The Inclusion Breakthrough

Filename: the-inclusion-breakthrough.pdf
ISBN: 9781458777546
Release Date: 2010-09
Number of pages: 358
Author: Frederick A. Miller

Download and read online The Inclusion Breakthrough in PDF and EPUB Constant, continuing, and cataclysmic change is causing a major crisis within business organizations today. Faced with constantly advancing technology, unpredictable market shifts, intense global competition, and an increasingly independent ''free agent'' workforce, the only way for an organization to adapt and succeed is to build a ''culture of inclusion'' that nurtures and draws on the talents of a diverse workforce. Easy to say but hard to do; most organizations are mired in industrial revolution, static-world business models administered by monocultural, bordering-on-oppressive, ''command and control'' hierarchies. Organizations at risk include Fortune 500 giants, entrepreneurial start-ups, manufacturing and retail operations, government agencies, not-for-profits, educational institutions, and others. Most organizational change efforts-whether labeled as diversity efforts, re-engineering, right-sizing, or total-quality-management-are a waste of time, money, and human effort. Most produce more cynicism than results, and they can poison the waters for future change efforts. The Inclusion Breakthrough cuts a path through this potential minefield, offering a proven methodology for strategic organizational change, including models for diagnosing, planning, and implementing inclusion-focused, culture-change strategies tailored to each organization's individual needs. It also describes the key competencies for leading and sustaining a culture of inclusion. Offering real-world results of ''before and after'' surveys, including anecdotal and statistical reports of organizational change achieved using the methodologies described, The Inclusion Breakthrough presents an overview of current workplace conditions, attitudes, and policies based on interviews, surveys, and focus groups encompassing thousands of people in major organizations. The Inclusion Breakthrough demonstrates why the bottom line must be the central focus of any change strategy-and more importantly, how to carry that strategy out successfully.

The Inclusion Breakthrough

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ISBN: OCLC:771283144
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages:

Download and read online The Inclusion Breakthrough in PDF and EPUB

Diversity at Work

Filename: diversity-at-work.pdf
ISBN: 9781118415153
Release Date: 2013-11-25
Number of pages: 622
Author: Bernardo M. Ferdman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Diversity at Work in PDF and EPUB Praise for Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion "Ferdman & Deane have done a masterful job of organizing into a coherent whole the various practices, philosophies, and frameworks of the diversity and inclusion field. This book is a timely must-read for anyone interested in this important organizational and global challenge." Price M. Cobbs, M.D., founder, Diversity Collegium, and author, Cracking the Corporate Code "This exceptional volume is an invaluable, thought-provoking resource for anyone involved in designing, managing, and learning from initiatives to develop competencies that support individual, group, and organizational inclusiveness." Susan E. Jackson, Ph.D., distinguished professor, Rutgers University, and former president, Academy of Management "Diversity at Work is the most thorough treatment of what is required to create a diverse and inclusive workforce for the 21st century that I have read. This book is must reading for CEOs and general managers who truly want to leverage diversity as a resource for learning, innovation, and high performance." David A. Thomas, Ph.D., dean and William R. Berkley Chair, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University and co-author, Breaking Through: The Making of Minority Executives in Corporate America "This scholarly-based, practically-minded volume speaks to the challenges of organization leaders, HR managers, change specialists, and coaches who aspire to create unity in diversity." Philip H. Mirvis, Ph.D., co-author, Beyond Good Company "Ferdman & Deane have assembled a group of renowned experts who, in beautifully crafted chapters, provide guidelines for creating diverse organizations that truly matter." Peter Salovey, Ph.D., president and Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology, Yale University "A powerful collection of insights into inclusion today. This book adds greatly to the body of knowledge and thinking about inclusion in the workplace—which has been our life work for over 30 years." Frederick A. Miller & Judith H. Katz, Ed.D., co-authors, The Inclusion Breakthrough and Opening Doors to Teamwork and Collaboration "Whether you are working to build systems that support inclusion, to enhance an organization's collective ability to collaborate across diverse groups, or to lead in a more authentic and inclusive way, you will benefit from the deep knowledge, cutting-edge applications, and inspiration found in the pages of this remarkable volume." Cynthia McCauley, Ph.D., senior fellow, Center for Creative Leadership "Diversity at Work provides a practical roadmap for all types of organizations seeking research-based information and guidance on leadership, organization development, and change management focused on diversity and inclusion." Joseph A. Cordero, director, Office of Ethics and Compliance, County of San Diego "This most-needed study of the inherent linkage between diversity and inclusion and the organization development fields is a must read. If OD and D&I are to truly flourish and fulfill their promise, the silos between them must come down. This book will help break down those walls!" Steve Humerickhouse, executive director, The Forum on Workplace Inclusion

