The Complete Gone with the Wind Trivia Book: The Movie and More by Bartel, Pauline 1st (first) Edition (10/1/1989)

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Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

Download and read online The Complete Gone with the Wind Trivia Book: The Movie and More by Bartel, Pauline 1st (first) Edition (10/1/1989) in PDF and EPUB

The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book: The Movie and More 2nd edition by Bartel, Pauline (2014) Paperback

Filename: the-complete-gone-with-the-wind-trivia-book-the-movie-and-more-2nd-edition-by-bartel-pauline-2014-paperback.pdf
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Author: Pauline Bartel
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

Download and read online The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book: The Movie and More 2nd edition by Bartel, Pauline (2014) Paperback in PDF and EPUB

The Complete "Gone with the Wind" Trivia Book: The Movie and More by Bartel, Pauline published by Taylor Trade Publishing (1989)

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Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

Download and read online The Complete "Gone with the Wind" Trivia Book: The Movie and More by Bartel, Pauline published by Taylor Trade Publishing (1989) in PDF and EPUB

The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book

Filename: the-complete-gone-with-the-wind-trivia-book.pdf
ISBN: 9781589798212
Release Date: 2014-06-09
Number of pages: 328
Author: Pauline Bartel
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

Download and read online The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book in PDF and EPUB A Must-Have for Gone With the Wind Fans! From Margaret Mitchell’s tattered manuscript to the film’s seventy-fifth anniversary, this book is a behind-the-scenes chronicle of Gone With the Wind—the book, the movie, and the phenomenon that continues today. Related in loving detail are inside stories of the writing and publishing of the novel; the Hollywood frenzy of transforming the book into film, including casting headaches, on-set tensions, and jinxed scenes; the premiere; and the Academy Awards. This updated edition also contains the scoop on the publication of two GWTW sequels; the disastrous debut of the Scarlett television miniseries; the post–GWTW lives of cast members, such as the news of Gable’s secret lovechild; the restoration of three original costumes in time for GWTW’s seventy-fifth anniversary; and much, much more. The reader-friendly format—fact-packed features, profiles, quizzes, and photographs—will delight any GWTW fan and make this the one book that no “Windie” can do without.

Fan s Guide to Gone With The Wind eBook Bundle

Filename: fan-s-guide-to-gone-with-the-wind-ebook-bundle.pdf
ISBN: 9781493017010
Release Date: 2014-12-03
Number of pages: 1503
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Download and read online Fan s Guide to Gone With The Wind eBook Bundle in PDF and EPUB For fans of Gone With the Wind on the 75th anniversary of the classic film, this three-volume eBook Collection pulls together two bestselling biographies, one of author Margaret Mitchell and one of film star Vivien Leigh, and combines them with The Complete Gone with the Wind Trivia Book to give readers a deep insight into the lives of those who created this timeless masterpiece.

The Complete Gone with the Wind Trivia Book

Filename: the-complete-gone-with-the-wind-trivia-book.pdf
ISBN: 9781461604228
Release Date: 1989-10-01
Number of pages: 126
Author: Pauline Bartel
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

Download and read online The Complete Gone with the Wind Trivia Book in PDF and EPUB A collection of everything trivia fans might want to know about a true : movie classic. Readers will learn what brand of typewriter Margaret Mitchell used to type the original book, the parallels between Scarlett's life and the author's, and the ins and outs of casting. Trivia quizzes and a bibliography are included.

Gone With the Wind

Filename: gone-with-the-wind.pdf
ISBN: 1620081431
Release Date: 2015-02-26
Number of pages: 96
Author: Ben Nussbaum
Publisher: i5 Publishing

Download and read online Gone With the Wind in PDF and EPUB "Discover fascinating details about the making and magic of Gone with the wind."--p.[4] of cover

The Scarlett Letters

Filename: the-scarlett-letters.pdf
ISBN: 1589798724
Release Date: 2014-10-08
Number of pages: 473
Author: John Wiley, Jr.
Publisher: Taylor Trade Pub

Download and read online The Scarlett Letters in PDF and EPUB The Scarlett Letters is a collection of letters written by Margaret Mitchell, author of the classic American novel, Gone With the Wind, about the making of the 1939 motion picture version of her novel. It features more than 300 letters she wrote to fans and members of the film s cast and crew about the making of the movie, its premiere, and its worldwide success. Her ability to weave a story makes for delightful reading in her correspondence with a who s who of Hollywood, from producer David O. Selznick, director George Cukor, and screenwriter Sidney Howard, to cast members Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, Olivia de Havilland, and Hattie McDaniel."

The Official Gone with the Wind Companion

Filename: the-official-gone-with-the-wind-companion.pdf
ISBN: 0452270693
Release Date: 1993
Number of pages: 299
Author: Stephen J. Spignesi
Publisher: Plume Books

Download and read online The Official Gone with the Wind Companion in PDF and EPUB A companion to the classic novel, the motion picture, and the recent sequel, "Scarlet," features movie stills and trivia questions

Gone with the Wind

Filename: gone-with-the-wind.pdf
ISBN: 067168387X
Release Date: 1989
Number of pages: 244
Author: Herb Bridges
Publisher: Fireside

Download and read online Gone with the Wind in PDF and EPUB Here is the ultimate behind-the-scenes history of an American classic--the lavishly illustrated official tie-in book to Turner Entertainment's spectacular Gone with the Wind 50th anniversary celebration. 300 black-and-white and 4-color photos throughout.

