Filename: craving.pdf
ISBN: 9781943893669
Release Date: 2016-05-03
Number of pages: 304
Author: Helen Hardt
Publisher: Waterhouse Press

Download and read online Craving in PDF and EPUB Editorial Reviews "Sorry Christian and Gideon, there’s a new heartthrob for you to contend with. Meet Talon. Talon Steel." - Booktopia "Hardt delivers a brand-new series with rugged cowboys and scintillating sex. Talon and Jade’s instant chemistry heats up the pages..." -RT Book Reviews "This book is so raw and addictive! Hands down my new favorite series this year." -Meredith Wild, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author "Ms. Hardt weaves magic with her keyboard and what remains is a beautifully written first installment about two people who are broken but not destroyed... How Hardt weaves the past with the present, while keeping the reader guessing about the secrets the brothers barricade from others, is flawless." -Heroes & Heartbreaker "This one totally ignited a flame inside me and tore me to SHREDS....buried secrets and harsh realities that test this couple will leave readers gripping the edge of their books and hoping and praying for a miracle... " -Pretty Little Books "Talon has hit my top five list... up there next to Jamie Fraser and Gideon Cross." -Angel Payne, USA Today Bestselling Author "CRAVING is the jaw-dropping book, you NEED to read!" -New York Time Bestselling Author Lisa Renee Jones "Talon is a sexy, intriguing leading man and Jade, our lady left at the altar is a sweet and relatable girl you just want to hug. Together they build a steaming hot relationship you really root for from the first chapter!" -CD Reiss New York Times Bestselling Author Synopsis After being left at the altar, Jade Roberts seeks solace at her best friend's ranch on the Colorado western slope. Her humiliation still ripe, she doesn't expect to be attracted to her friend's reticent brother, but when the gorgeous cowboy kisses her, all bets are off. Talon Steel is broken. Having never fully healed from a horrific childhood trauma, he simply exists, taking from women what is offered and giving nothing in return...until Jade Roberts catapults into his life. She is beautiful, sweet, and giving, and his desire for her becomes a craving he fears he'll never be able to satisfy. Passion sizzles between the two lovers...but long-buried secrets haunt them both and may eventually tear them apart.

The Craving Mind

Filename: the-craving-mind.pdf
ISBN: 9780300227604
Release Date: 2017-03-07
Number of pages: 224
Author: Judson Brewer
Publisher: Yale University Press

Download and read online The Craving Mind in PDF and EPUB A leading neuroscientist and pioneer in the study of mindfulness explains why addictions are so tenacious and how we can learn to conquer them We are all vulnerable to addiction. Whether it’s a compulsion to constantly check social media, binge eating, smoking, excessive drinking, or any other behaviors, we may find ourselves uncontrollably repeating. Why are bad habits so hard to overcome? Is there a key to conquering the cravings we know are unhealthy for us? This book provides groundbreaking answers to the most important questions about addiction. Dr. Judson Brewer, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist who has studied the science of addictions for twenty years, reveals how we can tap into the very processes that encourage addictive behaviors in order to step out of them. He describes the mechanisms of habit and addiction formation, then explains how the practice of mindfulness can interrupt these habits. Weaving together patient stories, his own experience with mindfulness practice, and current scientific findings from his own lab and others, Dr. Brewer offers a path for moving beyond our cravings, reducing stress, and ultimately living a fuller life.

