Natural Area Tourism Ecology Impacts

Filename: natural-area-tourism-ecology-impacts.pdf
ISBN: 1845412761
Release Date: 2001-11-28
Number of pages: 340
Author: David Newsome Susan A. Moore Ross Kingston Dowling
Publisher: Channel View Publications

Download and read online Natural Area Tourism Ecology Impacts in PDF and EPUB The book covers all facets of tourism in natural areas. The book is underpinned by a strong foundation of environmental understanding. It then describes the range of impacts, which occur when tourism takes place in the natural environment and illustrates how managers can plan, develop and appropriately manage tourism developments in natural areas. Finally, the book addresses ongoing management concerns such as monitoring environmental change and the need to introduce appropriate management strategies.

Natural Area Tourism

Filename: natural-area-tourism.pdf
ISBN: 9781845413842
Release Date: 2012-12-14
Number of pages: 504
Author: David Newsome
Publisher: Channel View Publications

Download and read online Natural Area Tourism in PDF and EPUB Natural Area Tourism provides a comprehensive description of tourism in natural areas allowing readers to understand the scope of, complexities arising from, and possibilities of undertaking successful tourism developments in natural areas. Furthermore, the second edition contains an overview of recent developments, such as mountain biking, adventure activities in protected areas and geotourism. There is new content and examples from the Asian region on managing the tourism industry and management effectiveness. The book also considers important new developments in monitoring, such as remote sensing and the use of GIS, as well as the use of electronic educational resources in delivering interpretation. Attention is given to the implications of climate change, inadequate protected area security and the ever-increasing influence of the landscape matrix. Moreover, the second edition includes a comprehensive review of the new literature that has emerged since the publication of the first edition more than a decade ago. Accordingly this book will remain an invaluable resource and account of natural area tourism for many years to come.

Wildlife Tourism

Filename: wildlife-tourism.pdf
ISBN: 1845410068
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Number of pages: 299
Author: David Newsome
Publisher: Channel View Publications

Download and read online Wildlife Tourism in PDF and EPUB This research book is a landmark contribution to the rapidly growing field of wildlife tourism, especially in regard to its underpinning foundations of science and conservation. Written by a number of environmental and biological scientists it explains the synergy between wildlife and tourism by drawing on their global experiences.


Filename: ecotourism.pdf
ISBN: 9781134411368
Release Date: 2004-03-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: David A. Fennell
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Ecotourism in PDF and EPUB Using a wealth of international case studies and photos, Ecotourism: An Introduction provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the key foundations, concepts and issues related to Ecotourism, the fasted growing segment of the global tourism industry. Among the topics covered are: * the foundations of ecotourism * tourism and ecotourism policy * the economics, marketing and management of ecotourism * the social and ecological impacts of tourism * ecotourism and development * the role of ethics in ecotourism The book includes case studies from Scotland, Austria, the USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Second Edition

Filename: ecotourism-and-sustainable-development-second-edition.pdf
ISBN: 1597268577
Release Date: 2008-08-18
Number of pages: 568
Author: Martha Honey
Publisher: Island Press

Download and read online Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Second Edition in PDF and EPUB Ecotourism and Sustainable Development is the most comprehensive overview of worldwide ecotourism available today, showing how both the concept and the reality have evolved over more than twenty-five years. Here Martha Honey revisits six nations she profiled in the first edition—the Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, and South Africa—and adds a fascinating new chapter on the United States. She examines the growth of ecotourism within each country’s tourism strategy, its political system, and its changing economic policies. Her useful case studies highlight the economic and cultural impacts of expanding tourism on indigenous populations as well as on ecosystems.

