The Cougar Club 1

Filename: the-cougar-club-1.pdf
ISBN: 1608208990
Release Date: 2013-09
Number of pages: 270
Author: Lizzie T. Leaf
Publisher: Passion in Print Press

Download and read online The Cougar Club 1 in PDF and EPUB Barely Legal by Lizzie T. Leaf Should Katherine set aside her feelings for Corin, a much younger man, and give her cheating husband, Rex, another chance? Katherine, 50, never thought she'd fall for a younger man. Her best friend, Monique is the one who enjoys the hot, young, hunks. However, while in Las Vegas waiting for her divorce to finalize, she meets Corin. Young as he is on paper, he offers her more in and out of the bedroom than her, soon to be ex-husband ever did. The Cowboy and the Cougar by Helen Hardt Cowboy Jack is everything Holly wishes why does she keep running away? A hot time with a gorgeous young cowboy is just what the doctor ordered for forty-year-old Holly. But after a night of unbridled passion, she leaves discreetly. Life has other plans for her. After the best sex of his life, single father Jack isn't ready to give up his mystery woman. When he runs into her several months later, he pursues her relentlessly regardless of their eleven year age difference. Holly's life has changed since meeting Jack, and she's convinced she's not what he needs. Can her new friends at the Cougar Club persuade her to stop running? Or will she lose the best thing to ever happen to her?

The Cougar Club

Filename: the-cougar-club.pdf
ISBN: 9780061966125
Release Date: 2010-01-26
Number of pages: 336
Author: Susan McBride
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online The Cougar Club in PDF and EPUB Cougars are in! The older woman/younger man match up is no longer taboo—look at Demi and Ashton, or Courteney Cox in Cougar Town. Now Susan McBride, acclaimed author of the Debutant Drop-Out mystery series, shows us that life and romance emphatically do not end at forty in The Cougar Club. The funny and touching story of three childhood pals who discover that you’re never too old to follow your heart, The Cougar Club is an unadulterated delight which Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Award-winning author Harley Jane Kozak calls, “can’t put it down storytelling…[that] will charm you and surprise you, right up to the last page.”

The Cowboy and the Cougar

Filename: the-cowboy-and-the-cougar.pdf
ISBN: 9781943893867
Release Date: 2016-06-24
Number of pages: 100
Author: Helen Hardt
Publisher: Waterhouse Press

Download and read online The Cowboy and the Cougar in PDF and EPUB Editorial Reviews "This book sizzled. The chemistry with this couple was explosive. It definitely is not for the faint of heart. There is a high volume of sexuality and it is very graphic. Often when that is the case, there is no storyline and the plot is underdeveloped. That was definitely not the case here. The book was highly emotional. This is not my first Helen Hardt book and it will certainly not be my last. " -Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio "I loved this book. The characters were wonderful. They each showed their vulnerable sides as well as their strengths. They are real people and have real problems but also some very loving solutions... I found myself daydreaming of my own cowboy after finishing this book. The warm feelings that I got from reading it just didn’t want to go away. I wonder where I can find me one of those young cowboys… Oh yeah, I’m married. But a girl can dream and this guy is definitely worth dreaming about. Lucky Holly." -Terrihawk, Night Owl Romance Reviews Synopsis A hot time with a gorgeous young cowboy is just what the doctor ordered for forty-year- old Holly Taylor. But after a night of amazing passion, she leaves discreetly. Life has other plans for her at the moment. After the best sex of his life, single father Jack Sherwood isn’t ready to give up his mystery woman.When he runs into her several months later, he’s relentless in his pursuit, and he doesn’t care a whit about their eleven-year age difference. Holly’s life has taken a new course since her first meeting with Jack, and she’s convinced she’s not what the and his adorable son need. Can her new friends at The Cougar Club persuade her to stop running? Or will she lose the best thing to ever happen to her?