The Wind Done Gone

Filename: the-wind-done-gone.pdf
ISBN: 9780547524931
Release Date: 2002-04-08
Number of pages: 224
Author: Alice Randall
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online The Wind Done Gone in PDF and EPUB In this daring and provocative literary parody which has captured the interest and imagination of a nation, Alice Randall explodes the world created in GONE WITH THE WIND, a work that more than any other has defined our image of the antebellum South. Taking sharp aim at the romanticized, whitewashed mythology perpetrated by this southern classic, Randall has ingeniously conceived a multilayered, emotionally complex tale of her own - that of Cynara, the mulatto half-sister, who, beautiful and brown and born into slavery, manages to break away from the damaging world of the Old South to emerge into full life as a daughter, a lover, a mother, a victor. THE WIND DONE GONE is a passionate love story, a wrenching portrait of a tangled mother-daughter relationship, and a book that "celebrates a people's emancipation not only from bondage but also from history and myth, custom and stereotype" (San Antonio Express-News).


Filename: scarlett.pdf
ISBN: 9780446502979
Release Date: 2011-11-24
Number of pages: 823
Author: Alexandra Ripley
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Download and read online Scarlett in PDF and EPUB The timeless tale continues... The most popular and beloved American historical novel ever written, Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind is unparalleled in its portrayal of men and women at once larger than life but as real as ourselves. Now bestselling writer Alexandra Ripley brings us back to Tara and reintroduces us to the characters we remember so well: Rhett, Ashley, Mammy, Suellen, Aunt Pittypat, and, of course, Scarlett. As the classic story, first told over half a century ago, moves forward, the greatest love affair in all fiction is reignited; amidst heartbreak and joy, the endless, consuming passion between Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler reaches its startling culmination. Rich with surprises at every turn and new emotional, breathtaking adventures, Scarlett satisfies our longing to reenter the world of Gone With the Wind, and like its predecessor, Scarlett will find an eternal place in our hearts.

Ruth s Journey

Filename: ruth-s-journey.pdf
ISBN: 9781451643558
Release Date: 2014-10-14
Number of pages: 384
Author: Donald McCaig
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Ruth s Journey in PDF and EPUB “Exquisitely imagined, deeply researched, Donald McCaig's Ruth's Journey brings to the foreground the most enigmatic and fascinating figure in Gone with the Wind. This is a brave work of literary empathy by a writer at the height of his powers, who demonstrates a magisterial understanding of the period, its clashing cultures, and its heartbreaking crises” (Geraldine Brooks, author of March). “Her story began with a miracle.” On the Caribbean island of Saint Domingue, an island consumed by the flames of revolution, a senseless attack leaves only one survivor—an infant girl. She falls into the hands of two French émigrés, Henri and Solange Fournier, who take the beautiful child they call Ruth to the bustling American city of Savannah. What follows is the sweeping tale of Ruth’s life as shaped by her strong-willed mistress and other larger-than-life personalities she encounters in the South: Jehu Glen, a free black man with whom Ruth falls madly in love; the shabbily genteel family that first hires Ruth as Mammy; Solange’s daughter Ellen and the rough Irishman, Gerald O’Hara, whom Ellen chooses to marry; the Butler family of Charleston and their shocking connection to Mammy Ruth; and finally Scarlett O’Hara—the irrepressible Southern belle Mammy raises from birth. As we witness the difficult coming of age felt by three generations of women, gifted storyteller Donald McCaig reveals a portrait of Mammy that is both nuanced and poignant, at once a proud woman and a captive, a strict disciplinarian who has never experienced freedom herself. But despite the cruelties of a world that has decreed her a slave, Mammy endures, a rock in the river of time. She loves with a ferocity that would astonish those around her if they knew it. And she holds tight even to those who have been lost in the ravages of her days. Set against the backdrop of the South from the 1820s until the dawn of the Civil War, here is a remarkable story of fortitude, heartbreak, and indomitable will—and a tale that will forever illuminate your reading of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind.

