenology.pdf
ISBN: 9789401588812
Release Date: 2013-06-29
Number of pages: 765
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online Encyclopedia of Phenomenology in PDF and EPUB This encyclopedia presents phenomenological thought and the phenomenological movement within philosophy and within more than a score of other disciplines on a level accessible to professional colleagues of other orientations as well as to advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Entries average 3,000 words. In practically all cases, they include lists of works "For Further Study." The Introduction briefly chronicles the changing phenomenological agenda and compares phenomenology with other 20th Century movements. The 166 entries are a baut matters of seven sorts: ( 1) the faur broad tendencies and periods within the phenomenological movement; (2) twenty-three national traditions ofphenomenology; (3) twenty-two philosophical sub-disciplines, including those referred to with the formula "the philosophy of x"; (4) phenomenological tendencies within twenty-one non-philosophical dis ciplines; (5) forty major phenomenological topics; (6) twenty-eight leading phenomenological figures; and (7) twenty-seven non-phenomenological figures and movements ofinteresting sim ilarities and differences with phenomenology. Conventions Concern ing persons, years ofbirth and death are given upon first mention in an entry ofthe names of deceased non-phenomenologists. The names of persons believed tobe phenomenologists and also, for cross-referencing purposes, the titles of other entries are printed entirely in SMALL CAPITAL letters, also upon first mention. In addition, all words thus occurring in all small capital letters are listed in the index with the numbers of all pages on which they occur. To facilitate indexing, Chinese, Hungarian, and Japanese names have been re-arranged so that the personal name precedes the family name.

The Methodology of Herbert Blumer

Filename: the-methodology-of-herbert-blumer.pdf
ISBN: 0521030358
Release Date: 2006-11-02
Number of pages: 124
Author: Kenneth Baugh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online The Methodology of Herbert Blumer in PDF and EPUB This is a comprehensive account of the contributions of Herbert Blumer to the methodology of social research.

What s Wrong With Ethnography

Filename: what-s-wrong-with-ethnography.pdf
ISBN: 9781136115486
Release Date: 2013-10-11
Number of pages: 240
Author: Martyn Hammersley
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online What s Wrong With Ethnography in PDF and EPUB This stimulating and refreshing study, written by one of the leading commentators in the field, provides novel answers to these crucial questions. "What's Wrong With Ethnography provides a fresh look at the rationale for and distinctiveness of ethnographic research in sociology, education and related fields, and succeeds in slaying a number of currently fashionable sacred cows. Relativism, critical theory, the uniqueness of the case study and the distinction between qualitative and quantitative research are all examined and found wanting as a basis for informed ethnography. The policy and political implications of ethnography are a particular focus of attention. The author compels the reader to reexamine some basic methodological assumptions in an exciting way", Martin Bulmer, London School of Economics.

Thinking Methodologically

Filename: thinking-methodologically.pdf
ISBN: IND:30000027207194
Release Date: 1992-01-01
Number of pages: 382
Author: Sheldon Goldenberg
Publisher: Harpercollins College Division

Download and read online Thinking Methodologically in PDF and EPUB