The Cougar Club Hotel

Filename: the-cougar-club-hotel.pdf
ISBN: 9780615493053
Release Date: 2001-01-01
Number of pages: 350
Author: Cheryl Harrison
Publisher: BookBaby

Download and read online The Cougar Club Hotel in PDF and EPUB From a sheltered upbringing in the Bronx, NY, Jennifer willfully marries an older man and leaves her comfortable nest for the Big City. Two toddlers into the game, her husband transplants the family to the mountains of New Jersey while he takes a job at a naughty sybaritic resort known as The Cougar Club Hotel. Bored by the country life and an indifferent husband, Jenn seeks company with a savy neighbor who eggs Jenn into a job of her own at the hotel. Jenn is teased, needled, and cajoled by her new friend who becomes the sister she never had. Then Jenn tips her toe into a pool of sexual experimentation in which she evolves into a champion swimmer. Her young libido sends her on dangerous sexual explorations. But undelying the erotic surface is a deep and complling desire to find more than sexual satisfaction. Her quest is to win the attention she craves from her husband. An ugly divorce ensues, a cancer scare rears its head, and the plot plays out. Her travels take her to the country side, San Diego, Vegas, and the Caribbean Sea as she migrates toward the love she desparately wants with a man she cannot have until the tale takes an unexpected twist and races to its powerful and satifying conclusion.

Don t Ever Call Me Ma am

Filename: don-t-ever-call-me-ma-am.pdf
ISBN: 1599321610
Release Date: 2009-09-01
Number of pages: 180
Author: Linda Franklin
Publisher: Advantage Media Group

Download and read online Don t Ever Call Me Ma am in PDF and EPUB Walk the walk of a Real Cougar! Every woman has a Real Cougar inside just waiting to be released—a woman who is strong, confident, independent, sexy and proud to be over 40! A Real Cougar is a woman who: isn’t afraid to knock down walls and crash through glass ceilings. adores men but refuses to be defined by the age of the man she chooses to be with. has gotten over listening to what other people think. knows how to keep her body healthy, her beauty radiant and her spiritual reservoir full. puts financial freedom high on her priority list. You should read this book if you are a woman who: is tired of labels and does not want to be defined by her age. wants to live life to the fullest with no regrets. refuses to pack up her sexuality and toss it into the closet. is determined to break through barriers that have held you back in the past. realizes aging is inevitable but how you age is always your choice. This is the PURR-FECT moment in time to unleash your Real Cougar and fall in love with life!

Ford Muscle

Filename: ford-muscle.pdf
ISBN: 9780873498357
Release Date: 2004-01
Number of pages: 160
Author: Bill Holder
Publisher: Krause Publications

Download and read online Ford Muscle in PDF and EPUB - Over 200 breathtaking photos of Ford's toughest muscle cars- Includes special sections on performance Mustangs and Ford racing vehicles- Features promotional materials from the cars' manufacturing eras

Cougars of Any Color

Filename: cougars-of-any-color.pdf
ISBN: 9780786437214
Release Date: 2008-03-10
Number of pages: 220
Author: Katherine Lopez
Publisher: McFarland

Download and read online Cougars of Any Color in PDF and EPUB After years of playing sub-par teams in weak athletic conferences, the University of Houston athletic program sought to overcome its underdog reputation by integrating its football and basketball programs in 1964. Cougar coaches Bill Yeoman and Guy V. Lewis knew the radical move would grant them access to a wealth of talented athletes untouched by segregated Southern programs, and brought on several talented black athletes in the fall semester, including Don Chaney, Elvin Hayes, and Warren McVea. By 1968, the Cougars had transformed into an athletic powerhouse and revolutionized the nature of collegiate athletics in the South. This book gives the Cougars athletes and coaches the recognition long denied them. It outlines the athletic department's handling of the integration, the experiences of the school's first black athletes, and the impact that the University of Houston's integration had on other programs.

