The Duchess s Tattoo

Filename: the-duchess-s-tattoo.pdf
ISBN: 9781429997300
Release Date: 2011-04-26
Number of pages: 32
Author: Daisy Goodwin
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Download and read online The Duchess s Tattoo in PDF and EPUB "Anyone suffering Downton Abbey withdrawal symptoms (who isn't?) will find an instant tonic in Daisy Goodwin's The American Heiress. The story of Cora Cash, an American heiress in the 1890s who bags an English duke, this is a deliciously evocative first novel that lingers in the mind." --Allison Pearson, New York Times bestselling author of I Don't Know How She Does It and I Think I Love You "For daughters of the new American billionaires of the 19th century, it was the ultimate deal: marriage to a cash-strapped British Aristocrat in return for a title and social status. But money didn't always buy them happiness." —DAISY GOODWIN IN THE DAILY MAIL Traveling abroad with her mother at the turn of the twentieth century to seek a titled husband, beautiful, vivacious Cora Cash, whose family mansion in Newport dwarfs the Vanderbilts', suddenly finds herself Duchess of Wareham, married to Ivo, the most eligible bachelor in England. In "The Duchess's Tattoo", Cora Cash is desperate to be a fashionable lady of society. Despite her title and her wealth, she finds that English society is not that welcoming to "The American Duchess." When Cora spies a distinctive snake tattoo on her mother-in-law's wrist, she decides that she must have one as well. It is up to the talented tattoo artist to save "The American Duchess" from herself. In addition to the short story, "The Duchess Tattoo", this also contains a letter from the author, Daisy Goodwin, on writing THE AMERICAN HEIRESS, an excerpt from "Titled Americans", an authentic quarterly publication from 1890 which listed all of the eligible titled bachelors still on the market, and an excerpt from AN AMERICAN HEIRESS, a moving and brilliantly entertaining debut novel coming from St. Martin's Press in June.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Filename: alice-in-wonderland-tattoos.pdf
ISBN: 0486427544
Release Date: 2003-03-11
Number of pages: 4
Author: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: Courier Corporation

Download and read online Alice in Wonderland Tattoos in PDF and EPUB Four splendidly rendered designs in glorious color recapture the charm of illustrator John Tenniel's original images of Wonderland. These temporary tattoos feature the White Rabbit; the Mad Hatter and one of his teatime companions, the Dormouse; Alice, arm-in-arm with the Duchess; and the Cheshire Cat in full grin.

Three Heroes

Filename: three-heroes.pdf
ISBN: 110121001X
Release Date: 2004-06-01
Number of pages: 688
Author: Jo Beverley
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Three Heroes in PDF and EPUB From a New York Times bestselling favorite comes two beloved novels and one extraordinary novella, brought together for the first time in this special trade edition...

Monster Blood Tattoo Factotum

Filename: monster-blood-tattoo-factotum.pdf
ISBN: 9781409096603
Release Date: 2010-10-28
Number of pages: 720
Author: D M Cornish
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Monster Blood Tattoo Factotum in PDF and EPUB Not all monsters look like monsters. Some everyday folk are the worst monsters of all . . . Rossamund Bookchild's lamplighting career has been brought to a dramatic close, and he now faces a new life as personal assistant to Europe, a powerful monster-hunter. As he settles into his new role, he finally discovers the story of his origins - a story that must remain hidden if he is to survive in a land divided by the conflict between men and monsters. But now that he knows the truth, how can Rossamund work alongside a professional monster-hater? Only his loyalty to Europe keeps him by her side as they embark on a dangerous monster-hunting tour that must in tragedy...

The Demon s Mistress

Filename: the-demon-s-mistress.pdf
ISBN: 9781101531815
Release Date: 2011-06-28
Number of pages: 160
Author: Jo Beverley
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online The Demon s Mistress in PDF and EPUB Lord Vandeimen returns home from Waterloo to ruined estates, his family all dead. His attempts to recreate something of his heritage leave him deep in debt, and he is ready to commit suicide when a woman bursts into his room with an extraordinary proposal. Mrs. Maria Celestin, widow of a wealthy foreign merchant, will pay him a small fortune to pretend to be her betrothed husband for six weeks. Van cannot refuse, but he is wary of this outrageous good fortune. He is also intent on getting into the widow’s bed. He doesn’t expect to be dragged back into life, and into love, or into a battle to win the woman who bought him.