White Awareness

Filename: white-awareness.pdf
ISBN: 0806135603
Release Date: 2003
Number of pages: 212
Author: Judy H. Katz
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

Download and read online White Awareness in PDF and EPUB Originally designed for facilitators as a training handbook complete with exercises and tools to assist white people address racism, this book guides white people through the process of understanding, challenging, and confronting issues of racism. This training program provides a meaningful way to help create change in the white community. Responding to the challenge of creating a learning environment in which to address racism, White Awareness provides a detailed step-by-step guide through six stages of learning – from awareness to action. The exercises within each of the stages focus on key themes including: defining racism and its inconsistencies, confronting the reality of racism, exploring aspects and implications of white culture and identity, understanding cultural differences and examining cultural racism, analyzing individual racism, and developing action strategies to combat racism. This newly revised edition published on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first edition, includes over forty activities with instructions and suggestions for conducting each session as well as recommended readings and sources for use in the activities. Proving worthwhile in educational, business, community, and military settings, the program is detailed yet flexible. The volume has been updated to include new source information, insights on President Bill Clinton’s 1998 “Initiative on Race,” and groundbreaking research on racism as a mental disorder.

Be Big

Filename: be-big.pdf
ISBN: 9781442965836
Release Date: 2009-04-10
Number of pages: 156
Author: Judith H. Katz

Download and read online Be Big in PDF and EPUB 'Be BIG is an inspirational book on recognizing the BIGness in yourself and others, removing the blinders, and partnering to make a difference in the world'' ---- Hal Yoh, Chair and CEO, Day Zimmermann

Multicultural Perspectives In Social Work Practice with Families 3rd Edition

Filename: multicultural-perspectives-in-social-work-practice-with-families-3rd-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9780826108302
Release Date: 2012-10-01
Number of pages: 408
Author: Elaine P. Congress, MSSW, DSW
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

Download and read online Multicultural Perspectives In Social Work Practice with Families 3rd Edition in PDF and EPUB Multicultural Perspectives in Social Work Practice with Families is in its thirdedition and continues to expand the depth and breadth with which culturemay be understood and the impact of culture in working with families.Congress, Gonzalez, and their contributors have updated this text to includea focus on evidence-based practice, 10 additional chapters, revision of avaluable assessment tool, and a culturagram. This book clearly is an essentialresource for social workers committed to culturally sensitive practice."--Journal of Teaching in Social Work Encompassing the most current issues faced by multicultural families across the lifespan and the social workers who serve them, this popular textbook contains ten new chapters and provides content that has been significantly expanded throughout. These new and reconceived chapters offer professors and social work graduate students a broader and more comprehensive take on the key issues that arise when treating families from diverse cultural backgrounds and current, evidence-based models for assessment and treatment. New chapters include: Evidence-based models of care for ethnically-diverse families Practice with Asian-American families Practice with Native American and indigenous families Practice with Hispanic families Practice with Arab families Practice with adolescents Practice with families when there is risk of suicide Practice with families dealing with substance use and abuse Practice with families around health issues Legal issues with immigrants Contributors to the text are leaders in the field of multicultural issues that encompass a wide range of racial and ethnic populations. Updated case studies, vignettes, and statistical data illustrate the book's content.