Environment and Tourism

Filename: environment-and-tourism.pdf
ISBN: 9781317664086
Release Date: 2016-04-28
Number of pages: 302
Author: Andrew Holden
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Environment and Tourism in PDF and EPUB The global demand for tourism continues to increase as economic growth creates opportunities for its consumption as a lifestyle option across cultures. The spatial reach of recreational tourism into remoter environments reflects a desire to reconnect to nature that is partially created by the global trend toward urbanisation. At the same time, anthropogenic created environmental problems have led us to re-evaluate our relationship to nature and the values that are held by the environment. This third edition of Environment and Tourism incorporates additional material on environmental philosophies and ontologies of nature and how these influence our understanding of tourism’s relationship with the natural environment. In an epoch representing a critical juncture for the future well-being of the planet based on our relationship to nature, the text has been updated to reflect the growth in significance of the interaction between tourism and the natural environment as a part of this discourse. It communicates a range of key conceptual debates on the ethics and economics of the consuming nature for tourism and relates these to real world examples whilst evaluating environmental planning, and management responses. The book seeks to highlight the relevance of the significance of tourism for nature within the framework of society, as a system of inter-connected places across space and time, exploring the relationship of the environments of where tourists come from with the ones that they travel to. The updated features include: new chapters on philosophies and constructs of the environment, environmental ethics, and tourist consumption an extensive range of international case studies used to illustrate the theoretical ideas presented boxes offering bite sized insights, and think points designed to encourage students to further engage with the topics discussed Environment and Tourism emphasises a holistic view of the tourism system and how it interacts with nature, illustrating the positive and negative effects of this relationship. It emphasises how ontologies of the environment influence the planning and management of tourism for natural resource conservation and human development. It is an invaluable tool for anyone studying Human Geography, Tourism and Environmental Studies, as well as for policy makers and consultants working in the field of tourism development.

Ecotourism Policy and Planning

Filename: ecotourism-policy-and-planning.pdf
ISBN: 0851997627
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 361
Author: David A. Fennell
Publisher: CABI

Download and read online Ecotourism Policy and Planning in PDF and EPUB Annotation. The global tourism industry continues a trend of sustained growth, moving more people and generating domestic and foreign revenues, often at the expense of the social and ecological integrity of destination regions. As a result, tourism policy makers have been forced to consider a variety of new approaches to ensure that the environment, local people, tourists, and business remain unaffected by the negative impacts of the industry.


Filename: ecotourism.pdf
ISBN: 9781136440847
Release Date: 2009-04-09
Number of pages: 304
Author: Stephen Wearing
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Ecotourism in PDF and EPUB Ecotourism: Impacts, Potentials and Possibilities analyzes the impacts of mainstream tourism in first, second and third world countries, and argues the benefits of adopting the philosophical approaches of ecotourism to create a more sustainable tourism industry in every country around the world. Conservation and ecotourism issues are now at the forefront of public opinion. The decline of natural rainforests, loss of endangered species, global warming and land degradation have galvanized public support for conservation. Building on the success of the first edition, this text has been fully revised and updated to include: updated and new international case studies a new chapter devoted to the theory and technique of Rapid Rural Appraisal (the practice whereby communities are empowered to improve their own environment) questions and further readings at the end of each chapter to facilitate student's learning critical analysis of ecotourism explores the movement of ideas around post-modern approaches to the field. Using relevant case studies, Ecotourism examines the potential positive social and environmental benefits of ecotourism and is ideal for both students of tourism and practitioners within the tourism industry. Ecotourism will also be of interest to environmental groups, land managers, academics and planners.

Ecotourism s Promise and Peril

Filename: ecotourism-s-promise-and-peril.pdf
ISBN: 3319583301
Release Date: 2017-08-22
Number of pages: 183
Author: Daniel T. Blumstein
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online Ecotourism s Promise and Peril in PDF and EPUB Intended as a guide for wildlife managers and ecotourism operators, as well as interested ecotourists, this book addresses the biological principles governing how ecotourism affects wildlife. The introductory chapters focus on four key responses to human visitation—behavioral, physiological, ecological, and evolutionary. Readers will discover ecotourism’s effects on biodiversity in connection with various industries that are habitat or taxonomically specific: fish tourism (including both freshwater and marine), marine mammal tourism, the huge industry centered on terrestrial animals, and the well-studied industry of penguin tourism. Given that the costs and benefits of ecotourism cannot be meaningfully assessed without understanding the human context, particular attention is given to how ecotourism has been used as part of community development. In closing, the book synthesizes the current state of knowledge regarding best practices for reducing human impacts on wildlife. The final chapter highlights key research questions that must be addressed to provide more evidence-based guidelines and policy.