Looking for Tara

Filename: looking-for-tara.pdf
ISBN: 1563521725
Release Date: 1994
Number of pages: 112
Author: Don O'Briant
Publisher: Longstreet Press

Download and read online Looking for Tara in PDF and EPUB Describes Atlanta landmarks connected with Margaret Mitchell's life and her famous novel, and recommends restaurants and shops selling memorabilia

The Outsiders

Filename: the-outsiders.pdf
ISBN: 9781101642610
Release Date: 2012-05-15
Number of pages: 208
Author: S. E. Hinton
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online The Outsiders in PDF and EPUB 50 years of an iconic classic! This international bestseller and inspiration for a beloved movie is a heroic story of friendship and belonging. No one ever said life was easy. But Ponyboy is pretty sure that he's got things figured out. He knows that he can count on his brothers, Darry and Sodapop. And he knows that he can count on his friends—true friends who would do anything for him, like Johnny and Two-Bit. But not on much else besides trouble with the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids whose idea of a good time is beating up on “greasers” like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect—until the night someone takes things too far. The Outsiders is a dramatic and enduring work of fiction that laid the groundwork for the YA genre. S. E. Hinton's classic story of a boy who finds himself on the outskirts of regular society remains as powerful today as it was the day it was first published. "The Outsiders transformed young-adult fiction from a genre mostly about prom queens, football players and high school crushes to one that portrayed a darker, truer world." —The New York Times "Taut with tension, filled with drama." —The Chicago Tribune "[A] classic coming-of-age book." —Philadelphia Daily News A New York Herald Tribune Best Teenage Book A Chicago Tribune Book World Spring Book Festival Honor Book An ALA Best Book for Young Adults Winner of the Massachusetts Children's Book Award From the Trade Paperback edition.

Rhett Butler s People

Filename: rhett-butler-s-people.pdf
ISBN: 1429928484
Release Date: 2007-11-06
Number of pages: 512
Author: Donald McCaig
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Download and read online Rhett Butler s People in PDF and EPUB Fully authorized by the Margaret Mitchell estate, Rhett Butler's People is the astonishing and long-awaited novel that parallels the Great American Novel, Gone With The Wind. Twelve years in the making, the publication of Rhett Butler's People marks a major and historic cultural event. Through the storytelling mastery of award-winning writer Donald McCaig, the life and times of the dashing Rhett Butler unfolds. Through Rhett's eyes we meet the people who shaped his larger than life personality as it sprang from Margaret Mitchell's unforgettable pages: Langston Butler, Rhett's unyielding father; Rosemary his steadfast sister; Tunis Bonneau, Rhett's best friend and a onetime slave; Belle Watling, the woman for whom Rhett cared long before he met Scarlett O'Hara at Twelve Oaks Plantation, on the fateful eve of the Civil War. Of course there is Scarlett. Katie Scarlett O'Hara, the headstrong, passionate woman whose life is inextricably entwined with Rhett's: more like him than she cares to admit; more in love with him than she'll ever know... Brought to vivid and authentic life by the hand of a master, Rhett Butler's People fulfills the dreams of those whose imaginations have been indelibly marked by Gone With The Wind.

American Bookseller

Filename: american-bookseller.pdf
ISBN: MINN:31951P00065080U
Release Date: 1989
Number of pages:

Download and read online American Bookseller in PDF and EPUB

A Touch of Stardust

Filename: a-touch-of-stardust.pdf
ISBN: 9780385539050
Release Date: 2015-02-17
Number of pages: 304
Author: Kate Alcott
Publisher: Anchor

Download and read online A Touch of Stardust in PDF and EPUB From the New York Times bestselling author of The Dressmaker comes a blockbuster novel that takes you behind the scenes of the filming of Gone with the Wind, while turning the spotlight on the passionate romance between its dashing leading man, Clark Gable, and the blithe, free-spirited actress Carole Lombard. When Julie Crawford leaves Fort Wayne, Indiana, for Hollywood, she never imagines she’ll cross paths with Carole Lombard, the dazzling actress fromJulie’s provincial Midwestern hometown. The young woman has dreams of becoming a screenwriter, but the only job Julie’s able to find is one in the studio publicity office of the notoriously demanding producer David O. Selznick, who is busy burning through directors, writers, and money as he films Gone with the Wind. Although tensions run high on the set, Julie finds she can step onto the back lot, take in the smell of smoky gunpowder and the soft rustle of hoop skirts, and feel the magical world of Gone with the Wind come to life. Julie’s access to real-life magic comes when Carole Lombard hires her as an assistant and invites her into the glamorous world Carole shares with Clark Gable, who is about to move into movie history as the dashing Rhett Butler. Carole Lombard, happily profane and uninhibited, makes no secret of her relationship with Gable, which poses something of a problem for the studio because Gable is technically still married—and the last thing the film needs is more negative publicity. Julie is there to fend off the overly curious reporters, hoping to prevent details about the affair from slipping out. But she can barely keep up with her blond employer, let alone control what comes out of Carole’s mouth, and—as their friendship grows—Julie soon finds she doesn’t want to. Carole, both wise and funny, becomes Julie’s model for breaking free of the past. In the ever-widening scope of this story, Julie is given a front-row seat to not one but two of the greatest love affairs of all time: the undeniable on-screen chemistry between Scarlett and Rhett, and offscreen, the deepening love between Carole and Clark. Yet beneath the shiny façade, things in Hollywood are never quite what they seem, and Julie must learn to balance her career aspirations and her own budding romance with the outsized personalities and overheated drama on set. Vivid, romantic, and filled with Old Hollywood details, A Touch of Stardust will entrance, surprise, and delight. From the Hardcover edition.