Opening Doors to Teamwork and Collaboration

Filename: opening-doors-to-teamwork-and-collaboration.pdf
ISBN: 9781609948030
Release Date: 2013-04-01
Number of pages: 168
Author: Judith H. Katz
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Download and read online Opening Doors to Teamwork and Collaboration in PDF and EPUB Your people might be your organization’s greatest assets, but their interactions with one another are what determine the quality and the quantity of their contributions. Few organizations know how to generate the sense of excitement, energy, and shared mission that occurs when people truly join together. This book shows how, describing four simple behavioral keys that fundamentally change how people work together — building greater trust, understanding and collaboration. “This book is filled with wonderful common sense; alas, uncommonly practiced. Anyone who wants to improve their own communication and their team's collaboration skills cannot come away untouched.” —Beverly Kaye, Founder and Co-CEO, Career Systems International and coauthor of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go and Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em “Judith and Fred share four simple but powerful keys that will help you and your colleagues knock down barriers and create a winning team. Regardless of organizational level, your team will form a lasting bond that upholds an idiom my associates and I learned long ago: No one of us is as smart as all of us.” —Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow “The beauty of Opening Doors is its ability to translate complex human interactions into simple but meaningful language that help leaders unlock the potential of their organization and initiate transformational culture change that will result in more engaged employees, higher productivity, increased performance and stronger, more sustainable business results.” —Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexo “This book is a laser beam on what makes work and all other relationships work. It declares that face-to-face relationships, not technology, not clear objectives, vision and metrics are what make organizations adaptive and sustainable.” —Peter Block, author of Flawless Consulting, Stewardship, and Community “This book is the best training I've received on how to achieve breakthroughs for greater performance. Devoid of jargon, it demonstrates brilliantly, how countless opportunities can arise when we choose to have more collaborative moments in life. —Michelle Martin, radio personality and host of "The Wow Club" 938LIVE, Mediacorp Radio, Singapore

Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs

Filename: breakthrough-parenting-for-children-with-special-needs.pdf
ISBN: 0787983918
Release Date: 2006-03-20
Number of pages: 256
Author: Judy Winter
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs in PDF and EPUB Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs challenges families and professionals to help children with special needs to reach their full potential by using a proven motivational, how-to approach. This groundbreaking and inspiring book provides detailed information on how to let go of the “perfect-baby” dream, face and resolve grief, avoid the no-false-hope syndrome, access early intervention services, and avoid the use of limiting and outdated labels. Also included are specific guidelines for working with professionals, understanding the law and inclusion, planning for the future, and insightful interviews with Dana Reeve of the Christopher Reeve Foundation, Tim Shriver of Special Olympics, and Diane Bubel of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

Breakthrough Strategies

Filename: breakthrough-strategies.pdf
ISBN: 1612509975
Release Date: 2016-12-06
Number of pages: 240
Author: Kathleen A. Ross
Publisher: Harvard Education Press

Download and read online Breakthrough Strategies in PDF and EPUB Breakthrough Strategies identifies effective strategies that faculty have used to help New Majority students--those from minority, immigrant, or disadvantaged backgrounds--build the necessary skills to succeed in college. As the proportion of New Majority students rises, there is increased attention to helping them gain access to college. Once enrolled, however, these students often face significant challenges of adjustment, with few resources for support. Specifically, there is little attention to students' experiences within their college classrooms and their relationships with professors. At the same time, faculty who work with these students have little guidance on how to help them adjust to new expectations and identities as they engage with college-level work. Sister Kathleen A. Ross, a MacArthur fellow and president emerita of Heritage University, has devoted three decades to helping New Majority students get college degrees. Based on an action-research project undertaken at Heritage University and Yakima Valley Community College in Washington State, the book highlights eleven strategies to encourage student success, including: asking questions in class; navigating the syllabus; and developing an academic identity. Written in a warm, down-to-earth voice, Breakthrough Strategies is infused with the belief that faculty can become a powerful resource for students, and that classroom instruction can be an important vehicle for supporting these students' development and success.