The Craving

Filename: the-craving.pdf
ISBN: 9780718193010
Release Date: 2012-10-11
Number of pages: 368
Author: Jason Starr
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online The Craving in PDF and EPUB From the critically acclaimed thriller writer, Jason Starr, comes The Craving - the compulsive supernatural sequel to The Pack. Once you're part of the pack, there's no getting out . . . Mild-mannered stay-at-home dad Simon Burns has undergone a life changing transformation - after being indoctrinated into the pack, he has become a werewolf. Fearing that the truth would end his marriage, Simon has told his wife Alison that he is suffering from a psychological condition called lycanthropic disorder, in which a person thinks he is a werewolf. For the moment, his secret remains safe. But NYPD homicide detective Geri Rodriguez has not forgotten about the mysterious wolf-like murders that remain unsolved,and when she hears that one of the witnesses, Diane Coles, was brutally murdered outside her parents' home in Michigan, she resumes her investigation. She's focused on a group of dads - Michael, Charlie, Ramon, and Simon -- who had a connection to the unsolved murders. Simon had been trying to stay away from the pack, but he has been tipped off by Michael's father that there may be a cure hidden somewhere in the Brooklyn brewery where Michael lives. He wants to find the cure, and to see that Geri doesn't become another mystery death - but his own life and the lives of his wife and son may be in jeopardy. If you like hair-raising thrillers with a supernatural twist, then you'll love Jason Starr's The Craving. Praise for Jason Starr: 'Jason Starr is hypnotically good - if you miss him, you're missing some of the best new writing there is' Lee Child 'Jason Starr's got a hip style and an ear for crackling dialogue . . . with characters so real we feel we know them' Jeffery Deaver 'Manhattan receives a lustrous varnish of black, black humour in this sly urban fantasy thriller' Publishers Weekly Jason Starr was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is the award-winning author of a number of acclaimed crime novels which have been international bestsellers. He now lives in Manhattan. His first novel in this series, The Pack, is also published by Penguin. Find out more at

The Craving

Filename: the-craving.pdf
ISBN: 9780595262021
Release Date: 2003-01
Number of pages: 324
Author: Arthur Herzog
Publisher: Arthur Herzog III

Download and read online The Craving in PDF and EPUB IT WAS THE ANSWER TO A MILLION PRAYERS... It was the miracle everyone had waited for: Sovwren--incredibly nutritious, indescribably delicious. Millions of Americans went for it, lived on it, lost weight on it--became the slim, lithe creatures of their most glamorous dreams. They tasted happiness...until an appetite for something more began to stir. Small at first, it grew and became a hunger nothing could satisfy. And then they were swept into the deadly nightmare of obsession--trapped in the ravenous jaws of... THE CRAVING

The Vampire Diaries Stefan s Diaries The Craving

Filename: the-vampire-diaries-stefan-s-diaries-the-craving.pdf
ISBN: 9781444903270
Release Date: 2011-05-05
Number of pages: 240
Author: L J Smith
Publisher: Hachette UK

Download and read online The Vampire Diaries Stefan s Diaries The Craving in PDF and EPUB Stefan Salvatore has come to terms with being a vampire. The events of the past few months have sobered him, and the fog of his own blood lust has begun to lift. He travels to New York City to start a new life, one that does not require him to kill humans to survive. Instead he feeds off animals in Central Park. But the quiet life he envisioned is jolted when he runs into his brother Damon, who has convinced New York high society that he is Italian royalty. While Stefan is regaining his humanity, Damon has completely lost his. Stefan will do whatever it takes to protect Damon from himself, but there is another villain present. A vampire that seeks revenge for a death the Salvatores are responsible for. Stefan and Damon will have to work together to fight the greatest evil yet.

The Craving for Superiority

Filename: the-craving-for-superiority.pdf
ISBN: 0843400846
Release Date: 1970
Number of pages: 69
Author: Raymond Dodge
Publisher: Ayer Publishing

Download and read online The Craving for Superiority in PDF and EPUB

The Craving and the Cross

Filename: the-craving-and-the-cross.pdf
ISBN: 1614345295
Release Date: 2011-10-01
Number of pages: 240
Author: Herbert Wright

Download and read online The Craving and the Cross in PDF and EPUB The Craving and the Cross is a visionary political thriller. Its villain is an evil CEO. He is brilliant but he has exotic cravings, including a lust for blood. His most profitable business is Wolf News and he uses it to keep people afraid and confused. Our hero is a homeless man who is launched into fame by a heroic deed and a media hungry for ratings. Millions of people are drawn to him and his humane message.