The Cougar Club

Filename: the-cougar-club.pdf
ISBN: 1627617418
Release Date: 2014-01-28
Number of pages: 40
Author: Jack Ryder
Publisher: Blvnp Incorporated

Download and read online The Cougar Club in PDF and EPUB Men love Cougars. They are experienced and less prone to playing games. Jake, just released from active duty, finds an exciting new job. What could the former Army man find thrilling about managing a trailer park? The gold mine of hot older women willing to drop their clothes for a hunky hero! One particularly hot cougar, Gloria, has Jake's attention. He enjoys banging her to her heart's content... that is, until she hands him money for his "retirement fund." When Gloria calls him again for service, Jake intends to decline. He changes his mind when he meets Alice, Gloria's gorgeous friend. The two cougars end up sharing Jake and again, Gloria gives him pay. Things get complicated when Alice and Jake begin to have deeper feelings for each other. And with the confession of feelings comes another revelation: Gloria wants Jake to screw all of her Cougar Friends for pay, and will stop at nothing - not even blackmail - to get it. Alice and Jake are in deep with Gloria's schemes. But the former Army man is nothing if not resourceful: he's got a plan to free him and Alice from Gloria's claws, and take all the pleasure they can get! *Cougar Romance for mature audiences. SAMPLE 1: As soon as I was seated next to her in the hot slippery water, she scooted over and climbed into my lap facing me. Her tits were just inches from my face as she grasped my prick and guided it into her drenched slit. Even in the hot bubbling water, her cunt was so wet with her arousal that my dick slipped right in. As I bent forward to greedily suck on her tits, she slowly lowered herself until my entire dick was buried inside of her hungry sexhole. "Oooh Jaaaaaake...Yessssssss," she moaned softly. I felt her shudder a little as she sat there completely impaled on my throbbing prick. "Oooh Jake.. that's wonderful, ' she purred in a dreamy sort of tone. She very slowly began to grind back and forth on my dick as if she was trying to keep it buried as far inside as she could manage. "Oh fuck yes...Fuck yes," she moaned. I was sucking hungrily on her huge jugs while she rode my dick. She was humping me so forcefully now that the water was splashing out of the tub onto the floor of the bathroom. SAMPLE 2: "Oh, Jake. Ooooh, Jake. Oh, Jaaaaaaake," Mary moaned a very deep throaty sigh as she shoved herself down till my entire 9 and a half inch prick was buried inside of her. "Ooooh Jaaaaaake!" As her body quivered on top of mine, I saw Alice jerk and spasm as she climaxed from watching Mary impale herself on my manhood. "Sooooo good. Sooooo good," she cooed. I just laid back and let Mary fuck me in her own pace for the first 10 minutes or so. It was so very erotic to watch the bliss on her face as she rocked back and forth. It was electrifying to watch her petite nubile body humping mine as my Alice stood next to the bed and watched. "Isn't he delicious?" Alice giggled softly as she scooted onto the bed. "Yesssss. Oh yesss," Mary moaned softly as she continued to rock back and forth. "You are so pretty, Mary." Alice said it tenderly as she reached over to gently fondle Mary's ass cheeks. "You look so sexy fucking my boyfriend!" Alice leaned forward and kissed the side of Mary's neck while she raised her other hand and began to fondle Mary's tits. Mary was absolutely vibrating with arousal now. I could feel Mary beginning to convulse into her first big climax as she suddenly turned her head and kissed Alice very passionately. Her pussy started to gash fluid all over my belly and genitals as they French kissed and Alice pulled gently on her nipples. "Ooooh god I wanted this. I wanted this!" Mary groaned in that deep throaty tone when they finally broke from their kiss. The bed was sloppy wet under my ass from her squirting. She was still vibrating as she kissed Alice again before pulling off of my prick.