The Duchess s Diary

Filename: the-duchess-s-diary.pdf
ISBN: 9780980177824
Release Date: 2007-12-01
Number of pages: 300
Author: Allison Lane
Publisher: Belgrave House

Download and read online The Duchess s Diary in PDF and EPUB Architect John Lascar and duke’s ward Faith Harper are desperately in love but hiding it, for each fears that admitting their love will destroy the other. But when shocking events force them together physically and change their status in the eyes of the world, each uses that love to help the other survive. Regency Historical by Allison Lane; second of the Portland Chronicles Trilogy

Canadian Shorthorn Herd Book

Filename: canadian-shorthorn-herd-book.pdf
ISBN: CORNELL:31924078832932
Release Date: 1943
Number of pages:
Author: Canadian Shorthorn Association

Download and read online Canadian Shorthorn Herd Book in PDF and EPUB

Davy s Devon Herd Book Containing the Ages and Pedigrees of Pure Bred Devon Cattle with Supplemental Register and Dual purpose Section

Filename: davy-s-devon-herd-book-containing-the-ages-and-pedigrees-of-pure-bred-devon-cattle-with-supplemental-register-and-dual-purpose-section.pdf
ISBN: CORNELL:31924078821810
Release Date: 1949
Number of pages:
Author: Devon Cattle Breeders' Society

Download and read online Davy s Devon Herd Book Containing the Ages and Pedigrees of Pure Bred Devon Cattle with Supplemental Register and Dual purpose Section in PDF and EPUB

Monster Blood Tattoo Foundling

Filename: monster-blood-tattoo-foundling.pdf
ISBN: 9781407047508
Release Date: 2009-03-26
Number of pages: 448
Author: D M Cornish
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Monster Blood Tattoo Foundling in PDF and EPUB Rossamund has always dreamed of a career in the Navy, fighting tentacled monsters and rescuing damsels from hook-handed pirates. But fate has chosen him for a different path. He is being sent to train as a Lamplighter - to bring light to the inland roads of the Half-Continent, to shine the way for travellers through lands peopled by outcasts, monsters and worse. But for Rossamund to begin his education, he must first undertake a journey of his own: to the great city of High Vesting. Such a road is not for the faint of heart. Only monster-hunters, leers and the most desperate of brigands dare travel the inland ways unguarded. And all Rossamund carries with him is a battered almanac and a pocketful of cheap potions. It is unlikely to be enough. Stunning in scope and rich in detail, alive with memorable heroes and villains and brimming with new and original science and magics, D.M. Cornish's tale of scolds, scourges, smugglers and shrewds will thrill and captivate, and leave the reader desperate for more.

Tattoo with Bonus Content

Filename: tattoo-with-bonus-content.pdf
ISBN: 9780345526366
Release Date: 2011-07-26
Number of pages: 400
Author: Kirsten Imani Kasai
Publisher: Del Rey

Download and read online Tattoo with Bonus Content in PDF and EPUB BONUS: This special eBook edition includes four bonus short stories set in the world of Tattoo: "Chen," and the eBook exclusives “Pavel,” "Queen Sidra the Lovely," and “Soryk.” HER FATE IS IN HER FLESH. In an environmentally fragile world where human and animal genes combine, the rarest mutation of all—the Trader—can instantly switch genders. One such Trader, the female Sorykah, is battling her male alter, Soryk, for dominance and the right to live a full life. Sorykah has rescued her infant twins from mad Matuk the Collector. Her children are safe. Her journey, she believes, is over, but Matuk’s death has unleashed darker, more evil forces. These forces, led by the Collector’s son, cast nets of power that stretch from the glittering capital of Neubonne to the murky depths below the frozen Sigue, where the ink of octameroons is harvested to make addictive, aphrodisiacal tattoos. Bitter enemies trapped within a single skin, Sorykah and Soryk are soon drawn into a sinister web of death and deceit.