Filename: ecosystems.pdf
ISBN: 9781134760237
Release Date: 2008-02-21
Number of pages: 208
Author: Gordon Dickinson
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Ecosystems in PDF and EPUB Ecosystems introduces the basic concepts and processes in the ecosystem and explores its role in solving environmental problems. Examining the development of the ecosystem concept, the book explains how ecosystems function and analyzes the complex interactions between life and its physical environment. Presenting examples from all parts of the world within lively case studies and illustrations, Ecosystems focuses on 'real world' problems and topical and controversial issues, particularly on human impacts on the natural environment, and the consequences of environmental change.

The Encyclopedia of Ecotourism

Filename: the-encyclopedia-of-ecotourism.pdf
ISBN: 9780851993683
Release Date: 2001-01-01
Number of pages: 668
Author: David Bruce Weaver
Publisher: CABI

Download and read online The Encyclopedia of Ecotourism in PDF and EPUB The Encyclopedia of Ecotourism provides an expert, state-of-the-art and comprehensive knowledge base of the rapidly growing global ecotourism sector. It is divided into eight major sections, and contains 41 chapters, individually authored by international researchers and practitioners in ecotourism. Each chapter combines theory and practice in a complementary way. The scope of the encyclopedia includes definitions and other contextual material, regional perspectives, venues, impacts, planning and management considerations, and issues associated with ecotourism businesses, research and training.

Tourism Planning

Filename: tourism-planning.pdf
ISBN: 0415932688
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 442
Author: Clare A. Gunn
Publisher: Psychology Press

Download and read online Tourism Planning in PDF and EPUB One of the fastest growing sectors of the modern economy, tourism is a complicated phenomenon and the pressures it creates on the natural and social environment have become major issues. This text presents an overview of the subject and suggests positive guidelines.

Island Biogeography

Filename: island-biogeography.pdf
ISBN: 0198566115
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 401
Author: Robert J. Whittaker
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online Island Biogeography in PDF and EPUB Isolation, extinction, conservation, biodiversity, hotspots.

Wildland Recreation

Filename: wildland-recreation.pdf
ISBN: 9781118396933
Release Date: 2015-02-03
Number of pages: 328
Author: William E. Hammitt
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Wildland Recreation in PDF and EPUB The authoritative guide to understanding and managing the ecological impacts of recreational activities in wildlands This third edition provides an updated and thorough examination of the ecological impacts of recreational use on wildlands and the best management practices to employ in places where recreation and preservation of natural conditions are both important - and often conflicting - objectives. Covering the latest research, this edition provides detailed information about the environmental changes that result from recreational use. It describes spatial patterns of impact and trends over time, then explores the factors that determine magnitude of impact, including amount of use, type and behavior of use, and environmental durability. Numerous examples, drawn from parks and recreation areas around the world, give readers insight into why certain areas are more heavily damaged than others, and demonstrate the techniques available to mitigate damage. The book incorporates both the first-hand experience of the authors and an exhaustive review of the world’s literature on the subject. Boxes provide quick access to important material, and further resources are referenced in an extensive bibliography. Essential reading for all park and protected area management professionals, this book is also a useful textbook for upper division undergraduate and graduate students on recreation ecology and recreation management courses.

Nature based Tourism in Peripheral Areas

Filename: nature-based-tourism-in-peripheral-areas.pdf
ISBN: 1845410009
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Number of pages: 281
Author: Colin Michael Hall
Publisher: Channel View Publications

Download and read online Nature based Tourism in Peripheral Areas in PDF and EPUB Nature-based Tourism in Peripheral Areas provides a comprehensive examination of this form of tourism development as it occurs within alpine, forest, sub-polar, island, coastal and marine environments. This book goes beyond much of the debate surrounding ecotourism and the impacts of tourism in vulnerable environments to place nature-based tourism in a wider regional context, particularly when for many peripheral regions tourism remains one of the key opportunities for economic development. Therefore, a central theme that is present throughout many of the chapters is the role that nature-based tourism can play as the catalyst for larger regional development of regions. The book will serve as essential reading to senior undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in tourism and related degrees where the major focus is on tourism that occurs within peripheral regions. It will also serve as a key reference to researchers and professionals interested in the role of tourism as a regional development tool.