Elf at Play

Filename: elf-at-play.pdf
ISBN: 9781934446973
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Publisher: Romance Divine LLC

Download and read online Elf at Play in PDF and EPUB

Camp Cougar

Filename: camp-cougar.pdf
ISBN: 1539604780
Release Date: 2016-10-18
Number of pages:
Author: R a Robbins

Download and read online Camp Cougar in PDF and EPUB You'll want to have a standing reservation at Cougar Creek Resort where you will find a team of provocative and professional Cougar women to play out your fantasies. Catching and entertaining Cubs requires some intense training. Grab a glass of wine or a cold beer and get ready for nonstop action in this brazen adult adventure. Our two naughty southern belles, Leona Patrone and Falynn Johnson, team up to create a most provocative dating and cyber service for young men. Things get heated when the classes begin at camp for the prospective Cougars who will be trained in the art of Tawdry Cyber Seduction from some of the best highly trained instructors. Only the best of the best will be chosen to represent Southern Charm Dating and Cyber Service. You'll cry, laugh, and maybe learn a few new techniques from our Cougars. The hilarious twists and turns of the story wrap around a surprising, budding romance. This novel is a full ride, so saddle up and get ready to be entertained.

BJ s Cowboys

Filename: bj-s-cowboys.pdf
ISBN: 9781934446751
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages:
Publisher: Romance Divine LLC

Download and read online BJ s Cowboys in PDF and EPUB When BJ stops by her old home town she's not sure what she's searching for, or what she'll find. Was she looking to put the past behind her-or resurrect it? Her old lover, Bill, has his own ideas, of what he let get away, and what he wants now. It only takes a weekend with old friends Bill and Herman for her to put her claim on BJ's Cowboys.

3 Way Weekend

Filename: 3-way-weekend.pdf
ISBN: 9781934446232
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages:
Publisher: Romance Divine LLC

Download and read online 3 Way Weekend in PDF and EPUB It's supposed to be a "girls-get-away-weekend" but weather problems leave Jana left alone in a Denver hotel. What's a girl to do but make the best of the situation? Fortunately, identical twins Tim and Tom come to her rescue, and Jana learns about the stamina of youth and her own capacities as a woman.

Christmas Creep

Filename: christmas-creep.pdf
ISBN: 9781934446607
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages:
Publisher: Romance Divine LLC

Download and read online Christmas Creep in PDF and EPUB Liz dreaded the oncoming holiday season, which seemed to arrive earlier every year. It was hard to get and stay in the spirit for months-so why do it at all? Could a winter storm and two stranded snow plow drivers help her overcome the Christmas Creep?

Cougar Annie s Garden

Filename: cougar-annie-s-garden.pdf
ISBN: 0969700814
Release Date: 1999-01-01
Number of pages: 259
Author: Margaret Horsfield
Publisher: Cougar Annies Garden

Download and read online Cougar Annie s Garden in PDF and EPUB

Girl in Glass

Filename: girl-in-glass.pdf
ISBN: 1620409917
Release Date: 2015-07-14
Number of pages: 320
Author: Deanna Fei
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

Download and read online Girl in Glass in PDF and EPUB Deanna Fei was just five-and-a-half months pregnant when she inexplicably went into labor. Minutes later, she met her tiny baby who clung to life support inside a glass box. Fei was forced to confront terrifying questions: How to be the mother of a child she could lose at any moment. Whether her daughter would survive another day--and whether she should. But as she watched her daughter fight for her life, Fei discovered the power of the mother-child bond at its most elemental. A year after she brought her daughter home from the hospital, the CEO of AOL--her husband's employer--blamed the beautiful, miraculously healthy little girl for a cut in employee benefits and attached a price tag to her life, using a phrase, "distressed babies," that set off a national firestorm. Girl in Glass is the riveting story of one child's harrowing journey and a powerful distillation of parenthood. With incandescent prose and an unflinching eye, Fei explores the value of a human life: from the spreadsheets wielded by cost-cutting executives to the insidious notions of risk surrounding modern pregnancy; from the wondrous history of medical innovation in the care of premature infants to contemporary analyses of what their lives are worth; and finally, to the depths of her own struggle to make sense of her daughter's arrival in the world. Above all, Girl in Glass is a luminous testament to how love takes hold when a birth defies our fundamental beliefs about how life is supposed to begin.