Expressing the Inner Wild

Filename: expressing-the-inner-wild.pdf
ISBN: 9781467714679
Release Date: 2014-01-01
Number of pages: 56
Author: Stephen G. Gordon
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books

Download and read online Expressing the Inner Wild in PDF and EPUB Maybe you've noticed Kanye West's grill of gold and diamonds on his bottom teeth or admired Nicki Minaj's crazy wigs. But have you checked out Chris "The Duchess" Walton, a singer from Las Vegas, who has fingernails that are 20 feet (6 meters) long? Or Julia Gnuse, who is called the Illustrated Lady because her entire body is covered with tattoos? What about baseball player Covelli Loyce ?Coco? Crisp? Have you seen the stud implant on his neck? All of this body art is pretty wild, but in fact, people have been decorating and modifying their bodies in fantastic ways for thousands of years. Cleopatra of ancient Egypt wore hair styles to rival those of Lady Gaga. The ancient Inca of South America decorated their nails with images of gods and eagles. Even English playwright William Shakespeare had a piercing! In Expressing the Inner Wild, you'll read about all the amazing ways people around the globe and across the centuries have been creatively transforming their hair, lips, fingers, toes, eyelashes, ears?just about any body part you can think of?with jewelry, makeup, inks, piercings, and other decorations. From African tribal body paint to ear plugs, tattoo pantyhose, and nail art for guys, you'll discover the sky's the limit!

Canadian National Record for Swine

Filename: canadian-national-record-for-swine.pdf
ISBN: CORNELL:31924094200239
Release Date: 1937
Number of pages:

Download and read online Canadian National Record for Swine in PDF and EPUB

Christmas Ladies

Filename: christmas-ladies.pdf
ISBN: 9781492622949
Release Date: 2014-11-27
Number of pages:
Author: Grace Burrowes
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

Download and read online Christmas Ladies in PDF and EPUB Christmas Ladies-3 Full-Length Holiday Regencies by New York Times bestselling author Grace Burrowes Three luminous holiday tales of romance, passion, and dreams come true, from Grace Burrowes' enormously popular Windham series. LADY SOPHIE'S CHRISTMAS WISH Craving a bit of peace and anonymity, Lady Sophie Windham has maneuvered a few days to herself at the ducal mansion in London before she must join her family for Christmas in Kent. Suddenly trapped by a London snowstorm, she finds herself with an abandoned baby and only the assistance of a kind, handsome stranger standing between her and complete disaster. With his estate in ruins, Vim Charpentier sees little to feel festive about this Christmas. His growing attraction for Sophie is the only thing that warms his spirits-but when Sophie's brothers whisk her away, Vim's most painful holiday memories are reawakened. It seems Sophie's been keeping secrets, and now it will take much more than a mistletoe kiss to make her deepest wishes come true. LADY LOUISA'S CHRISTMAS KNIGHT 'Tis the Season for Scandal...Years ago Lady Louisa Windham acted rashly on a dare from her brother, and that indiscretion is about to come to light. She knows her reputation will never survive exposure. Just as she's nearly overwhelmed by her dilemma, Sir Joseph Carrington offers himself to her as a solution. But Sir Joseph has secrets as well, and as he and Louisa become entangled with each other, their deceptions begin to close in on them both. LADY JENNY'S CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT What soft-spoken Lady Jenny Windham wants for Christmas is the freedom to pursue her artistic ambitions, though it will mean scandalizing her ducal parents and abandoning all hope of a family of her own. She confides her plans to successful artist Elijah Harrison, because assisting Elijah will bring Jenny that much closer to her heart's desire-or so she thinks. Elijah finds in his unlikely assistant not only an inspiring muse and unappreciated talent, but also a lovely and passionate woman. If Elijah supports Jenny's career, his own professional interests will suffer, but more significantly, he will lose Jenny forever. Both Jenny and Elijah must choose between true love and a lifelong dream.

Canadian Ayrshire Herd Book

Filename: canadian-ayrshire-herd-book.pdf
ISBN: CORNELL:31924078822511
Release Date: 1941
Number of pages:
Author: Canadian Ayrshire Breeders' Association

Download and read online Canadian Ayrshire Herd Book in PDF and EPUB

Canadian Guernsey Herd Book

Filename: canadian-guernsey-herd-book.pdf
ISBN: CORNELL:31924065379707
Release Date: 1939
Number of pages:
Author: Canadian Guernsey Breeders Association

Download and read online Canadian Guernsey Herd Book in PDF and EPUB