Gender Intelligence

Filename: gender-intelligence.pdf
ISBN: 9780062307422
Release Date: 2014-05-13
Number of pages: 272
Author: Barbara Annis
Publisher: Harper Collins

Download and read online Gender Intelligence in PDF and EPUB World-renowned experts on gender intelligence Barbara Annis and Keith Merron suggest it’s time to move beyond arguments based on politics and fairness, building an economic business case for gender diversity in the workplace. Despite forty years of laws, quotas, diversity training, and legal expenses aimed toward equalizing pay, opportunities, and working conditions between the sexes, the glass ceiling remains firmly intact. For too long, companies have played the “numbers game”—attempting to tackle gender imbalance by forcing affirmative action policies and numeric standards on organizations to increase the representation of women in management. Yet, these efforts have rarely been sustained. In this groundbreaking comprehensive analysis, based on more than twenty-five years of in-depth surveys involving 100,000 men and women across dozens of Fortune 500 companies, Barbara Annis and Keith Merron provide a deeper understanding of the multiplicity of forces that have combined to create and perpetuate gender inequality. Gender Intelligence exposes common false assumptions that prevent men and women from successfully performing together at work—myths exacerbated by worn-out theories of gender blindness and sameness thinking. It show how a small but growing number of courageous, leading-edge companies have broken through the barriers to successfully advance women, making the remarkable transformation from compliance to choice—from pressure to preference—and show how it can be done in any business. Gender Intelligence features 17 illustrations.

The ASTD Organization Development Leadership Sourcebook

Filename: the-astd-organization-development-leadership-sourcebook.pdf
ISBN: 156286422X
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 284
Author: Mel Silberman
Publisher: American Society for Training & Development

Download and read online The ASTD Organization Development Leadership Sourcebook in PDF and EPUB The 2006 ASTD Organizational Development & Leadership Sourcebook is full of practical tools and resources from the country's top consultants, training developers, and training facilitators. This comprehensive collection of organization and leadership development training tools focuses on the hottest topics facing organizations today and includes dozens of games, exercises, learning activities, assessment instruments, handouts, tip sheets, and implementation guides.

The ASTD Team Organization Development Sourcebook

Filename: the-astd-team-organization-development-sourcebook.pdf
ISBN: 1562864017
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 293
Author: Mel Silberman
Publisher: ASTD

Download and read online The ASTD Team Organization Development Sourcebook in PDF and EPUB This book presents a comprehensive toolkit of the most important topics facing organizations today including managing change, launching organizational initiatives, facilitating teams, goal setting and planning, creative problem solving, building cooperation and trust, and team development.

Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations

Filename: breakthrough-thinking-for-nonprofit-organizations.pdf
ISBN: 0787969087
Release Date: 2003-01-16
Number of pages: 288
Author: Bernard Ross
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations in PDF and EPUB This groundbreaking book will help nonprofit managers think in new and creative ways about how they define and meet the challenges they face--and how to rise above standard practices to lift their organizations to greater performance levels. Using examples of best practices from innovative organizations in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations offers a mix of "how-to" advice and case studies that will guide readers on a new road to creativity. This book will fundamentally change the way nonprofit professionals think about how they do their work--and usher in a new era for nonprofits. 2003 Terry McAdam Book Award Winner

Stories of inclusion

Filename: stories-of-inclusion.pdf
ISBN: 0739131478
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 201
Author: Deborah A. Piatelli
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Download and read online Stories of inclusion in PDF and EPUB Bridging the literatures of social movement theory, critical race studies, and feminist theory, this book offers new insight into how privilege affects the process of creating inclusive communities across racial and class differences. This is the only ethnographic study of a contemporary peace and justice network that critically examines how racial and class privilege interact in cross-difference organizing, and offers important practical solutions on how to build a new peace and justice movement.

Diversity at work

Filename: diversity-at-work.pdf
ISBN: PSU:000043329359
Release Date: 1998-07-07
Number of pages: 264
Author: Trevor Wilson
Publisher: Wiley

Download and read online Diversity at work in PDF and EPUB Diversity at Work: The Business Case for Equity explains why you should strive for a more diverse and equitable workforce: not because you have to comply with legislation and not to feel warm and fuzzy inside, but because it makes good business sense. Diversity at Work: The Business Case for Equity is a hands-on, practical guide to the why and how-to of striving for diversity and equity in the workplace: Creating a fair employment system for all employees Accommodating and valuing difference Hiring and retaining the best-qualified person for the job Basing all recruiting, hiring, and promotion decisions entirely on merit and equal opportunity Overcoming backlash associated with controversial affirmative action and employment equity legislation Successfully implementing a sound and effective diversity strategy in your organization Achieving improved bottom-line results