Stefan s Diaries The Craving

Filename: stefan-s-diaries-the-craving.pdf
ISBN: 0606230327
Release Date: 2011-05
Number of pages: 234
Author: L. J. Smith
Publisher: Turtleback

Download and read online Stefan s Diaries The Craving in PDF and EPUB Stefan flees to Manhattan hoping to escape his brother Damon, but when his brother finds him they both become involved with a high society family, while an old enemy, Klaus, continues to hunt them down.

The Vampire Diaries Stefan s Diaries 3 The Craving

Filename: the-vampire-diaries-stefan-s-diaries-3-the-craving.pdf
ISBN: 9780062077240
Release Date: 2011-05-03
Number of pages: 256
Author: L. J. Smith
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online The Vampire Diaries Stefan s Diaries 3 The Craving in PDF and EPUB Blood brothers . . . After his brother, Damon Salvatore, betrays him in New Orleans, Stefan starts over in Manhattan. Vowing never to harm another human, he roams the streets, trying to disappear into the city’s chaos. But just when he thinks he’s left his past behind, Stefan discovers that he can never escape his brother.Damon has grand plans for the vampire Salvatore brothers—whether Stefan likes it or not. Together, they take New York by storm. When their exploits end up on the society pages, an old enemy resurfaces—one hell-bent on revenge. Based on the popular CW TV show inspired by the bestselling novels, Stefan’s Diaries reveals the truth about what really happened between Stefan, Damon, and Katherine—and how the Vampire Diaries love triangle began.

The Craving

Filename: the-craving.pdf
ISBN: 0991454219
Release Date: 2014-02-07
Number of pages: 120
Author: Donna Grant

Download and read online The Craving in PDF and EPUB A QUEST FOR HAPPINESS Resigned to a lonely life after a fierce betrayal of the man who broke her spirit, Meg Alpin retreats to her family's castle. In her pursuit to move on with her life, she uncovers long buried secrets and discovers something magical amidst the furniture in the tower. In one instant, her dull world is given bright new meaning in the form of a Highlander too magnificent, too handsome to be real. A DESIRE FOR FREEDOM Cursed and caged in a mirror by a gypsy, Ronan Galt's existence is complete darkness and unquenchable need. When he's brought back into the light, his distrust of women is at odds with his instant attraction to the beautiful and strong Meg. In his quest to be free of his prison, he will learn the true meaning of love - but will it be too late to claim the woman that was destined to be his?

The Craving

Filename: the-craving.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:310476356
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 86
Author: Don Zolidis

Download and read online The Craving in PDF and EPUB

The Craving

Filename: the-craving.pdf
ISBN: 9781467854238
Release Date: 2009-09-17
Number of pages:
Author: Jen Alden
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Download and read online The Craving in PDF and EPUB

The Craving Cure

Filename: the-craving-cure.pdf
ISBN: 9780071510516
Release Date: 2007-05-11
Number of pages: 256
Author: Rena Greenberg
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

Download and read online The Craving Cure in PDF and EPUB "The Craving Cure is a wonderful resource for personal insight and transformation." --Caroline Myss, Ph.D. Author of Entering the Castle and Anatomy of the Spirit Free yourself from food addictions! Excessive consumption of sugar in all its forms--including simple carbohydrates, caffeine, alcohol--can lead to weight problems, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other mental and physical disorders. Whatever you are craving weakness, this book will give you the knowledge and techniques you need to overcome it. The Craving Cure will help you Understand the psychological and physical basis of food addictions Use affirmations, imagery, and relaxation techniques to overcome your addictions Develop a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle--without feeling deprived--through the author's two-week detox program

The Craving

Filename: the-craving.pdf
ISBN: 9781634779050
Release Date: 2017-02-03
Number of pages: 280
Author: Z. Allora
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Download and read online The Craving in PDF and EPUB The craving is a strong urge that forces K’Dane to find their life mates. But for artist-monk Phoenix, star chaser Zadra, and Initiate Riva, their love is a crime punishable by death.