Saban s Power Rangers Aftershock

Filename: saban-s-power-rangers-aftershock.pdf
ISBN: 1608869377
Release Date: 2017-03-28
Number of pages: 96
Author: Ryan Parrott
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Download and read online Saban s Power Rangers Aftershock in PDF and EPUB The authorized graphic novel sequel to Saban’s Power Rangers, the 2017 film that reboots the classic TV series for the modern age. Five teenagers, brought together under extraordinary circumstances, are entrusted to defend Earth against alien threats as...the Power Rangers. Based on the world wide phenomenon, the Rangers have returned to the big screen like never before and this authorized original graphic novel serves as a direct follow up to the blockbuster film. Written by Ryan Parrott (Star Trek: Manifest Destiny) and illustrated by rising talent Lucas Werneck, the Power Rangers face off against an all new threat to the city of Angel Grove.

Power Rangers The Official Movie Novel

Filename: power-rangers-the-official-movie-novel.pdf
ISBN: 9781524784515
Release Date: 2017-03-24
Number of pages: 160
Author: Alexander Irvine
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Power Rangers The Official Movie Novel in PDF and EPUB The most anticipated superhero film of the year gets an action-packed junior novel for mighty morphin fans. They're back and more powerful than ever. The classic '90s superhero team gets a massive reboot in a highly anticipated motion picture release. This movie tie-in novel tells the story of five unlikely teens tasked with saving the world from alien forces. Told in thrilling detail with exclusive content, this novel keeps movie fans rooted in the action long after the credits roll.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink

Filename: mighty-morphin-power-rangers-pink.pdf
ISBN: 1608869520
Release Date: 2017-04-25
Number of pages: 160
Author: Brenden Fletcher
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Download and read online Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink in PDF and EPUB After leaving the Power Rangers, Kimberly Hart, the former Pink Ranger, is thrust back into the Ranger life and must call upon the help of old friends. The original Pink Ranger returns! After leaving the life of a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger behind, Kimberly Hart finds herself pulled back into the fray. With her parents missing and their village overrun by monsters, she must reclaim her destiny and discover the power that lies within. She’ll have to call on some old friends if she’s to unravel this mystery and save this once sleepy village. From writers Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl, Gotham Academy) and Kelly Thompson (Jem and the Holograms, A-Force) and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo (Mirror’s Edge: Exordium) the Pink Ranger embarks on her first solo Power Ranger adventure!

Power Rangers Mad Libs

Filename: power-rangers-mad-libs.pdf
ISBN: 9780515159592
Release Date: 2017-02-21
Number of pages: 48
Author: Gabriel P. Cooper
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Power Rangers Mad Libs in PDF and EPUB

Power Rangers The Ultimate Visual History

Filename: power-rangers-the-ultimate-visual-history.pdf
ISBN: 1683830229
Release Date: 2017-11-07
Number of pages: 192
Author: Ramin Zahed
Publisher: Insight Editions

Download and read online Power Rangers The Ultimate Visual History in PDF and EPUB Explore the history of Saban’s Power Rangers with this exclusive collection of artwork, behind-the-scenes photos, interviews and more. After the hit series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers launched in 1993, Saban’s Power Rangers quickly became the most-watched children’s television program in the United States. Today, more than two decades later, Power Rangers is one of the longest running kids action series in TV history and has become a global pop culture phenomenon. Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History takes viewers on a fascinating behind-the-scenes tour of the Power Rangers franchise, from the conception of the television show to the present-day seasons, feature films, toys, video games, comic books and more. This comprehensive collection features interviews with top creators, as well as some of the key writers and producers responsible for the iconic look and panache of the legendary superhero franchise. Special inserts, charts, art replications and badges add special interest and collectability to this fantastic tribute to the lasting legacy of the Power Rangers. A special chapter will also focus on the making of the new Power Rangers movie, which will be released by Lionsgate in March 2017.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1 Rita Repulsa s Attitude Adjustment

Filename: mighty-morphin-power-rangers-1-rita-repulsa-s-attitude-adjustment.pdf
ISBN: 9781629912677
Release Date: 2014-09-02
Number of pages: 64
Author: Stefan Petrucha
Publisher: Macmillan

Download and read online Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1 Rita Repulsa s Attitude Adjustment in PDF and EPUB When an ancient stone idol comes to life and starts blasting everything in its path with a morphing ray, it looks like the world is in pretty deep trouble; but it's nothing compared to the havoc unleashed when Rita Repulsa gets her hands on it! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers join the fray, but this new baddie has extra muscle from Squatt and the Putty Patrol. If the team doesn't get a little help of their own from a trusted friend, this latest mission may be their last! Twenty years ago, the Power Rangers burst on the scene in an explosion of colorful combat, bizarre monsters, incredible robot battles, and Megazord-sized fun, spawning a global phenomenon and an ever-expanding storytelling universe. Papercutz is proud to present the long-awaited continuing adventures of the team that started it all!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Light Up Ring and Illustrated Book

Filename: mighty-morphin-power-rangers-light-up-ring-and-illustrated-book.pdf
ISBN: 0762458755
Release Date: 2016-03-29
Number of pages: 56
Author: Running Press
Publisher: Running Press

Download and read online Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Light Up Ring and Illustrated Book in PDF and EPUB IT'S MORPHIN TIME The Power Rangers protect the Earth against the evil Rita Repulsa and her army of monsters. Now you, too, can triumph over evil with your very own light-up Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ring! Also included is a 56-page illustrated book on the Power Rangers from the original series.

Voltron Legendary Defender

Filename: voltron-legendary-defender.pdf
ISBN: 1941302211
Release Date: 2017-01-24
Number of pages: 136
Author: Tim Hedrick
Publisher: Lion Forge

Download and read online Voltron Legendary Defender in PDF and EPUB This trade collects the first comic book chapter of the epic series airing on Netflix. From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe comes VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER! When Team Voltron takes on a dangerous training mission in deep space, Coran, Princess Allura's majordomo, is captured by an ancient enemy. It will take teamwork, smarts, and, of course, Voltron, to save their friend's life. This galaxy-spanning adventure is a never-before-seen chapter of the epic animated series reboot by show writers Tim Hedrick (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Mitch Iverson.